GPJA#353: Jesson Lecture Wed with Annette Sykes


NEWSLETTER No. 353, OCTOBER 21, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 6.30pm, Maidment Theatre, University of Auckland
2010 Bruce Jesson Lecture Annette Sykes Ngäti Pikiao Lawyer and Activist. “The Politics of the Brown Table”.
A self-annointed Iwi Leaders Group, a Maori Party that supports a National/ACT government, and a group of Crown mandated intermediaries drawn from retired politicians and bureaucrats, are today’s agents for the manufacturing of consent and the management of discontent amongst Maori. The commercial deals on Treelords, the Emissions Trading Scheme, geothermal resources, national parks, private prisons, mining, whanau ora are all harnessing Moari to a global capitalism that impoverishes the mass of working class Maori and making them dependent on its survival. Most whanau and hapu are excluded from decision-making and denied the rights over their resources just as they always have been. Bruce Jesson foresaw these trends back in the 1980s. This lecture challenges this agenda and identifies the basic principles for a politics that genuinely empowers the people. Professor Margaret Mutu, chairperson of Te Runanga-a-Iwi o Ngäti Kahu, will be the discussant on the lecture.


On 13th August the latest group of Quota refugee families will leave Mangere Refugee Reception Centre to go to the first home they have ever had in Auckland….At the moment though, the home is unfurnished. From Friday 29 October until Saturday 27th November we need to collect:
15 double or queen size beds; 10 single beds ; 15 chest of drawers; 15 dining room tables (preferably with chairs); 11 Rice Cookers; 15 coffee tables; Dinner plates; Glasses; Any bunk beds if possible; Any child safety gates for stairs.
We can only accept furniture in really good condition. They will need to be clean and without holes in the fabric, or stuffing coming out, or any significant marks on them. Our drivers are also not authorised to accept furniture which is broken or unstable, or which has missing parts. If you would enjoy passing on furniture to us which fits our needs, we would love to hear from you! Please contact Chandra at Refugee Services if you can help. We may consider other items too. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!! Our drivers Jafar and John can pick up beds and other items on Fridays or Saturdays. Alternatively you are welcome to deliver to us at a mutually convenient time. Chandra is happy to arrange a pickupfrom your premises, or a drop-off at our warehouse. Please contact her on: T: (09) 621 0014 M:(021) 228 2053
Please also advise potential donors to contact our office administrator Chandra Yogeswaran as per the flyer or telephone 09 621 0014.

Asia-Pacific and NZ keynote speakers
Investigative updates, challenges and documentary film workshops
Investigative photojournalism
Frames of War photo exhibition
Masterclass in investigative journalism
A special seminar on peace journalism
General papers on media, society and technology
AUT University Conference Centre, 9am, Saturday, December 4-Sunday, December 5, 2010.
Practitioners, journalists, academics, researchers, activists, students who work in the creative industries and the public are invited to participate in a Fourth Estate “conversation” at the inaugural Media, Investigative Journalism and Technology Conference 2010.
A legacy of the conference will be the establishment of a collaborative and supportive group dedicated to investigative journalism in Aotearoa/New Zealand.
Keynote speakers:
Kunda Dixit, editor of the Nepali Times and visiting New Zealand as the PMC’s 2010 Asian Journalism Fellow, sponsored by the Asia New Zealand Foundation;
Professor Wendy Bacon, director of the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism,
New Zealand investigative journalist and author Nicky Hager.
Jim Simon, assistant managing editor of the Seattle Times, leader of a team of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists.
Also featured: Frames of War, Dixit and colleagues’ photojournalism exhibition of the 10-year Maoist War in Nepal (opening at 6pm, December 4); Jim Marbrook’s documentary work on the environment and mining conflict in New Caledonia; John Miller’s photojournalism on the Ngatihine forestry issue; Shailendra Singh on investigating corruption in Fiji; and Patrick Matbob on investigative journalism in Papua New Guinea.
More information:,-investigative-journalism-and-technology-conference-2010
Conference chair: PMC director David Robie
Inquiries – conference organiser: Andrea Steward
Pacific Media Centre


