TPPA Bulletin #70: NO DEAL IN MAUI!



Scroll to bottom for latest details of TPPA Action Week 8 – 15 August!

Maui ministerial – TPPA stalled but not yet defeated
Ministers couldn’t reach a deal in Maui this week. That’s a great win, but no room for complacency. They are very close and the pressure is huge to solve the remaining big issues – dairy (NZ v Japan, US and Canada), automobiles (Mexico v Japan), and biologics medicines (US v rest, led by Australia). There will be frenetic meetings in the next few weeks. Expect another ministerial meeting before the end of August as they aim to meet the informal September deadline.

Media coverage:
No TPP deal, but Groser ‘extremely confident’ (NZ Herald)
‘We’ll win the TPPA war’ says Groser (NZ Herald)
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NZ won’t be pushed out of TPP negotiations – Tim Groser (
Labour Leader responds to TPP latest (Radio NZ)
Trade Minister Tim Groser on the TPP (Radio NZ)
TPP critic Jane Kelsey responds to latest (Radio NZ)
Mediawatch with TPPA focus (Radio NZ)


Government fesses up to costs of TPPA

In one week Key admitted more taxpayers’ money will go direct into big pharma’s pockets to pay for meds, and new limits won’t be possible on foreign buyers of residential property, while Groser admitted an investor-state dispute could happen and NZ could lose before a rogue tribunal. Seems like a drip feed of confessions in expectation the text would become public and show they had been lying.

A court challenge to secrecy

Next week a case will be lodged in the High Court in Wellington to challenge the secrecy of the TPPA negotiations. Formally it seeks an urgent judicial review of Minister Groser’s refusal to release any documents under the Official Information Act that Jane Kelsey requested back in January. It’s taken so long because the Ombudsman took over 4 months to review the minister’s decision. Other applicants are Consumer NZ, Ngati Kahungunu, Oxfam, Greenpeace, Tertiary Education Union, Association of Salaried Medical Specialists, and NZ Nurses Organisation.

Crown rejects Waitangi Tribunal

Last week, the Waitangi Tribunal considered an urgent hearing on the claim that the TPPA breaches te Tiriti. Given the short time to the ministerial it was proposed that an independent legal expert should review whether the proposed Treaty of Waitangi exception was adequate. The Crown thought about it, then said no – because revisiting the exception could mean other parties want to reopen things important to NZ. As former Nat Minister, now Tribunal member, Doug Kidd said ‘so poor old rangatiratanga goes down the gurgler again’.

Labour finally takes a stand

Bipartisan support for the TPPA is no longer guaranteed. The Labour caucus (not the party) announced five ‘principles’ would decide its position on the TPPA. All but the one about foreign investment in residential property was woolly. But when Key admitted meds would cost more and TPPA would stop Labour restricting foreign buyers of Auckland housing, Andrew Little showed some backbone. Even Annette King spoke out against the meds costs. Labour has a sign-on letter asking Key to protect NZ’s sovereignty and release the text.

Government blocks Fighting Corporate Control Bill

On 22 July NZ First’s Fighting Foreign Corporate Control Bill got its first reading. Unfortunately the Bill missed out on getting to the Select Committee by one vote, as expected Peter Dunne and David Seymour voted against the Bill. Speeches from the Government MPs (like David Bennett, Mark Mitchell and Shane Reti) demonstrated their poor understanding of ISDS provisions and what they mean for our democracy.

A few photos from actions this week

While TPPA action week hasn’t even started yet, there are already plenty of people around the country and around the world raising their voices

Protest in Maui outside the talks


Protest in Paeroa


Auckland Light Brigade


Wellington Motorway Banner Drop

Displaying 20150730_081402.jpg

TPPA Action Week
8-15 August 2015

These details are subject to change and events may be added to this list, so make sure you check in on edwardcrmiller.


15 August protest, 11am at Kohukohu Village Green.


15 August protest, 11am at the Town Basin.


15 August protest, 1pm at Aotea Square to march down Queen Street, featuring speakers and music.


15 August protest, Meet @ 1pm outside Cock and Bull carpark on corner of Church and Maui.


15 August protest at 1pm, Red Square.


15 August protest, 1pm, location to be announced.


8 August protest, 1pm, march from Silver Ball in the market to Majestic Square.

New Plymouth

Protest planned, details to come

Palmerston North

(Before Action Week) – At 7pm on July 29th Palmerston North City Library is hosting a panel discussion on the TPPA, featuring Assoc Prof Jeff Sluka, Dr Deborak Russell and Dr Shamin Shukur (compere: Assoc Prof Bill Fish).

Art and photo exhibition planned with accompanying information, concert and talks

8 August Rally and concert, 1pm – 3:30pm in the Square in the quadrant opposite The Plaza. Keynote speech from Barry Coates, including Dr Romauld Rudzki, Dr Deborah Russell, Dr Jeff Sluka and Cr Lew Findlay, and local musicians.

14 August will be a concert in the library at 5pm, then documentary maker and investigative journalist Bryan Bruce will speak at 6pm on Poverty, Inequality & the TPPA.

Many committed P North activists will also be heading to Wellington on 15 August.


7-13 August – The People Speak #STOPTPPA. NZ Photo exhibition (10am-5pm)

12 August – Lunchtime rally outside Parliament with politicians and speakers.

15 August – TPPA Walk Away! Protest action to stop the TPPA. Assemble at Midland Park and march to Parliament for speakers and music. More details to come.


15 August protest at 11:00am, top of Trafalgar St – 1903 Square.


10 August political debate at 6pm, Canterbury Horticultural Society (57 Riccarton Avenue), featuring David Parker, Russell Norman, Fletcher Tabuteau and Marama Fox.

12 August film screening of ‘Inequality for All” by economist Robert Reich, 6pm at The Auricle (35 New Regent Street).

14 August New Economics Seminar and Expo, 7pm at Horticultural Hall.

15 August protest at 12:30pm. Location: South Hagley Park (corner Deans Ave and Riccarton Rd) marching down Riccarton Rd.


15 August protest planned, details to come.


15 August protest at 1pm, marching from the Dental School to the Octagon.


15 August protest, 12pm at Wachner Place.


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