#341: Tues Nuclear Debate @ Ak Uni

NEWSLETTER No. 341, August 2 , 2010

The Council of Trade Unions has announced that it will be holding Fairness at Work rallies on 21st August in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. CTU President Helen Kelly said: “These are just the start of what we expect to be a long campaign to promote Fairness at Work in the face of a Government which is tilting the balance in favour of employers – particularly bad employers.” Helen Kelly said that unions are not opposed to trial periods, and believe employers should have the right to dismiss workers fairly. But every wage and salary earner should have the right to appeal against unfair dismissal. For instance, if a worker raises a question after 6 weeks in a new job about a health and safety concern and then gets dismissed, shouldn’t that worker have the right to appeal against that dismissal? It is also vitally important that wage and salary earners have access to union advice and support in the workplace. Helen Kelly said that it is entirely voluntary to join a union and 380,000 workers have chosen to do so. But the Government now wants to restrict access for members to talk to their union representative and to make it difficult for workers to discuss joining the union. As for sick leave, under current law, the employer can ask for proof of illness within three calendar days – including for one day’s absence – if they have reasonable grounds to suspect the sick leave is not genuine. They need to inform the employee as soon as possible, and they must agree to meet the employee’s reasonable expenses in getting this proof. Why is there any need to change this? In addition to rallies in several cities, unions will be holding meetings in regional centres. Today Helen Kelly is in Tauranga meeting with local union officials and delegates to discuss the campaign and Peter Conway, CTU Secretary, is in Palmerston North. Helen Kelly said she expects legislation to be introduced to Parliament in 4-6 weeks and for a vigorous debate to occur through the Select Committee for the rest of the year. We will be building the momentum on the Fairness at Work campaign throughout this period. For further information contact: Fraser Pettigrew, Communications and Campaigns Advisor, 04 802 3817 / 027 243 7031 / fraserp@nzctu.org.nz Helen Kelly, President, CTU 04 802 3812 / 021 776 741 http://www.union.org.nz


Tuesday, August 3, 7pm, University of Auckland Business School, Lecture Theatre 260 098
A DEBATE OF BALLISTIC PROPORTIONS: The Inaugural Student-Run Debate on Nuclear Disarmament. Commemorating the bombing of Hiroshima and marking the 25th Anniversary of David Lange’s address to the Oxford Union. Moot: "This house believes the abolition of nuclear weapons is a pipe-dream". Negative: Jacinda Ardern (Member of Parliament, Labour Party), Max Harris (president of the UoA Deating Society), Lyndon Burford (postgraduate student, completing a PhD on disarmament issues). Affirmative: Treasa Dunworth (public international law lecturer, LLB(hons), LLM (Harvard)); Curwen Rolinson (undergraduate student, Law and Asian Studies); Akif Malik (executive member, UoA Debating Society). 25 years ago, David Lange astonished New Zealanders and the world by arguing the proposition that "nuclear weapons are morally indefensible". Since then, the appetite for nuclear arms has been increasingly suppressed by calls for global disarmament. With Obama and Medvedev concluding a treaty to further downsize their nuclear arsenals, as well as a growing number of states calling for the elimination of nuclear arms, the world appears to be making positive progress towards disarmament. But can the human race completely liberate itself from the grip of nuclear arms? Is the total abolition of nuclear weapons a mere pipe-dream? Come and find out. Questions and answers will follow the debate so come along with some hard questions. Brought to you by AUSA Internatioanl Affairs Office, the United Nations Youth Association of NZ, and the Peace Foundation (Note: the views expressed in this debate do not represent the official views of the organisations and institutions represented). Please contact Wilson Chau if you have any questions: wcha160 Wilson Chau, University Representative for the Auckland Region, Contact Phone: 0211050100. www.unyanz.co.nz

Wednesday, August 4, 6pm, Lib B15 Lecture Theatre, Library Building Basement, Auckland University
FILM: "8" – France 2009. Directors: Wim Wenders, Mira Nair, Jane Campion, Gael Garcia Bernal, Abderrahmane Sissako, Gaspar Noe, Jan Kounen, Gus van Sant. “8” is a feature length film made up of eight short films. These centre on eight different themes and are directed by eight famous film directors who through this medium express their opinion on the progress made and challenges faced in relation to the eight Millenium Development Goals (MDG…s). Each film maker has “carte blanche” to treat one of the eight MDGs. The Eight film directors provide their own point of view, without compromise. Entry by koha/ gold coin donationSee More