Celebrate, value, protect teaching and learning. NZ has a world class education system – we think that is worth celebrating

this message is to remind you about the next round of the Quaker Peace & Service Aotearoa New Zealand (QPSANZ) Local Peace Grants, and the Loxley Award for 2011 – the deadline for applications to both is 31 October 2010. This information is available online at

Nominations for the 2010 Roger Award are still open for the rest of this month. The nomination form with details of the criteria and how to make a nomination is available in Word or PDF format. Nominations close on 31 October 2010. Send your nominations to: The Roger Award, Box 2258, Christchurch, or to this e-mail address.

Luis Jalandoni is the International Representative of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDF,, a post that he has held since 1977, and since 1994 he has been the Chairperson of the NDF’s Negotiating Panel for peace talks with the Government of the Philippines. The NDF is the coalition of several underground groups, including the Communist Party of the Philippines and its New People’s Army, which has been waging a war of liberation throughout the Philippines for more than 40 years, making it one of the longest running armed struggles in the world. The country desperately needs peace with justice and security, so resolving this people’s war is central to that. Luis will be accompanied by his wife Coni Ledesma, who will also be speaking. She is a member of the NDF Negotiating Panel for peace talks; and is the International Spokesperson of MAKIBAKA, a revolutionary women’s group which belongs to the NDF. Luis and Coni are both veteran leading figures in the Philippine revolutionary Left. He was a Catholic priest in the 1960s and she was a nun. Both were founders of Christians for National Liberation, a member group of the NDF. When Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law in 1972, both went underground. They were both arrested and spent time as political prisoners. They left the clergy, and got married in 1974. They have lived in The Netherlands since 1976; they were the first Filipinos to apply for and receive political asylum there. They hold Dutch passports and travel extensively as NDF representatives. We are appealing for funds. PSNA will underwrite the tour, but we definitely need financial help because we are hosting two people. The amount needed is $10,000. The two international fares from Europe is the biggest cost, at $6,000. We will keep their domestic travel costs as cheap as possible. Please make cheques to PSNA, Box 2450, Christchurch, with a note saying that it is for the Jalandoni tour. Or, we will supply our bank account details upon request.

Tuesday October 26 – Christchurch: Public Meeting – 7.30p.m. Knox Presbyterian Church Lounge, 28 Bealey Avenue. Contact: Murray Horton,0274 307742
Wednesday October 27 – Blenheim: Public Meeting, 7.30pm,Nativity Centre Lounge, cnr Alfred and Henry Sts. Contact: Steffan Browning,021 725655
Thursday October 28 & Friday 29 – Wellington: PublicMeeting – 7.30 p.m. Thursday 28, St John’s Hall, corner Willis& Dixon Streets. Contact: Rod Prosser 021 0744992
Monday November 1 – Palmerston North: Public Meeting – 7.30 p.m., Catholic Diocesan Centre (Te Rau Aroha), 33 Amesbury Street Contact: Dion Martin(06) 3569658 (w), 021 776029
Tuesday November 2 & Wednesday 3 – New Plymouth:Public Meeting – 6p.m. Wednesday 3rd, Govett Brewster Art Gallery, 42Queen Street. Contact: Fiona Clark (06) 7547014;
Thursday November 4 – Hamilton: Public Meeting –7.30 p.m., Waikato Trade Union Centre, 34 Harwood Street. Contact: BobAnderson, (07) 8297882, 021 776023;
Friday November 5 – Whangarei: Public Meeting Manaia PHO Rooms, Rust Ave,central Whangarei. Contact: Tim Howard 027 3089216

