Special GPJA forum with Tariq Ali this Friday, 6.30pm Trades Hall


In addition to his Robb lectures Tariq Ali has kindly agreed to join a discussion on the theme of “Is Another World Possible?” sponsored by GPJA.


The prominent political commentator and activist Tariq Ali will lecture on “Empire and its futures” at The University of Auckland next month. As speaker at the 2011 Sir Douglas Robb Lectures he will deal turn with three issues: “Islam and its discontents”, “US power today: The global hegemon”, “The rise of China”. His lectures are on 17, 21 and 23 March (7pm) in the Fisher & Paykel Appliances Auditorium, Owen G Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Road.

Tariq Ali will discuss the likely outcomes of a changing world with American military power transcending US economic weaknesses, the amazing rise of China and the continuing occupations in the Arab world and South Asia. “Is it the case, as many argue, that the US empire is now in irretrievable decline? Will China flex its military muscles one day?”

His opening lecture is particularly topical, looking at the impact on the region and elsewhere as US-backed dictators crumble and fall in the Middle East, heralding a new Arab reawakening. He will also ask how these changes will affect the jihadi groups that have been active in the region. London-based and published on every continent, Tariq Ali has been a leading figure of the international left since the 1960s. He is an editor of New Left Review and has written more than 20 books on world history and politics as well as seven novels.

Born in Pakistan he attended Oxford University where he became involved in student politics and the movement against the Vietnam war. He is a critic of neoliberal economics and his book The Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity was a response to 9/11. His latest book is The Obama Syndrome: War Abroad.

All are welcome at the Robb Lectures and admission is free. Full details are at www.auckland.ac.nz/robb

A life in writing: Tariq Ali – ‘It’s a problem people have had to come to terms with at different times in history: what do you do in a period of defeat?’ http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2010/may/08/tariq-ali-life-in-writing

Tuesday, April 5, 7pm, AUT WT1004, AUT Tower Building, Rutland Street entrance. Room is next door to Pacific Media Centre; take lift to 10th floor

NEW ZEALAND IS NOT FOR SALE – MURRAY HORTON SPEAKING TOUR: The November 26 election is one of the most important in decades. Both major parties are committed to policies by which the New Zealand economy is even more dominated by transnational corporations; more and more of our farmland is owned by foreigners; publicly-owned assets are privatised; and the country is locked ever more tightly into disadvantageous “free” trade and foreign investment agreements, of which the biggest one being negotiated, in secret, is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement – this is the means to effect a free trade agreement with the US. There are some differences between National and Labour on these issues, but they are only ones of degree, not principle. A change in government will not, in itself, be enough to change the disastrous course on which this country is set, one of domination by global Big Business and the US. This country needs People Power to let the world know that New Zealand is not for sale!

Murray Horton, spokesperson of the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA), will speak on: • The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and the dangers it poses to the NZ economy and to our very democracy. • Privatisation of our public assets.

• The relentless takeover of NZ businesses and land by transnational corporations. • The re-absorption of NZ into the US Empire.

•And, most, importantly, how the New Zealand people can fight back; it’s too important to be left up to the politicians.

Local Contact Lynda Boyd 0274 797789; lyndab


This workshop series is a space for union organisers to strategise on building support for union-wide campaigns with other progressive social justice movements and networks. We want people to come away from the workshops feeling energised and committed about being a unionist, feeling a strong sense of place in a wider social justice movement, and having a range of tools for building support among allies.

The workshops run over four Mondays in March, April and May. It’s okay if you miss some of the workshops, but for those that can come to them all, they will build on each other.

Monday March 14, 4.30pm-7.30pm. Strategy vs. Tactics.

Strategy, tactics, goals, objectives? Understanding the overall strategy for a campaign is critical to choosing the tactics to achieve it. This session will look at elements of campaign strategy, and critical path analysis: what sequence of events needs to happen in order to get to our overall goal?

Monday April 4, 4.30pm-7.30pm. What are our goals?

Discussion on what the critical issues facing workers and their unions are right now. What are the root causes, and what are our responses? This session will use situational analysis tools to go deeper into the context of current union struggles.

Monday April 18, 4.30pm-7.30pm. What techniques do we have to achieve the big goals?

Building on the earlier discussion on strategy and tactics, this session will look at what tools unions have to achieve campaign goals.

Monday May 2, 4.30pm-7.30pm. Who’s affected and how: coalition building

Using tools such as power mapping, this session will look at practical strategies for unions in coalition building with other progressive justice movements and community organisations, such as welfare and beneficiary rights activists.

Venue: All sessions will be run at Trades Hall, 147 Great North Road, Grey Lynn. Parking is available on nearby side streets.

Cost: $0-$50 sliding scale for each workshop. Please self-assess your payment and consider your means when deciding what to pay. Donations towards Kotare’s running costs are very welcome. If you are on a low income, please feel welcome to attend at a subsidised rate.

Registration: Please register as soon as possible and no later than one week before each session. Spaces are limited and we want to ensure a good representation from different unions. We will be providing snacks/a light meal and need to know dietary needs in advance.

Facilitation team: Tanya Newman, Rachel Mackintosh and Sam Huggard

Registration. Registration is required. For more information and to register, please contact Tanya Newman at education or phone (09) 551 7765 or mobile (021) 0276-9112.



Hello Wonderful People, I thought you may be interested that Maori TV will be showing these documentaries as a tribute to my aunty. The first, "Saving Grace" showing this Saturday at 8.30 is her work regarding child abuse which she was in the stages of editing when she passed.

Sat 26 March 8.30pm BASTION POINT DAY 507 + KETE ARONUI

Sun 29 May 8.30pm PATU!

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