Equal pay week of action 12 – 20 August

We know you support all Kiwis getting a fair go at work which is what our campaign for equal pay is all about. Come along to an event near you during the week of action 12 – 20 August.

There are things happening up and down the country; from Whangarei to Dunedin to mark the equal pay week of action.http://www.union.org.nz/equal-pay-week-of-action-event-schedule/

These events will celebrate how much has been won in 2017 while at the same time recognising that there is more which needs to happen to tear down the walls which prevent women from being paid fairly. We need your voice, and in some cases, your dancing, to show that Kiwis really care about this issue.

The week of action happens the same week as our elected representatives finish at Parliament before the General Election on September 23rd – we want them to go into the last few weeks of campaigning being clear that equal pay is an issue which we as Kiwis want fixed – so we need you there at one of the events!


Sam Huggard Secretary
NZ Council of Trade Unions Te Kauae Kaimah

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