Tuesday 9 November – Auckland: Public Meeting, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn, 7pm
Wednesday 10 November – Auckland: Women’s Forum with Connie Ledesma, Auckland University, Maori Studies 9am – 12pm (RSVP to Maori Studies)
Friday 12 November – Auckland: 7 p.m. Solidarity Dinner for Justice and Peace in the Philippines, Civic Building, Strata 17, Civic Building, Mayoral Drive: Tickets $30 (Dinner, entertainment cash bar). Contact: Luke Coxon (09) 8276059, 028 25803203


Monday, 7.30pm, October 25 (Labour Day),The Peace Place, 22 Emily Place, Auckland City.
Films at The Peace Place: Continuing our series of films that challenge war…
Paths of Glory, directed by Stanley Kubrick (Running Time: 87 minutes). Admission: by Koha / donation. Based on the novel by Humphrey Cobb, Paths of Glory (1957) was Stanley Kubrick’s fourth feature-length film. He went on to make Lolita; Dr Strangelove; 2001: A Space Odyssy; A Clockwork Orange; Barry Lyndon; The Shining; Full Metal Jacket; Eyes Wide Shut etc. Paths of Glory, set during World War I, premiered in the same week as Columbia’s big-budget Bridge on The River Kwai. Kubrick’s film is arguably the better fiilm. Paths of Glory was banned in France and Switzerland for almost twenty years after its release, because it relates the true story of four French soldiers executed for “mutiny”. Their families sued, but although the executions were ruled unfair, only two of the families received compensation: one franc each. All armies have executed soldiers for “cowardice”. But this French incident seems to be a case of “scapegoating”, punishing the innocent to prevent other soldiers from being tempted towards nonviolence and peace.
The boast of heraldry, the pomp of pow’r, And all that beauty, all that wealth e’er gave, Awaits alike th’inevitable hour. The paths of glory lead but to the grave.” (Thomas Gray: Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard)

Wednesday, October 27, 6.30pm, Maidment Theatre, University of Auckland
2010 Bruce Jesson Lecture Annette Sykes Ngäti Pikiao Lawyer and Activist. “The Politics of the Brown Table”. A self-annointed Iwi Leaders Group, a Maori Party that supports a National/ACT government, and a group of Crown mandated intermediaries drawn from retired politicians and bureaucrats, are today’s agents for the manufacturing of consent and the management of discontent amongst Maori. The commercial deals on Treelords, the Emissions Trading Scheme, geothermal resources, national parks, private prisons, mining, whanau ora are all harnessing Moari to a global capitalism that impoverishes the mass of working class Maori and making them dependent on its survival. Most whanau and hapu are excluded from decision-making and denied the rights over their resources just as they always have been. Bruce Jesson foresaw these trends back in the 1980s. This lecture challenges this agenda and identifies the basic principles for a politics that genuinely empowers the people. Professor Margaret Mutu, chairperson of Te Runanga-a-Iwi o Ngäti Kahu, will be the discussant on the lecture.

Saturday, October 30, QEII Square 10.30am. March to Albert Park by 12.00 Noon
NZEI Auckland Area Council invites members of all Auckland unions to our Rally and March Saturday 30th October. This is to celebrating the successes of our world class education system. A family fun day with a strong message.

Thursday, November 4, 9am-5pm, Conference Room 1 – Copthorne Hotel Auckland City 196 – 200 Quay Street
Globalisation and Labour in the Pacific: Re-evaluating the 1890 Maritime Strike. Organised by the Auckland Labour History Group and the Labour History Project in association with the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History and NZWALMI. Papers will be presented on the 1890 strike, its broader political and historical impact, the nature of Pacific Rim connections in the labour market and between labour organisations, lessons for contemporary labour relations in the maritime industry in the Pacific, and the impact of globalisation generally in Pacific Rim labour relations. Attendance: All welcome. Fee: $40 includes lunch and refreshments. All registrations to Ann Williamson at Information subject to change