Saturday, August 7, 8.30pm, Maori TV
After The Raids – A New Documentary On Maori TV. October 15th 2007 is a date etched into the memories of all Tuhoe, and many other New Zealanders. This was the day New Zealand Police launched anti-terrorism raids on the people of Tuhoe, in the valley of Ruatoki and beyond. With extraordinary access and filmed over a two and a half year period, the aftermath of the raids is explored in OCTOBER 15, an intimate record of how events touched the lives of the people in the days, weeks, months and years following the raids. “We filmed as the people rebuilt their lives and addressed the after-effects of the raids on their children,” says producer Pietra Brettkelly. “On a more political level, we also followed Te Kotahi a Tuhoe, the group led by Tamati Kruger that sought to take civil action against the police.” The documentary looks at the raids in an historical context from a Tuhoe perspective, from colonial confiscation, clashes with colonial powers during the time of Rua Kenana and his followers at Maungapohatu, through to the police actions of the modern day. Supplemented by archive footage, director Kim Webby also weaves in animation and dramatic re-enactment. Interview subjects include Tame Iti and his whanau, as well as some of the women and children who were detained in sheds, outdoors or in police vehicles for up to six hours. They were ultimately released, and were never charged with any offence. “The raids were based on a claim of terrorist activity – a claim staunchly refuted by Tuhoe. So what is Tuhoe country really like? These documentary makers have had an extraordinary opportunity to document the real lives of these people, their shock following the raids of October 15 and their pursuit of redress,” says Maori Television’s general manager of programming Haunui Royal. OCTOBER 15 kicks off a new season for Maori Television’s Pakipumeka Aotearoa – New Zealand documentary slot – in a new time of Saturdays at 8.30 PM. Other subjects in the weeks ahead include profiles on the Polynesian Panthers and reknowned sculptor Chris Bailey. Brettkelly is an award-winning documentary maker, who programme The Art Star and the Sudanese Twins won an award at the Sundance Film Festival 2008. Insightful, informative and moving, tune into OCTOBER 15, screening on Saturday August 7 at 8.30 PM. http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/CU1007/S00423/after-the-raids-a-new-documentary-on-maori-tv.htm

Sunday, August 8, 5-7pm, Auckland Domain Wintergarden,
WOMEN’S INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE FOR PEACE AND FREEDOM, TAMAKI MAKAURAU: You are warmly invited to attend a Candle Floating Ceremony to commemorate Hiroshima and Nagasaki. To be held on Sunday 8 August 2010 from 5pm to 7pm at Auckland Domain Wintergarden. There will be crane-making, readings and music. Candles will be supplied. Contacts: Ruth Coombes ph 445.1254 or Pat Jackman ph 520 0179

Tuesday, August 10, 5.30pm, University of Auckland Business School
Reshaping the NZ economy – What will fix NZ’s econpomy? Seminar with Dr Rick Boven, Director of the NZ Institurte; Selwyn Pellet, CEO. Sponsor NZ Fabian Society http://www.fabians.org.nz

Monday, August 16, 5.30pm, The Claire Inn Irish Pub, 274-278 Dominion Road, Valley Road Shops
John Langdon’s Dramatic First E-Book THE ONE WEEK REVOLUTION (It makes James Bond look like a pussy) To be launched. Special Guest Launchers: PhilTwyford Labour MP, Glenda Fryer Auckland City Councillor Who will read extractsfrom “THE ONE WEEK REVOLUTION.” SPECIAL DISCOUNT: CD with e-bookavailable for $10 at the night of Monday 16th of August 2010; or buy online at:www.intellia.co.nz/jlangdon.htmlBar purchases possible (John is a pensioner)

Tuesday, August 17, 6pm, Auckland Medical School, Park Road,Grafton (In the students study room behind Cafe 85 on theground floor)
CHILD POVERTY IN NEW ZEALAND • Are you 18 – 35 years old? • Doyou want to learn more about child poverty in New Zealand? Child Poverty ActionGroup Aotearoa NZ is holding an evening to share information and for youngerpeople to meet up and discuss issues. What: 6pm– Pizzas and drinks; 6.30-7.30– Presentations; 7.30-9pm– Drinks and discussion. Enquiries:Julie Timmins admin 093039260. Kind Regards, Julie Timmins, http://www.cpag.org.nz

Saturday, August 21, QE2 Square, Downtown
Work Rights rally and march

Saturday, August 21, 7pm, Grey Lynn Community Centre, 510 RichmondRd
Green Party Quiz Night. $60 per Team of 6. Call Ron 09 3761243

Wednesday, September 1, 8pm, St Kevins Arcade, K road
David Rovics returns to Auckland on Sept 1st 2010. Come check him out, alongwith special guests, at the Wine Cellar. Tickets on the door for $20. DavidRovics grew up in a family of classical musicians in Wilton, Connecticut, andbecame a fan of populist regimes early on. By the early 90’s he was a full-timebusker in the Boston subways and by the mid-90’s he was traveling the world asa professional flat-picking rabble-rouser. These days David lives with hisfamily in Portland, Oregon and tours regularly on four continents, playing foraudiences large and small at cafes, pubs, universities, churches, union hallsand protest rallies. He has shared the stage with a veritable of who’s who ofthe left in two dozen countries, and has had his music featured on DemocracyNow!, BBC, Al-Jazeera and other networks. His essays are published regularly onCounterPunch, and the 200+ songs he makes available for free on the web havebeen downloaded more than a million times. Most importantly, he’s really good.He will make you laugh, he will make you cry, he will make the revolutionirresistible. http://www.davidrovics.com/

Monday 6 September, 6.30-9pm, Rm 039, Clocktower bldg, 22 PrincesSt
Reflections on the Holocaust , a seminar presented by Continuing Education atThe University of Auckland. This symposium will consider the Holocaust or Shoahfrom Christian, Jewish and Muslim perspectives. Speakers: Douglas Pratt, PaulMorris, Zain Ali. Full details: http://www.cce.auckland.ac.nz or ph: 0800 864

Friday, September 10 at the University of Auckland
Forum: Rethinking welfare for the 21st century: Beyond the terms of reference.Retirement Policy and Research Centre, the Department of Sociology, Universityof Auckland, and Child Poverty Action Group. The terms of reference for thegovernment-appointed Welfare Working Group were narrow. Researchers fromAustralia will join with their New Zealand colleagues in moving beyond theserestrictions in debating welfare in order to seek answers to the question:where to go from here? The aim is to explore workable social and economicsolutions to welfare issues, rather than to simply ‘make workpay’.

