GPJA #429: Part 1. News from Aotearoa New Zealand – 7/6/12


Pacific people to march for a bigger say

Save TVNZ7 meeting Palmerston North & Dunedin this week

Man hurt after arrest faces possible life in wheelchair

‘Cuban Revolution is example for today’ – New Zealand meeting discusses publication of ‘Making of a Revolution Within the Revolution’ and ‘Cuban 5’

Petitions: Keep University Councils democratic

The Foul and Bloody Story of the Esmeralda

Pushing for gay equality nationwide


Commission welcomes UN Committee recommendations on social, economic and cultural rights

Law into Action: Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Aotearoa New Zealand

ican Aotearoa New Zealand – From nuclear weapons-free Aotearoa New Zealand to a nuclear weapons-free world

Foreign Control Watchdog 129

Harre repels cancer threat

‘Racist’ Howick puts stop to special school

Gordon Campbell on the opportunity to force Petrobras’ hand on oil exploration

Nurses forced to supply own thermometers

Church ‘losing the debate’ on gay marriage

Search and Surveillance Bill passes

Budget Debate 2012 – Hone Harawira

Call-centre woes force desperate moves


QPEC welcomes class-size decision as a victory for kids’ education

Education Minister reverses teacher job cut decision

Winter rebellion breaks class size cuts

Matt McCarten: Crash! Another Maori PM hope trips and falls

Robin Duff: Govt’s class size debacle leaves a handful of options

Putting the spin on bad news

Maori, Pasifika and Working Class Kids Suffer the Most

Educators unite for fight over class sizes

Private school funding ‘at expense of state schools’‘at-expense-of-state-schools

School cuts deeper, say unions

Class size petition

Gordon Campbell on the turmoil in education

Teachers’ industrial action next month


Allowance cuts spark anger and arrests

Students concerned at coverage of police at Budget protest

Police fail to incite riot

Marauding students surround police

Students arrested at Auckland protest

Police Picking Student Protesters off Auckland New Zealand

Students forced to think twice about further study

Plato versus the Police: This report is based on what I personally observed. I was present for the entire protest and recorded much of it. I have also seen recordings of other parts I did not directly witness, and spoke to many students involved, from the very start, all the way to the concluding meeting in the Quad after 7PM.

Students plan another ‘blockade’ protest

Blockade the Budget, ‘Protest like the Greeks’

In Defense of Blockade The Budget: Protest Like The Greeks

Photos: Blockade the budget


Auckland widens the property gap

MPs hear Auckland submissions on child well-being

Solo mum sells herself to help pay rent

Talk of forced sterilisation ‘very extreme’ – Greens—Greens/tabid/1607/articleID/256800/Default.aspx#ixzz1x4IXskCx

‘Fuel poverty’ issue missed in Muliaga case


GPJA: Urewera two split and spirited out of Auckland

Music Video: Tuhoe rua kenana – dedicated to tame iti and tona ropu rama

Juror said before trial that Iti ‘looked guilty’

Jahmoko – Freedom: sample track by Jahmoko dedicated to Tame Iti


The Union Report online now – with Unite President Matt McCarten & Labour Party spokesperson on Labour relations, Darien Fenton. Topics include: 1: With industrial action looming, has the Government’s bigger class room sizes been a failure? 2: In the battle of hearts and minds for the left – who is more of an ally to the Union movement? The Greens or Labour? 3: And are the jobless unprepared for the realities of the workforce? Next week (June 11th) we have Bill Newson from the EPMU and commentator Laila Harre on the show. June 18th is shaping up to be an education special with the PPTA & NZEI on.

Woman ‘pressured to drop harassment claims’

Health and safety taskforce has a job to do

Union calls for complete overhaul of shipping policy ]

New Zealand Employers participate in blocking ILO hearings

Abusive employers all too common in NZ dairy farming sector

No room for fixed-term vagueness

Are New Zealanders overworking?

Kiwis work more hours than those in the US (but less than Greece)

Caring Counts – Report of the Inquiry into the Aged Care Workforce


TPPWatch Action Bulletin #11 – 3 June 2012

New Report Warns Trade & Investment Agreements Could Threaten NZ’s Smokefree Goal

All our eggs are in the wrong basket

CTU Economic Bulletin May 2012

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