GPJA #442 (Part 1): News from Aotearoa New Zealand – 24/9/12

“… the spirit of the market steals life from the vulnerable” Sir Paul Reeves quoted in Anne Salmond: Shifting New Zealand’s Mindset

Sir Paul Reeves



Dotcom illegal spies – how their secrets were reveale

Kim Dotcom and the GCSB

Dotcom Snooping More Evidence GCSB is Not under Control

Multiple arrests at welfare reform protest

Fast-food pokies loses battle – a victory for MANA and a victory for Otara

AUSA Motions Regarding Arena Williams Visit to Israel

2012 International Day of Peace in Aotearoa New Zealand

Christchurch homeowners face long wait for rebuild

Caritas: Stewardship includes concern for wellbeing in local government

Asylum-seekers: Let’s have a mature discussion

All Black star – west coast seabed mining a “blindside hit”

Nicky Hager to give this year’s Bruce Jesson Lecture

Queer Asian stories from New Zealand can be found at

Government looking to punish disability sector

Suffrage Day by Jan Logie

National Standards: Which Children and Schools will be Hurt?

QPEC: No excuses left: Hekia Parata must face elephant in the room

Free Internet Access In Public Libraries A Basic Human Right

Aotearoa Is Not For Sale – Action Today

Gordon Campbell on Leon Panetta, and gunboat access diplomacy


Maori speak as one on water rights

Maori deliver crystal clear message on water

The Kingitanga hui and what it means for NZ

No Consultation – No Deal: MANA Leader and MP for Te Tai Tokerau Hone Harawira

Opinion: Iwi ‘consultation’ is a sham and insults Maori

Water rights hui boycott show of ‘strength’ – Harawira


Thousands of Kiwi children living in poverty

Blame game won’t prevent poverty

Welfare protest – back to the cells by Sue Bradford

Gordon Campbell on Paula Bennett’s yawning credibility gap

Precious little sense on Planet Paula By Tapu Misa

Latest reforms an atrocious attack on NZ’s most vulnerable

Gordon Campbell on Paula Bennett’s latest welfare plans and Labour’s exchange rate cynicism

Poverty group slams sanctions for beneficiaries

Lunchbox differences in decile 1 and decile 10 schools

Take a step to end child poverty By Metiria Tūrei

‘One strike’ rule for beneficiaries

Gareth Morgan: Benefit tightening won’t reduce unemployment

Hunger strike goes on

NZCCSS Policy Watch September 2012

Welfare ‘reform’ – Paula Bennett’s 143-page second welfare changes bill is out – with a nasty added sting in the tail.

Arrests at Auckland protest over benefit plans


Strike averted as NZ Bus and Unions reach agreement

Disgraceful injury figures show health and safety policy needs to change

Shocking work death toll revealed in report

Injured workers would fill Eden Park four times over

Historic CTU/Iwi Relationship Hui – Hui Whakawhanaungatanga

Work trials ‘adding to skills shortages’

Bullying rife in public service – survey

Public sector pay lags private firms

Port dispute unresolved a year on

ACIL confused about their role in Port of Auckland dispute

Port secrecy fuels Labour law bid

Ports of Auckland wharfie dispute hasn’t gone away

Auckland bus drivers vote against offer from NZ Bus

Organised student job scam probed

The online submission to support extending paid parental leave is now live and circulating! Please spread amongst your networks, Facebook pages, twitter accounts and websites – Thanks!

Union accuses Govt of a cop-out

Spring Creek: Hundreds of jobs to go

EPMU: Miners to travel to Beehive to plead for jobs, communities

Union Report: In this week’s episode: Issue 1 – 6% GDP with 6.8% unemployment rate, how does the economy provide the momentum to create growth and secure jobs? Issue 2 – Are safe staffing and healthy workplaces being ignored for cost cutting? Issue 3 – Does the real cost of private prisons make a mockery of the public private model?


Exit strategy: Has the ACC been on a determined campaign to “exit” long-term claimants? And does it use select doctors for its medical assessments with one principal aim – to reduce costs?—Exit-Strategy/tabid/1343/articleID/79380/Default.aspx#ixzz26h1ElolC

ACC pays specialists $500,000 a year

ACC specialist stats revealed by Greens

Editorial: ACC assessments need independence

Winz joins ACC in firing line for ‘hatchet doctors’


CTU: Jobless growth

Peter Conway: Inequality is now at its highest level

Peter Lyons: My top ten economic contradictions and con jobs

Critics Gearing up for TPP round in Auckland in December

Gordon Campbell on journalism, and John Armstrong

Parliamentary Services Monthly Economic Review (September)

A ‘Dear John’ letter on trade

Deborah Gleeson: US proposal on Pharmac a bitter pill

CTU: Highest Ever Loss of Kiwis to Australia

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