September 29-30, Telstra Clear Pacific Events Centre, ManukauCity
JUST ACTION CONFERENCE: Just Action is for all those with a heart for TheSalvation Army’s mission to fight suffering in all its forms, to speakout and act against injustice, and to be a force for justice, faith and mercyin the world. Here’s some information to bring you up-to-date on plansfor next year’s Just Action Conference, ‘The Power toChange’, which is being held as part of Mission 2010, a combined congressof The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory. Full Conferencedetails and registration information will be available next year. For moreinformation, contact Major Ian Kilgour, The Salvation Army Social Policy andParliamentary Unit. p: (09) 261 0883 or e: ian_kilgour@nzf.salvationarmy.orgPlan to join us and explore how the Gospel can bring international, national,community and neighbourhood change. Plan to join us and explore how the Gospelcan bring international, national, community and neighbourhood change.SPEAKERS: Jim Wallis is a best-selling author, publictheologian, speaker, preacher and international commentator on religion andpublic life, faith and politics. He is President and Chief Executive Officer ofSojourners, where he is editor-in-chief of Sojourners magazine. DaveAndrews, Coordinator for training with the Community InitiativesResource Association, and educator-atlarge for TEAR Australia. Dave, his wifeAnge, and their family, have lived and worked in intentional communities withmarginalised groups of people in Australia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India andNepal for more than 30 years.

Thursday, November 4, 9am-5pm, Conference Room 1 – Copthorne HotelAuckland City 196 – 200 Quay Street
Globalisation and Labour in the Pacific: Re-evaluating the 1890 Maritime Strike9.00-5.30pm, Thursday 4 November 2010 SYMPOSIUM INVITATION Organised by theAuckland Labour History Group and the Labour History Project In associationwith the Australian Society for the Study of Labour History and NZWALMI. Paperswill be presented on the 1890 strike, its broader political and historicalimpact, the nature of Pacific Rim connections in the labour market and betweenlabour organisations, lessons for contemporary labour relations in the maritimeindustry in the Pacific, and the impact of globalisation generally in PacificRim labour relations. Attendance: All welcome. Fee: $40 includes lunch andrefreshments. All registrations to Ann Williamson at nzwalmi@aut.ac.nz Information subject tochange


OCTOBER15TH SOLIDARITY.INFO NEWSLETTER we send out irregular updates on the campaign to support the people arrested inthe state terror raids in Aotearoa (New Zealand) on 15th October 2007. Althoughcharges under the Terrorism Suppression Act were never laid, 18 people arestill facing charges under the Arms Act and 5 are charged with being members ofan organised criminal group. At the moment, the starting date for the trial is8th August 2011. DROP THE CHARGES!

1. 7th August – Documentary on Maori Television about October 15 2. 23rd August- a week-long hearing in the Auckland High Court 3. 15th October – three yearssince the raids
2. 23rd August – a week-long hearing in the Auckland High Court A week-longhearing in the Auckland High Court should determine where and when the trialwill take place. The defendants do not have to attend, but the hearing is opento the public.
3. 15th October – three years since the raids Events are planned for the thirdanniversary of the raids. We will keep you up to date with what’s happeningcloser to the time.

Camp for Climate Action Aotearoa is having a national Gathering in Auckland.The aim of the Gathering is to map out a coherent and collectively formulateddirection for CCAA, and YOU are invited. Get together with your local climatecamp group now as we are creating a bunch of proposals for Climate Camp whichwill be brought to the gathering and collectively addressed. Dont be shy! Allare welcome to attend!


"Man can find meaning in life, short and perilous as it is, only throughdevoting himself to society" : Albert Einstein http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article25996.htm

"If we let people see that kind of thing, there would never again be anywar": Pentagon official explaining why the U.S. militarycensored graphic footage from the Gulf War



More Thompson & Clark style spying under new bill http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO1008/S00005/more-thompson-clark-style-spying-under-new-bill.htm

Personal Statement From Rochelle Rees, One Of The Animal Rights CampaignersWho Found The Tracking Device. http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO1008/S00004/personal-statement-from-rochelle-rees.htm

NZ must improve indigenous people’s rights—UN http://globalnation.inquirer.net/news/breakingnews/view/20100726-283228/NZ-must-improve-indigenous-peoples-rightsUN

Visit of the UN Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, 18 to 23July 2010 http://www.converge.org.nz/pma/unsr2010.htm

The Locals: a guide to the horror story of Council politics in Aotearoa http://socialistaotearoa.blogspot.com/2010/07/locals-guide-to-horror-story-of-council.html

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Maori Party Welcomes Decision To Poke Out Pokies http://scoop.co.nz/stories/PA1007/S00381.htm

Which way will MP Sam Lotu-Iiga jump? Global Peace And Justice Auckland -Tonight in parliament MP Sam Lotu-Iiga will decide whether he is a PacificIsland MP supporting the Pacific Island community or a neo-liberal MP opposedto the regulation of loan sharks. http://scoop.co.nz/stories/PO1007/S00243.htm

