Palestine protest today – 5.15pm corner of Wellesley Street and Symonds street, Auckland University.


Monday 27th May, 5.15pm on corner of Wellesley Street and Symonds street, Auckland University.

Protest in support of the Palestinian struggle for freedom and human rights. The New Zealand Institute for International Affairs is hosting a public meeting where the Acting Israeli Ambassador to New Zealand, Shalom Cohen, will be speaking on the topic “Behind the Arab Spring – The Origin and Causes and the Current Situation in the Middle East”.

November 2012 protest against invasion of Gaza

This is outrageous! Anyone less appropriate to talk about the Arab Spring would be difficult to find. The Israeli embassy in New Zealand is the mouthpiece for the brutal military occupation of Palestinian territory in the West Bank and supports the medieval siege of Palestinians living in the Gaza strip.

Close the apartheid-Israel embassy!

Support the BDS campaign (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign!

Freedom for Palestine!

Global Peace and Justice Auckland is helping organise this important protest. Please make a big effort to be there!

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