Monday, November 8, 6.30pm, Lecture Theatre B28, (Beneath library, Alfred St), Auckland University
Is peace in the Middle East possible? Hear the surprising answer from award-winning speaker Anna Baltzer, former Fulbright scholar, Columbia University graduate, author, grand-daughter of Holocaust refugees, and recent guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Baltzer will present eyewitness reports on the conflict & the exciting nonviolence movement for peace. She will be signing copies of her acclaimed book, Witness in Palestine: A Jewish American Woman in the Occupied Territories.
Senior Lecturer Dance Studies and author of ‘Raising Dust: a Cultural History of Dance in Palestine’. KOHA requested. Hosted by Students for Justice in Palestine, Palestine Human Rights Campaign & Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
Raised with a traditional view on the issue, Baltzer’s perspective changed when she moved to the West Bank to work with nonviolent Palestinians and Israelis. Baltzer’s courageous voice for coexistence and insistence on honest reporting has led to more than 200 television appearances and lectures at more than 500 universities, churches, synagogues, mosques, think tanks, and other policy institutes around the world. She serves on the Board of Directors of The Research Journalism Institute, Grassroots Jerusalem, and The Council for the National Interest.

Monday, November 8 –11, SkyCity Convention Centre,
On the 8-11th of November, the World Dairy Summit is being held in Auckland, New Zealand. The World Dairy Summit is an international conference organised by the International Dairy Federation, a non-profit private sector organization representing the interests of various stakeholders in dairying at the international level. The main platinum sponsor of this event is Fonterra. The conference will bring together dairy experts from around the world to discuss topics such as government policies, farming, science, nutrition and health, marketing and the environment. The Coalition Against the World Dairy Summit (CAWDS) is made up of animal rights, social justice and climate activists who are coming together to highlight the animal abuse, environmental destruction and social aspects of the global dairy industry. Fonterra are the main corporate dairy power in New Zealand and one of the biggest exploiters of cows, ‘third world’ markets and the earth. We would like solidarity actions whether it is symbolic or direct actions and liberations against your local Fonterra targets or the dairy industry in general. Start getting a group together, research a target and get in touch with the co-alition for more details!!

Tuesday, November 9, 5.30-7pm, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn
BOOK LAUNCH: with Jane Kelsey (Professor of Law, Auckland University) and Lori Wallach (the Research Director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch). The free trade agreement between the US and NZ has expanded to a US-plus-eight negotiation called the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement that also involves Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. In NO ORDINARY DEAL: UNMASKING THE TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP FREE TRADE AGREEMENT Jane Kelsey has brought together eighteen other experts from New Zealand, Australia, the US and Chile to expose the realities and risks of negotiations that aim to lock in the failed model of global free markets for the indefinite future. Lori Wallach, a leading US activist against free trade deals, will launch the book and discuss the US politics surrounding the negotiations under the Obama administration. Refreshments provided.

Tuesday, November 9, 7pm, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn
NZ Speaking Tour By Filipino Progressive Leaders. WHY SHOULD NEW ZEALANDERS BE CONCERNED ABOUT THE PROSPECTS OF PEACE TALKS AND WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THE PHILIPPINES? Two senior international representatives of the NDFP (National Democratic Front of the Philippines) Mr Luis Jalandoni and Ms Coni Ledesma will be in Aotearoa this November hosted by local Solidarity organisations to speak under the theme “Justice and Liberation: The Road to Peace in the Philippines.” Auckland Philippines Solidarity (APS) will hold public meetings to draw the attention of New Zealanders to one of Asia’s most vibrant people’s movements. The speaking tour will be an opportunity for New Zealanders to critically view the ties that bind the Philippines and NZ.