NZ’s Tax System Unhealthy Says Justice Campaign – The debate around RahuiKatene’s private members bill to remove GST from healthy food needs to bebroadened. That’s the message from Tax Justice campaigners. http://scoop.co.nz/stories/PO1007/S00196.htm

Government Needs To Halt Drive To Private Prisons – PSA says a damningreport that condemns one of the firms that wants to run Auckland Prison is anopportunity for the government to halt its dangerous drive to privatise ourprisons. http://scoop.co.nz/stories/PO1007/S00180.htm


Unions rallying against new employment laws http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=10660704

Removing Employee Protection Is Big Step Backwards For NZ, Academic Warns http://www.voxy.co.nz/national/removing-employee-protection-big-step-backwards-nz-academic-warns/5/56497

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Protesters storm cordon at National Party conference http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10659620

Photos: http://tinyurl.com/2etjkz4

Unions protest National Party conference at sky city Auckland NZ

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Prices down but property taking longer to sell http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=10662827


"The Real Terrorist Was Me" – Speech By War Veteran. Video. "Our realenemies are not those living in a distant land whose names or policies we don’tunderstand; The real enemy is a system that wages war when it’s profitable, theCEOs who lay us off our jobs when it’s profitable, the Insurance Companies whodeny us Health care when it’s profitable, the Banks who take away our homeswhen it’s profitable. Our enemies are not several hundred thousands away. Theyare right here in front of us" – Mike Prysner http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article26047.htm

Why Socialism? Must Read – By Albert Einstein "I am convinced there is onlyone way to eliminate these grave evils, namely through the establishment of asocialist economy, accompanied by an educational system which would be orientedtoward social goals." http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article25996.htm


Capitalist Crisis, Radical Renewal? An Interview with Leo Panitch, SamGindin, and Greg Albo http://www.zcommunications.org/capitalist-crisis-radical-renewal-by-leo-panitch

The folly of the anti-stimulus consensus – Much argument for deficitreduction is economically illiterate, but even an expert like Ken Rogoff can bewrong on fiscal austerity http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2010/jul/24/kenneth-rogoff-deficit-reduction

Of human greed: Laurie Taylor interviews David Harvey http://reinventinglabour.wordpress.com/2010/07/27/of-human-greed-taylor-interviews-harvey/#more-284

Greek Mythology: The Real Story Of The European Debt Crisis By Walden Bellohttp://www.countercurrents.org/bello220710.htm


Trading in death: Rapacious bankers are making fortunes by forcing up theprice of food and leaving millions to starve. http://bit.ly/b9YvZl

UN Declares Water a Human Right July 28, 2010 – Speech by Pablo Solon,Bolivia’s ambassador to the UN, the the General Assembly on July 28.Bolivia’s resolution passed unanimously, but 41 countries abstained. http://climateandcapitalism.com/?p=2839

Scientists Find Evidence That Oil And Dispersant Mix Is Making Its Way IntoThe Foodchain http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/07/29/scientists-find-evidence_n_664298.html

No Room for Doubt: Global Warming is Real http://climateandcapitalism.com/?p=2845

Carbon Market ‘Growth’ Mainly Fraudulent, World Bank ReportShows http://climateandcapitalism.com/?p=2788


Red Plenty by Francis Spufford – This is a marvelous and unusual book. Itsits in a remarkable way in between science popularisation, social history andfiction. The author describes it variously as a novel whose hero is an idea anda fairytale. http://21stcenturysocialism.com/article/review_red_plenty_by_francis_spufford_01992.html

Hopes and Prospects, By Noam Chomsky Reviewed by Johann Hari http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/reviews/hopes-and-prospects-by-noam-chomsky-2027378.html


Wikileaks proves: Afghan war unjust and unwinnable http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/44975

Secret Military Files Reveal Shocking Details About Failed War inAfghanistan http://www.alternet.org/story/147633/secret_military_files_reveal_shocking_details_about_failed_war_in_afghanistan

Rioting in Kabul after US embassy car kills four civilians: Angry mobtorches vehicles, chants slogans and confronts police, sparking fears 2006city-wide riots will be repeated http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jul/30/kabul-riots-us-embassy-crash

Endgame in Afghanistan: ‘It’s Taken a Year to Move 20km’ Video: As the warin Afghanistan enters its final chapter, Sean Smith’s brutal, uncompromisingfilm from the Helmand frontline shows the horrific chaos of a stalemate that istaking its toll in blood. -WARNING – Video depicts the reality and horror ofWar and should only be watched by a mature audience. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article26045.htm

Democracy Now! coverage of Wikileaks on Afghanistan http://www.democracynow.org/2010/7/26/the_new_pentagon_papers_wikileaks_releases

A Plea for Common Sense – Why NATO Should Withdraw from Afghanistan – ACommentary by Christoph Schwennicke http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/0,1518,708850,00.html


Indigenous Groups In Argentina Demand Plurinational State http://indigenouspeoplesissues.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=5947:indigenous-groups-in-argentina-demand-plurinational-state&catid=53:south-america-indigenous-peoples&Itemid=75


Aboriginal rights ignored http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/44960

The New Order Of Oz By John Pilger – John Pilger describes the rise of JuliaGillard, Australia’s first female prime minister who, in following her "rolemodel" former prime minister Bob "Silver Bodgie" Hawke, has capitulated to themining companies and reaffirmed Australia’s race-based refugee policies andtradition of fighting in other people’s wars. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article25992.htm


