GPJA #437: Part 1. News from Aotearoa New Zealand – 7/8/12


GPJA: Bring New Zealand troops home

Gordon Campbell on the haste and waste involved in us staying in Afghanistan

Deaths underline need to get out

Two more NZ soldiers killed in Afghanistan – why are we occupying this corrupt narco state for America’s war of terror?

Review threatens big rent rises for state tenants

Crown admits Treaty breaches

Matt McCarten: Time running out to stop sale of children’s future

Worshipping the wrong kind of god

Editorial: Change the law to end discrimination

Queer Avengers also call for a struggle “beyond marriage”

NZ’s marriage equality bill – a longblog

Cost bar keeps fibre dream out of classrooms

Minister’s Sleight of Even-handedness by Leslie Bravery – On 01 August 2012, the Palestine Human Rights Campaign (PHRC) finally received a reply to an emailed open letter, dated 30 April 2012, sent to New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully.

The Rich List at a Glance (Wealth order)

Maori children suffer health treatment inequalities: study

Shivers: Minimum insulation standards a must

Land sold to British nuclear weapons / prisons corporation

Oil protest captain’s charges thrown out

‘Dark times’ remembered as Treaty claims settled

Minto: Smash poker machines

Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Peace Movement Aotearoa

NZ must address the systemic causes of child poverty

‘One-third’ of Maori children in poverty

47 years of memories won’t save house

Anti-Welfare reform protest at National Party conference

Rights group calls anew to free all political prisoners in Philippines

ANC Centenary Conference – 18/19 August

Harawira proud to support ‘The Marriage Bill’

The Occupied NZ Herald – Printing What Governments Suppress

Time to Put the Boot into Insurance Companies

Save Disability Law Hui, Auckland, NZ 30 July 2012

Mana Says No to Political Window-Dressing Bill

New Zealand students take up the challenge for human rights

Christchurch: Shock at lack of social planning

Chris Trotter: Labour forgets workers as it leans to the Right

Editorial: John Banks makes an ass of the law

Editorial: Honourable way to avoid voters’ wrath

Sir Bob, Gareth Morgan clash over low decile schools

NCCSS Vulnerability Report

United Nations urges Government to strengthen women’s rights

Urewera activists keep up protests


Tribunal statement spells trouble for asset sale plans

Govt warned over Tribunal response

Doing The Right Thing For The Wrong Reasons. Labours “Unprincipled” Opposition To Asset Sales.

Maori Council Counter Submission

Harawira on the Maori Party’s water rights dilemma


Claim that F&P union staff in Thailand are ‘treated like lepers’

Worker wants port’s apology for leaking details of wife’s death

Govt needs to move on pay equity after UN report

UN Committee warns NZ Government against employment law changes

Greens want public to have say on minimum wage

Pay expectations gap no surprise

New Zealand: International students exploited by kiwifruit industry

NZ’s worst mining accidents

Growing pay gap between CEOs, staff

Income gap between the races gets wider

Statement from Craig Tuck Trustee Slave Free Seas


100 Years On: The Waihi Miners’ Strike: Waihi’s story is history in the present tense…

A crowd of striking miners and supporters, including a number of women, jeer strike-breakers who are being driven to the Waihi mine in a horse-drawn carriage.

On Shaky Ground: Waihi tries to come to terms with the mine in its midst

The Gorilla In Their Midst: Can Waihi count many blessings from the mine on its doorstep?

The fourth Labour Government and Alan Gibbs, lest we forget …


Low Income Families Continue To Pay For Economic Recovery

TPPWatch Bulletin #14

France takes the lead in Financial Transactions Tax stakes

R.I.P. Time For PPPs – Britain sends a message to its former colony by Gordon Campbell

Market may not yield housing solution


West of Memphis, and Beyond – New Zealand hosts Damien Echols, and the new film on the West Memphis Three by Gordon Campbell

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