Wednesday, November 10, 9am-12pm, Rm 101 Maori Strudies, Auckland Uni.
WISE WOMEN SPEAK: An intergenerational – inter movement korero on the liberation of women and self determination. FEATURING: International Guest Coni Ledesma –Makibaka, Free Movement of New Women, Philippines; Titewhai Harawira – Ngapuhi; Annette Sykes – Lawyer and activist. RSVP Helen Te Hira 09 280 3372 or 0272888894

Friday, November 12, 3pm, Waikaraka Park, Onehunga
F G EVANS Waihi Miners Strike 1912 “He died for his class” COMMEMORATION
Followed by refreshments at the NDU Office. Contact Karl Andersen

Friday, November 12, 7pm, Civic Building, Strata 17, Civic Building, Mayoral Drive
Solidarity Dinner for Justice and Peace in the Philippines: Tickets $30 (Dinner, entertainment cash bar). Contact: Luke Coxon (09) 8276059, 028 25803203

Sunday, November 14, 5.45pm, Academy Cinema, Public Library, Lorne St, City
A new trust, formed at the initiative of the ARCC to raise and distribute money so that refugee families can be reunited in NZ. Mix and mingle 5.45pm, screening 6.15pm. NZ Premiere screening of MOTHER FISH A story of two Vietnamese sisters. We will be joined by the UNHCR Regional Representative, Rick Towle, and the President of the National Refugee Coalition, Kafebe Mundele, to celebrate this significant occasion. Tickets are $20 each. To purchase or if you cannot attend but would like to make a donation, please
EITHER direct credit Kiwibank ARFT 38 9010 0704176 00 with your surname and number of tickets as reference and email this information to the Treasurer (Janfrie Wakim) at OR post cheques to The Treasurer ARFT, P.O. Box 47008, Ponsonby, with contact details. TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR COLLECTION (UNDER SURNAME BOOKED) AT THE ACADEMY CINEMA ON ARRIVAL

Sunday, November 21, 9.30am – 4pm, AUT Wellesley Street Conference Centre
Refugee Stories Symposium: This Symposium will consist of a day of testimonies about various aspects of the refugee experience, presented by former refugees who are now resident in New Zealand. REGISTRATION: Early bird Registration (by 1 October 2010) $75.00. Standard registration (after 1 October) $90.00. How to register and further information at The day will also include a keynote speaker and cultural items. For all enquiries contact AUT Centre for Refugee Education Ph administration 921 9367 |

Saturday, November 27, 8pm, 3 Pearce St, Onehunga
For more information FACEBOOK PAGE

Saturday, December 4, 7pm, Cityside Hall, 8 Mount Eden Road, Auckland
Rebel Press warmly invites you to a: BOOK LAUNCH of The day the raids came: Stories of survival and resistance to the state terror raids. Music, food and readings. On October 15th, 2007 an estimated 300 police raided houses all over Aotearoa New Zealand and arrested people based on warrants issued under the Terrorism Suppression Act. Lives were turned upside down as the police searched for evidence of ‘terrorism.’ This book is a collection of oral history interviews of people affected by those raids and the aftermath: defendants, friends, family, supporters and other people subject to the state’s coercive powers on that day. The case is the first ever attempted use of the Terrorism Suppression Act, a piece of legislation enacted in response to the 9/11 events in New York and Washington DC. The terrorism charges were not brought, but the people arrested continue to face a long journey to freedom as the state seeks to punish political activists and to reinforce the status quo.
For more information, please contact


“If those in charge of our society – politicians, corporate executives, and owners of press and television – can dominate our ideas, they will be secure in their power. They will not need soldiers patrolling the streets. We will control ourselves”. –Howard Zinn (1991