Grassroots Rising: The Story of Evo Morales by Ron Jacobs http://boliviarising.blogspot.com/2010/07/grassroots-rising-story-of-evo-morales.html

BOLIVIA: Evo Fulfills Campaign Promise http://www.eurasiareview.com/201007185360/bolivia-evo-fulfills-campaign-promise.html


Gerardo Hernndez needs your help! Within the last few days, an urgentsituation has developed in the incarceration of Gerardo Hernndez, who has beenunjustly put in "the hole" and denied proper access to his lawyers, on top ofmore than two months of being denied proper medical treatment. Gerardo has alsobeen unjustly denied visits from his wife, Adriana Prez, since the day he wasarrested nearly 12 years ago. http://ssp-cuba-news.blogspot.com/2010/07/gerardo-hernandez-needs-your-help.html

Alarcn: USA Responsible for Health of Cuban Anti-Terrorist http://www.periodico26.cu/english/giants/news/alarcon-gerado072910.htm

Surprise! Mainstream Media Omits Context and Key Facts – Cuba’s PrisonerRelease By SAUL LANDAU and NELSON P. VALDES http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article26012.htm


Mapuche political prisoners on hunger strike http://www.ww4report.com/node/8842


Do Spreading Auto Strikes Mean Hope for a Workers’ Movement in China?http://www.labornotes.org/2010/06/do-spreading-auto-strikes-mean-hope-workers-movement-china


In Colombia, a mass grave containing 2,000 bodies: The unidentified bodieshave been deposited by the Army since 2005 http://bit.ly/aqOKHZ


Beverly Bell interview: Agriculture and food in Haiti http://www.canadahaitiaction.ca/node/488

Haiti: Six Months On – Video Report By Al Jazeera: One-and-a-half millionpeople remain displaced, many living under tents and tarps. Rubble removal isslow, and rebuilding has yet to begin. The chasm between Haiti’s poor majorityand the foreign organisations that say they are here to help seems as wide asever. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article25964.htm


Honduras One Year Later http://upsidedownworld.org/main/honduras-archives-46/2562-honduras-one-year-later-


Humanitarian Crisis In Kashmir By Bilal Hussain http://www.countercurrents.org/hussain240710.htm


Chomsky: Is the U.S. Gearing Up for the Destruction of Iran http://www.alternet.org/story/147572/chomsky%3A_is_the_u.s._gearing_up_for_the_destruction_of_iran?page=entire


Audit: U.S. Can’t Account for 95% of Iraqi Funds: Defense Department Unableto Trace $8.7B in Iraqi Oil Money Tapped by U.S. for Rebuilding Nation http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/07/27/world/main6717303.shtml

Cancer Rate In Fallujah Worse Than Hiroshima By Tom Eley – According to theauthors of a new study, "Cancer, Infant Mortality and Birth Sex-Ratio inFallujah, Iraq 2005-2009," the people of Fallujah are experiencing higher ratesof cancer, leukemia, infant mortality, and sexual mutations than those recordedamong survivors in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the years after those Japanesecities were incinerated by US atomic bomb strikes in 1945. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article26004.htm


PACER-Plus puts profit before people: Experts http://www.solomonstarnews.com/news/business/7135-pacer-plus-puts-profit-before-people-experts-


Soldarity call for striking workers in Faisalabad http://internationalviewpoint.org/spip.php?article1896


Dockworkers, Worldwide, Respond to Israel’s Flotilla Massacre and GazaSiege http://reinventinglabour.wordpress.com/2010/07/16/dockworkers-respond-to-flotilla-massacre-dropkin/#more-254

Reviewing The Apartheid Wall After Six Years : An Insight Into The ColonialProject By Palestinian Return Centre http://www.countercurrents.org/prc240710.htm

Apartheid Plain And Simple By Khaled Amayreh http://www.countercurrents.org/amayreh210710.htm

Robert Fisk: Israel has crept into the EU without anyone noticing http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/fisk/robert-fisk-israel-has-crept-into-the-eu-without-anyone-noticing-2040066.html


OUT NOW! Coalition challenges Aquino to end US intervention http://www.arkibongbayan.org/2010/2010-07July21-outnow/usoutnow.htm


In Somalia, Talk to the Enemy: The Ethiopian military moved into Somalia toprotect the unpopular government, and for the next two years the United Statesbankrolled a brutal occupation. Today, no one doubts that this was a tragicerror. To defend the dysfunctional government, Ethiopian soldiers robbed,killed and raped with abandon. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/25/opinion/25bruton.html?_r=1


Inequality in the UK – We’re not all in this together http://www.counterfire.org/index.php/features/51-analysis/5818-inequality-in-the-uk-were-not-all-in-it-together

Tony Blair knew of secret policy on terror interrogations: Letter revealsformer PM was aware of guidance to UK agents which effectively led to torture.http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2009/jun/18/tony-blair-secret-torture-policy

UK: The torture files: key passages: We highlight the key passages from theclassified documents disclosed in high court proceedings – and what they show.http://www.guardian.co.uk/law/interactive/2010/jul/14/toture-files-key-passages


Industries Find Surging Profits in Deeper Cuts http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/26/business/economy/26earnings.html

The Ten Wealthiest Financiers in America Are Not Worth $900,000 an Hour http://www.huffingtonpost.com/les-leopold/an-open-letter-to-the-ten_b_593096.html

