GPJA #464 (Part 2 of 3): News from Aotearoa – 4/6/13


“These reports show that the top 1% has increased its share of total household income from 4% to 9% since 1982, that the top 10% get around 39% of total market income every year, while owning more than 50% of wealth, and that the bottom 50% of New Zealanders get less than 15% of total market income.”



Brian Roper: Global Warming- Causes of Global Warming, Green Party Climate Change Policy, Solutions and Barriers to these Solutions Being Implemented


Photographer John Miller, a ‘sympathetic observer’ for NZ’s turbulent times

Tui, Tuia: Gathering the threads of working-class history – BOOK REVIEW: Jared Davidson, Sewing Freedom: Philip Josephs, Transnationalism and Early New Zealand Anarchism (AK Press, 2013)

NZ Book Review: ‘Between My Father and the King,’ by Janet Frame reviewed by ALISON McCULLOCH


I’ve had a gutsful of low-life bludgers By John Minto

Devoy Challenged to Ask Victims if Cartoon is Racist

The cancer of racism is bad for all of us By Mike Treen


Racism and recession in Aotearoa/NZ: Working class unity needed to defend rights and living standards by Jared Phillips

Your daily dose of racism

There Is No Place In NZ For Racism – Shame Marlborough Express!

Gordon Campbell on the readiness to do social experiments on the education of children

The israeli Ambassador is NOT Welcome

Lombard four face time in ‘gilded cages’

ALRANZ Notes with Sadness Death of Henry Morgentaler

Prison suicides swept under the Cornerstone

Chris’ Lynchpins: Disaster capitalism in Christchurch

New Zealand to pay colonial compensation: Kiwis wrap up three-decade long process to pay hundreds of millions to indigenous peoples for colonial injustice by Yasmine Ryan

Double Standards, Discrimination and Fear

Kiwi PM: ‘We can’t change laws on racism, because it’s subjective, like pornography’

Citizen A: Martyn Bradbury, Efeso Collins & Selwyn Manning On IPCA Report + Caregivers + Ikaroa-Rawhiti

Hekia Parata Closes Christchurch Schools

NZ slammed over poverty, asylum bill

Anatomy of another Key lie

Auckland City Rail Link facts

Earthwise’s Podcasts: Michael Coleman, Australian activist in Gaza; Jim McIlroy and Coral Wynter of Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network;

It’s just the vibe of the thing by Andrew Geddis – I think the National Government broke the Constitution. John Key thinks it didn’t. We both may be right.

Govt slammed over censored caregiver legislation

NZH Editorial: Disability bill demonstrates contempt for due process

Caregivers’ law irks lawyers

A sad day for disability rights

What Will Murray McCully say to John Kerry this week about Guantanamo? By Keith Locke

“Remorseless Democracy” on the High Seas and National’s Plans to Resist It By Chris Trotter

Mining plan a West Coast disaster

Are Dole Bananas really the ethical choice?

$238 million health budget shortfall


A last word (perhaps) on the Urewera raids By John Minto

New Zealand police ‘terrorism raids unlawful’: Maori call for apology after report finds police intimidated people during anti-terrorism operation in Ruatoki Valley.

PM’s Dismissal of Compensation – Disregard for Human Rights

Rights come with remedies: on the Urewera raids

Multiple Urewera raids compensation claims possible – lawyer

The Urewera terrorists were the NZ Police

Resentment in Ruatoki over IPCA report

Chris Trotter: Poisoned Legacy: Why is the News Media and the Left so bad at defending our freedoms?

Commissioner offers raft of excuses to fend off prosecutions

Justice for Tuhoe

GCSB Report

Keeping the score: SIS/GCSB versus the Police

US spy device ‘tested on NZ public’


Child Poverty Action Group call for a cohesive plan to feed hungry children in schools

Crumbs For the 270,000 Living Below the Poverty Line

Free breakfast as poverty solution? It’s a joke

Food in schools scheme ‘a joke’

National dragged kicking and screaming to the breakfast table

AAAP newsletter

Tax break penalises poorest kids

Parnell Parents and memories of Alamein Kopu By John Minto

Feeding the Kids in the House of the Future By Chris Trotter

Kiwis get Government to back MANA’s Feed the Kids Message

Poll shows huge support for food in schools

Feed the Kids Bill (video by Choose Kids)

Combating Child Poverty in the Courts

NZ slammed over child poverty in Amnesty report (1:46)

Child poverty ‘a stain on NZ’s human rights record’

Power cuts on the rise

Heating homes properly out of reach for many – survey

Working for Families ‘penalising’ some Pacific children‘penalising’-some-pacific-children

Peter Lyons: It’s unfair to be designated a loser by the lottery of birth’

Otago students take on child poverty

CPAG’s Budget Review 2013: An analysis of the New Zealand Government’s 2013 Budget

Rich Waikato schools widen the gap

Back to the future: John Key’s Dickensian values

Rich-poor gap hurts NZ

Poverty Watch 33:


How super-rich Kiwis dodge tax

Asset sales really a transfer of wealth from the many to the few By Laila Harré

Budget hides bleak economic outlook By Bryan Gould

Wealthy grabbed big MRP share

What planet are Treasury officials from?

Jobs, jobs and jobs are the first three priorities By John Minto

Lifting the lid on Sanitarium

Majority support power industry intervention – poll


McDonald’s workers claim ‘wage stealing’

Rewa McStrike picket line

Wellington McDonald’s workers standing strong

McDonald’s gets serve from union

Action Against McDonald’s This Weekend


Momentum is building for a Living Wage

A living wage for Hamilton

Ports and bloggers colluded: strategist

Investigation launched following $4-an-hour wage claims

The real working life of a chef: a view from the inside

Health and Safety system: “not fit for purpose” by Byron Clark

Low pay a national disgrace

Living wage campaigners continue to fight

Government contract with Fletchers should be reviewed

Miners, if you can’t afford safety then get out

Union official seeks answers after fatal truck crashes

Dole scraps ‘ethical choice’ banana stickers

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