Gordon Campbell on The Hobbit countdown to D-Day
Tribunal warns te reo Maori near crisis point
Jeremy Rose speaks with unionist, left-wing politico, NewLabour and Alliane parties co-founder, the influential New Zealander Matt McCarten. (duration: 45′25″)
Disabled people and beneficaries under attack: “They want to make poverty and unemployment an individual problem, blaming beneficiaries for not having jobs.
Harawira: Treaty recognition and enforcement
Flavell: Student Loan Scheme Bill, First Reading
Kia Ora Gaza Convoy Diary – Part II
Gordon Campbell: On aged care, and the Len Brown, Celia Wade-Brown triumphs
No Comment From McCully on Papua Torture Video
Russel Norman Interviewed By Duncan Garner – This week the Greens have been staking out their left wing credentials in a speech by Co-Leader Russel Norman. He wants a capital gains tax, except of course on the family home, tax breaks for the poor and about 6000 state houses.
Phil Goff: Speech To Labour Party Conference
CAFCA: Why Didn’t Labour Do Something About Foreign Investment When It Was In Power?
Government to blame for skyrocketing fees
NBR aiming to negotiate with SFO over file seizure
Ngati Manawa and Ngati Whare Claims Settlement
Workplace Injury Statistics Undermine Case for Privatisation
Maori Party wavers in support for foreshore bill
Special Education Review Must Be Able To Deliver At The Chalkface
University and Students Unite in Opposition to VSM
Cuts to Pasifika learning resources
Immigration officers to get beefed-up search powers
Overstayer: ‘I should be allowed to stay with my son’
Students see ‘lifetime of debt’ after fees rise
Complaints over cuts to Pasifika language books
TVNZ sides with angry viewers over Henry

John Minto: Key puts class struggle centre stage
Industrial rallies underway throughout the country – Video
CTU: Biggest worker protests in a decade reject laws
Thousands protest against new employment laws
Photos: Thousands rally against new employment laws
Unions’ fight for workplace access takes to the streets
For photos of the various events see See also our CTU front page at
Thousands Protest 90-Day Law (Scoop images)
Unionists turn to Brown in hope
Government a disaster, claims CTU
Aged care report a wakeup call says union
Students come out in support of teachers
Syd Keepa new CTU Vice-President Māori
Govt Committee calls 90 day law offensive – to Key
Greens join nationwide call for fairness at work
Pupils back teachers’ rolling stoppages
Facts on Hobbit – CTU

Government charges, food prices drive CPI increase
Quiet comeback for tax on wealth
Tax Justice will be an election issue in 2011
Bolger: Telecom sale a mistake
Follow CAFCA & Foreign Control Issue On Watchblog & Facebook
Veda Advantage sees ‘massive’ deterioration in overdue debts; points to ‘fundamental shift’ in approach to debt and spending
Housing market in ‘downward spiral’, Mike Pero-Infometrics leading indicator finds
More evidence of big Kiwi food rip-off
$740m in lost tax as Kiwis go bust
Consumers lead economy into age of austerity By Bernard Hickey

How Stieg Larsson trained Marxist guerrillas in Eritrea
The Obama Syndrome: New President, Same Mistakes – A Live Interview
Tariq Ali

We are Facing the Greatest Threat to Humanity: Only Fundamental Change Can Save Us
Why we need to create a million climate jobs RIGHT NOW
The new climate-change denialism: Who promotes it, and how to answer it
Their multiple crisis and our solutions: an ecosocialist transitional programme
Rich nations to wreck climate talks Rich nations to wreck climate talks
‘Strong evidence’ climate change caused devastating Pakistan floods
John Bellamy Foster: The ecology of consumption — excerpt from `The Ecological Rift: Capitalism’s War on the Earth’

Foxconn’s Global Empire Reflects a New Breed of Sweatshop
Lessons of the Obama Debacle By Walden Bello
The Crisis of Capitalism in Europe, West and East Özlem Onaran

The Undeserving Rich: Collectively produced and inherited knowledge and the (re)distribution of income and wealth.
The Great Financial Crisis—Three Years On by John Bellamy Foster and Fred Magdoff
Report: The Myth of Expansionary Fiscal Austerity – Dean Baker
Schiff vs. Henwood on Economic Crisis: Free market guru Peter Schiff debates Doug Henwood of Left Business Observer on causes and solutions

Former Afghan MP Malalai Joya: ‘Harper speaking out of both sides of his mouth’ on war
David Hicks says Guantanamo was ‘Six Years of Hell’
Fresh claims US is running secret prison in Afghanistan:

Behind the hysteria: Refugee myths and facts
Afghanistan ‘debate’ and the last refuge of scoundrels
Couple not guilty in abortion trial
Slavery returns to Top End
Afghanistan Debate – Green MP Adam Bandt
Can we save the Murray Darling?

