GPJA #432: Part 1. News from Aotearoa New Zealand – 28/6/12

Lucy Lawless Launches Global Campaign To Save The Arctic

Urewera case far from over

Trial ‘to shut down Tuhoe aspirations’

Wellington Solidarity With Urewera 4

Kia Ora Gaza convoy 2012 – Auckland Airport Welcomeback reception:Today saw a nice “Welcome Home” celebration at Auckland Airport for our returning Kia Ora Gaza convoyers. Giving our team to Gaza a heros welcome were 40 supporters, a good turnout in the middle of a working day. Congratulations to our four Kiwi convoyers — Roger Fowler, Tali Williams, Hone Fowler and Gibran Janif — for putting themselves on the line to help the imprisoned population of Gaza and the cause of Palestinian liberation.

Harawira seeks party direction on gay marriage

Marriage: Equality, abolition, and the Mana movement

Harawira seeks party direction on gay marriage

Shut Illegal Pokies Or The People Will

Act now: Depleted Uranium (Prohibition) Bill

Crusher Collins’ voodoo economics

Car crushing ‘discredits law’ – expert

Protest Challenges Cage Egg Industry

Activists Risk Their Own Lives in to Ban Cruel Cages

The mainland poultry blockade

Funeral march down Lambton Quay to mark passing of TVNZ 7

Government and Nation launched

NZ rally urges Indonesia to end oppression in Papua

Depleted Uranium (Prohibition) Bill blocked

Uranium weapons deal rejected after one MP down

Mineral exploration threatens rare marine life

Mana in Parliament – weekly updates

Public Disservice Broadcasting: The shameful demise of TVNZ7


The thieves must be stopped

100,000 Kiwis Sign up to Stop Asset Sales

Asset sales protest, June 16, Dunedin

Winter of dissent – Aotearoa is not for sale

Most of us oppose selling NZ

Stop Asset Sales Unless Waitangi Tribunal Says Go

Assets sale could face legal hiccup

Mana: Nothing for Mom ‘n Pop in this MOM Bill

Asset sales protest interrupts Key’s lunch

Stop Asset Sales picket- its time to HIT THE STREETS- all out Sat July 14th


Education wars will intensify with charter schools

Tapu Misa: Market model leaves schools to die


Tampa refugee calls on PM to take capsize survivors

‘Respond with compassion’ to refugees: Australians ask Kiwi parliamentarians

Refugee detention plan threat to NZ’s good name


Matt McCarten: Launch inquiry to root out what has to be rotten

Gordon Campbell on the incentive payments at ACC

ACC’s quota deal with Smith revealed

ACC architect says people paying more in levies than they should

ACC culture change overdue

More ACC clients going on to welfare


The Union Report with CTU President Helen Kelly and PSA National Secretary Richard Wagstaff

CTU: Liability for death of Charanpreet Dhaliwal

Man wins job back after fake racist text stoush

Sacked waitress awarded $10k

SFWU: Clean-up needed in industry full of cowboy operators

In Harm’s Way: A Case Study Of Pacific Workers In Manukau Manufacturing

NZ slammed in US ‘slavery’ report

Americans warned that NZ seafood tainted by slave labour

Young man dead after job goes wrong

Victory for Southern Paprika workers

Photos: – support Ports of Auckland workers 2012

Burger King – standing up to bullying and loss of hours.

Dismissed worker feared having to return home to India

Victory at Event Cinemas

What’s disgusting? Union busting!

Unite union organised march against youth rates and insecure hours 2006


Gordon Campbell on funding the IMF, while under-funding core agencies at home

Jane Kelsey: Secrecy in investment talks mocks democracy

New Zealand’s big four banks are the developed world’s most profitable, ahead even of their Australian parents

Foreign lawsuits already a threat

CTU: GDP result no reason for complacency

CTU: Action Needed to Stem Flow to Australia


Te Radar in the Pacific: new journey, same old stereotypes

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