Organizing the unemployed http://www.southernstudies.org/2010/07/organizing-the-unemployed.html

Pushing for Living Wages and Jobs for All – Labor Fights Back By SHAMUSCOOKE http://counterpunch.org/cooke07202010.html

Top Secret America- A Washington Post Investigation: A hidden world, growingbeyond control http://projects.washingtonpost.com/top-secret-america/articles/a-hidden-world-growing-beyond-control/

14 Shocking Facts That Prove the Criminal Justice System Is Racist -African-Americans are directly targeted and punished in a much more aggressiveway than white people. http://www.alternet.org/story/147639/14_shocking_facts_that_prove_the_criminal_justice_system_is_racist

Labor Takes on the Money Power of Hotel Chains Across 15 Cities http://www.alternet.org/story/147654/labor_takes_on_the_money_power_of_hotel_chains_across_15_cities_

The "Hadrian’s Wall" in the United States-Mexico Border By Radio Havana -Everybody knows that Emperor Hadrian ordered the construction of a protectivewall in northern Great Britain between 122 and 132 AD to separate the RomanEmpire from the "barbarians" as they called the people who refused to besubmitted while preventing their passage into his territory. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article26013.htm


LA unionists pledge support against threats http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/45015

US funding of anti-government media… and also to universities http://www.chavezcode.com/2010/07/documents-reveal-multimillion-dollar.html

Venezuela to Propose Multilateral Solution to Conflict with Colombia inEmergency UNASUR Summit http://venezuelanalysis.com/news/5524

Chavez: US and Colombia plan to attack Venezuela By Eva Golinger http://www.chavezcode.com/2010/07/chavez-us-and-colombia-plan-to-attack.html


Yemen country profile: Since the summer of 2009, hundreds have been killedand more than a quarter of a million people displaced by clashes betweengovernment troops and northern Houthi rebels belonging to the minority ShiaZaidi sect. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/country_profiles/784383.stm


GPJA is still on the quest for 200 people willing to take part in a civildisobedience exercise whereby they register their hammers for a “hammerthe pokies” protest. We have around 40 people registered so far but to besuccessful we need a lot more. There are over 20,000 pokie machines in localcommunities (non-casino pokies) which are sucking the lifeblood from low-incomeareas (over half the machines are in the poorest third of communities).Families coping with pokie addicts in the recession just adds to the misery ofwhole communities left behind by growing inequality. We’d like GPJAmembers to help spread the word. You can get a copy of the campaign flyer,register your hammer or for more information email johnminto@orcon.net.nz or phone Johnat 8463173.

Blockade and Boycott- Queen Street JB Hifi- please pass on to your networks.Friday 4 till 6pm then saturday 1 till 4pm. Support low paid workers fightingfor a Living Wage. Week 8 of the Queen Street protest, and 5,000 customers havenow signed the petition to boycoptt JB Hifi, until they pay the workers a 50cincrease. Big Day of Action on JB Hifi this Friday and Saturday- invite yourfriends- appealing for everyone who can to come down. Bring drums, horns,vuvzelas, pots, pans, klaxons. its gonna be NOISY. Workers at JB Hi-Fi haven’thad a pay rise in 3 years, and now earn only 75c more than the new minimumwage. JB Hi-Fi is making record profits – up 29% this year to an estimatedNZ$140 million. CEO Richard Euchtritz has dismissed the workers’ pay claim of a50 cents per hour raise as "absurd" at the same time he has taken a NZ$1million bonus, bringing his net pay to $4 million. The NZ workers pay claimamounts to just under $200,000 per year to the company. "Our manager told methat I would never get a pay rise if I stayed with the . There was a lotof pressure put on me to resign. Now they’ve cut down on the areas I used tosell on in our store. It’s unfair- I’m rejoining the union and striking tostand up for my rights," explained Unite member Jack Lucas.

Luis Jalandoni is the International Representative of the National DemocraticFront of the Philippines (NDF), a post that he has held since 1977, and since1994 he has been the Chairperson of the NDF’s Negotiating Panel for peacetalks with the Government of the Philippines. The NDF is the coalition ofseveral underground groups, including the Communist Party of the Philippinesand its New People’s Army, which has been waging a war of liberationthroughout the Philippines for more than 40 years, making it one of the longestrunning armed struggles in the world. The country desperately needs peace withjustice and security, so resolving this people’s war is central to that.Luis (who previously toured New Zealand in 1987) will undertake a nationalspeaking tour between October 24 and November 14. His tour is beingcollectively organised and hosted by PSNA, Auckland Philippines Solidarity andWellington Kiwi Pinoy. His topic will be: Justice And Liberation: The Road ToPeace In The Philippines. He will visit: Christchurch, Blenheim, Wellington,Palmerston North, New Plymouth, Hamilton, Auckland and Whangarei. See below foritinerary.
Luis will be accompanied by his wife Coni Ledesma, who will also be speaking.She is a member of the NDF Negotiating Panel for peace talks; and is theInternational Spokesperson of MAKIBAKA, a revolutionary women’s groupwhich belongs to the NDF. This is the first time we’ve had two speakerstogether, let alone such high powered ones. Luis and Coni are both veteranleading figures in the Philippine revolutionary Left. He was a Catholic priestin the 1960s and she was a nun. Both were founders of Christians for NationalLiberation, a member group of the NDF. When Ferdinand Marcos declared martiallaw in 1972, both went underground. They were both arrested and spent time aspolitical prisoners. They left the clergy, and got married in 1974. They havelived in The Netherlands since 1976; they were the first Filipinos to apply forand receive political asylum there. They hold Dutch passports and travelextensively as NDF representatives.We are appealing for funds. PSNA willunderwrite the tour, but we definitely need financial help because we arehosting two people. The amount needed is $10,000. The two international faresfrom Europe is the biggest cost, at $6,000. We will keep their domestic traveland accommodation costs as cheap as possible.
Luis Jalandoni and Coni Ledesma’s tour presents a unique opportunity tohear firsthand about a four decades long war, and accompanying peace process,in our own backyard that is almost totally unknown to New Zealanders. Pleasehelp make this exciting tour possible.
Please make cheques to PSNA, Box 2450, Christchurch, with a note saying that itis for the Jalandoni tour. Or, we will supply our bank account details uponrequest.