Climate Vulnerability – Bangladesh at highest risk

The Miners’ Rescue: A View from Chile

The left cannot ignore China’s achievement in poverty reduction
A workers’ spring in the heart of “the workshop of the world”

French strikes and protests: live updates – Protests against president Nicolas Sarkozy’s pension reforms escalated today adding to widespread travel disruption, alarm about petrol supplies and the closure of schools. Follow live updates French Unions Call New National Strike as the Movement to Defend Pensions Continues to Grow
An explosive situation; Huge protests against pension law
Storming the Bastille, Sans Papiers
“Blocking the Economy to Block the Reform” – Chat with Olivier Besancenot, Moderated by Caroline Monnot
French students protest over pension reform
2.5 million protest French pension reform: union
Manifestation Mardi 19 octobre 2010 ROUEN/France (French strike movement)

The Toronto Star, Canada’s largest circulation daily newspaper, is publishing a special series of articles on Haiti, covering many of the major issues facing the country’s future–education, health care, agriculture, industry and last but not least, its political and electoral institutions. The series is titled, “Lovely’s Haiti,” named after Lovely Avelus, a child who survived six days buried under rubble following the January 12 earthquake. You can read the series here as well as watch related video stories.

Will the banks sink Ireland? Irish journalist and socialist Eamonn McCann describes the increasing furor and fallout over the Irish government’s bailout of the banking industry.

The Great Deflation – Japan Goes From Dynamic to Disheartened

Malawi: Proposed Pension Bill Outrages Workers, Puts Pension Age Beyond
Life Expectancy

Obama’s Robot Wars Endanger Us All By Johann Hari – Imagine if, an hour from now, a robot-plane swooped over your house and blasted it to pieces. The plane has no pilot. It is controlled with a joystick from 7,000 miles away, sent by the Pakistani military to kill you. It blows up all the houses in your street, and so barbecues your family and your neighbours until there is nothing left to bury but a few charred slops.

Unedited footage of horrific Indonesian military torture of West Papuan tribal elder

History-making aid convoy about to bust Gaza siege
Aid convoy departs for Egypt’s gate into Gaza
Yes indeed, show us all the map! Better late than never, a very senior Palestinian official in Ramallah, Yasser Abed Rabbo, found the right way to challenge Israel and the U.S. He said, “We officially demand that the US administration and the Israeli government provide a map of the borders of the state of Israel […]
BDS movement recalls anti-apartheid tactics, responsibilities and controversies by patrick Bond, Ramallah
60 Minutes: Controversy in Jerusalem: The City Of David;photovideo
From charade to sham – Eric Ruder analyzes Israel’s latest maneuver to block negotiations with the Palestinian Authority–and looks at the prospects for “peace talks” in the future.
Award Winning British Film Director Boycotts Israel By Palestine Monitor

Spending review axe falls on the poor
TUC CONFERENCE -ALLIANCES FOR GREEN GROWTH Caroline Lucas MP – speech to conference

Equality and Rights for Immigrants—the Key to Organizing Unions
America’s new poor: the end of the middle-class dream: The ideology that drove millions of people into expensive lifestyles on low pay and easy credit is bust. But who will tell them?
Interview: Michael Ratner – A new stage in the war on dissent
21st Century Abolitionism, Frederick Douglass, the 40th Anniversary of Her Arrest and President Obama’s First Two Years By Angela Davis
Rare Vote Set on a Union in Fast Food

The Bolivarian Revolution revives the struggle of the indigenous peoples

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