NZ SuperFund: it’s time to divest from Israel’s occupation

Kia Ora Gaza

VIDEO: The Israeli military regularly use armoured Caterpillar bulldozers to destroy Palestinian homes

Auckland senior citizens message to NZ SuperFund: it’s time to divest from Israel’s occupation and destruction of Palestine

 JOIN IN THE RALLY AT NZ SUPERFUND OFFICE, 21 Queen St, Britomart, Downtown CBD, from midday on Monday 3 August.

We are calling on the New Zealand Super Fund to continue to divest from companies which support the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

We note that the NZSF has $7,678,104 in 42 Israeli corporations plus $2,017,530 in Caterpillar, who supply bulldozers to the Israeli Defense Force.

The IDF use these to destroy Palestinian homes, clear Palestinian land for illegal settlements and the Separation Wall. It is clear no just lasting peace in the Middle East is possible until the building of illegal settlements is halted.

The humanitarian situation in Gaza is very dire and continues to worsen. We…

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