Tuesday October 26 – Christchurch: Public Meeting – 7.30 p.m. KnoxPresbyterian Church Lounge, 28 Bealey Avenue. Contact: Murray Horton, 0274307742 cafca@chch.planet.org.nz
Wednesday October 27 – Blenheim: Contact: Steffan Browning, 021 725655 greeny25@xtra.co.nz
Thursday October 28 & Friday 29 – Wellington: Public Meeting –7.30 p.m. Thursday 28, St John’s Hall, corner Willis & Dixon Streets.Contact: Rod Prosser 021 0744992 communitymedia@paradise.net.nz
Monday November 1 – Palmerston North: Public Meeting – 7.30 p.m.,1st Floor, PSA House, 49 King Street. Contact: Dion Martin (06) 3569658 (w),021 776029 Dion.Martin@ndu.org.nz
Tuesday November 2 & Wednesday 3 – New Plymouth: Public Meeting– 6.30 p.m. Wednesday 3rd, Govett Brewster Art Gallery, 42 Queen Street.Contact: Fiona Clark (06) 7547014; fionaclark@clear.net.nz
Thursday November 4 – Hamilton: Public Meeting – 7.30 p.m., WaikatoTrade Union Centre, 34 Harwood Street. Contact: Bob Anderson, (07) 8297882, 021776023; ban
Friday November 5 to Friday November 12: Auckland & Whangarei. AucklandContact: Dennis Maga (09) 8276059, 022 6073918 dennis.maga@xtra.co.nz. WhangareiContact: Tim Howard 027 3089216 the-farm@ihug.co.nz
We thank the many organisations and individuals whose generosity has made thistour possible. Our budget is $10,000 and money is still needed. Please makecheques to PSNA, Box 2450, Christchurch, with a note saying that it is for theJalandoni Tour. PSNA bank account details available upon request. This tour iscollectively organised by Philippines Solidarity Network of Aotearoa (PSNA),Auckland Philippines Solidarity and Wellington Kiwi Pinoy

The Waihopai spybase was subjected to unprecedented public attention by theMarch 2010 trial and acquittal of the three Ploughshares peace activists whopenetrated its high security in 2008 and deflated one of the two domesconcealing its satellite dishes from the NZ public. The Anti-Bases Campaign washappy to support this non-violent direct action anti-war activity, from startto finish. The public face of New Zealand’s role as an American ally isthe NZ military presence in Afghanistan. But New Zealand’s mostsignificant contribution to that, and other American wars, including the one inIraq, is the Waihopai electronic intelligence gathering base, located in theWaihopai Valley, near Blenheim. It is controlled by the US, with New Zealand(including Parliament and the Prime Minister) having little or no idea whatgoes on there, let alone any control. Join us for the weekend of anti-warprotest at this spybase. Come prepared for roughing it and camping out. Weprovide the food (we cater for vegetarians but vegans will have to bring theirown). Bring sleeping bag, groundsheet, a tent, torch, water bottle, eatingutensils, clothing for all weather, and $40 (or $20 unwaged) to cover costs. Noopen fires. How to find our camp at Whites Bay: turn off SH1 at Tuamarina (9kmnorth of Blenheim or 20 km south of Picton) and drive to Rarangi on the coast.Follow the steep Port Underwood Road over the hilltop before descending to theWhites Bay turnoff. There is a DoC public camp at the bay with basicfacilities. ABC has to pay a fixed charge per head. This will be the firstWaihopai spybase protest since the Domebusters’ acquittal on all chargesarising from their courageous citizens’ deflation action. Waihopai doesnot operate in the interests of New Zealanders or our neighbours. Basically itis a foreign spybase on NZ soil and directly involves us in America’swars.
CLOSE THE WAIHOPAI SPYBASE NOW! Organised by the Anti-Bases Campaign, P.O. Box2258, Christchurch. E-mail cafca@chch.planet.org.nz http://www.converge.org.nz/abc Make allcheques to ABC..

Gaza’s 1.5 million people are imprisoned by the state of Israel in agiant concentration camp. The Israeli military enforces a blockade of essentialsupplies. There is terrible suffering, especially among the children. Thecitizens of Gaza face collective punishment, which is illegal underinternational law. On 31 May 2010, a Gaza aid flotilla was hijacked on the opensea by Israel’s military. Nine civilian aid workers were shot to death.To break the siege of Gaza, on 12th September mass aid convoys will set offfrom London by sea and land. We want to see Kiwi volunteers and aid go withthem. Kia Ora Gaza is raising funds to make this possible. Please give yoursupport. Write a cheque for ‘Kia Ora Gaza’ and post to:• KiaOra Gaza, PO Box 59-007, Auckland. Or make a payment directly into our bankaccount:• Kia Ora Gaza, 03-0211-0447718-000, Westpac Bank, Onehungabranch. Encourage your family and friends to make a personal donation. Appealto • organisations you are involved with to make an institutionaldonation. All funds raised by Kia Ora Gaza will be audited by a professionalwho is independent of our bank trustees. Email: grantmorgan@paradise.net.nzWebsite: http://kiaoragaza.net/

Join the 28th Southern Cross Brigade and support Cuba in the mostdirect manner by working alongside Cubans, visiting unions, schools, hospitals,cultural sites, performances & urban agriculture projects, learning thesalsa, meeting Cubans, fraternising with other international guests and havingfree time in Havana. You will experience at first hand the cultural, politicaland social conditions in socialist Cuba. This year’s program will giveparticipants an opportunity to join in the celebration of ICAPs (Cuba Institutefor Friendship With The Peoples Of The World) 50th anniversary & theongoing success of the Cuban Revolution. Find out more at http://www.cubasolidarity.org.nz;register at wkcultur(03 7324010) or Ina at inashina@clearnet.net.nz ((093031755). Cost: $1100 (after July 31st, $1200) – excluding airfare, taxes andhealth insurance.

Nominations for the 2010 Roger Award are now open. The nomination form withdetails of the criteria and how to make a nomination is available in in Word(54 KB) or PDFformat (164KB). Nominations close on 31 October 2010. Send your nominationsto: The Roger Award, Box 2258, Christchurch, or CAFCA [cafca@chch.planet.org.nz] Fulldetails of the Roger Award, including all the past winners and theJudges’ Reports on them can be read at http://canterbury.cyberplace.co.nz/community/CAFCA/publications/Roger/index.htmlThe judges for 2010 are: Paul Corliss, from Christchurch, anorganiser with the Tertiary Education Union and a life member of the Rail andMaritime Transport Union; Christine Dann, from BanksPeninsula, a writer and researcher; Sue Bradford, fromAuckland, a community activist and former Green MP; JoceJesson, a Senior Lecturer in Critical Studies in Education, Universityof Auckland, and a community activist; and Wayne Hope,Associate Professor, Communications Studies, Auckland University of Technology.They will be given a shortlist of finalists. The winner(s) will be announced atan Auckland event in April 2011.

Friday, August 20th, Canterbury University, Christchurch
Saturday, August 21st, Sammy’s, Dunedin.
Sunday, August 22nd, 8 pm, Venue Dux de Lux, Christchurch
Wednesday, August 25th, The Brigand, Takaka
Thursday, August 26th, Riverside Community and Cultural Centre, Motueka
Saturday, August 28th, Newtown Community Centre, Wellington. Don Franks will bedoing an opening set
Sunday, August 29th, Poverty Bay Club, Gisborne
Tuesday, August 31st, Biddy Mulligans Irish Bar, Victoria Street, Hamilton
Wednesday, September 1st, The Wine Cellar, Auckland

The Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network’s brigades to Venezuela are aonce-in-a-lifetime experience – the opportunity to see first-hand an unfoldingrevolution that is not only radically transforming the lives of Venezuelans,but challenging the greed, exploitation and destructiveness of globalcapitalism by showing that a better world is possible. A special feature of theSeptember 2010 brigade will be observing Venezuela’s vigorous democracyin action. The brigade will coincide with Venezuela’s next NationalAssembly elections, on September 26th, enabling brigadistas to observe the lastweek of campaigning – including the traditionally huge election ralliesheld on the weekend before – and polling day itself. As well as observingthe national elections, brigade participants will experience Venezuela’sparticipatory democracy at work, with visits to communal councils and communes.They will also visit worker-run factories and cooperatives; free, high-qualitypublic health and education services; Indigenous-run sustainable developmentprograms; and community controlled media stations. During the 10 days,brigadistas will have the opportunity to speak to a wide range of grassrootsorganisations, community activists, trade unions and government representativesabout the radical changes being implemented by the Venezuelan people. The 2010national elections brigade is the 11th solidarity tour to Venezuela organisedby the AVSN. Reports and photos from previous AVSN brigades are posted athttp://www.venezuelasolidarity.org. We are also happy to put you in touch withpeople who have participated in AVSN brigades, if you would like to find outmore.
Brigade registration and costs
The deadline for registering for the 2010 National Elections brigadeis July 1, 2010. To express interest in participating and obtain a registrationform, please contact brigades@venezuelasolidarity.orgParticipants will need to book their own international airfares, but the AVSNcan help with advice. Accommodation, transport and English-Spanish translationwithin Venezuela will be organised for all brigade participants. You will needto budget for a total cost of approximately $4000. This will cover:international return airfares and taxes (approximately $2500 from Sydney);accommodation (twin-share basis); transport and basic food while you are inVenezuela; and the brigade registration fee ($500 for workers, $300 forstudents or pensioners). For more information, email brigades@venezuelasolidarity.orgor phone Lisa Macdonald +61 413 031 108, Jim McIlroy +61 423 741 734 or RobertoJorquera +61 425 182 994.

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