Anti-Bases Campaign Update


1/ Rocket Lab Partnering With Trump’s Space Force At Its US Launch Site "The mission is being coordinated by the U.S. Space Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center and is scheduled to launch no earlier than the third quarter of 2020…. Peter Beck, Rocket Lab founder and Chief Executive, says the upcoming mission from Launch Complex 2 (in the US) marks the beginning of rapid, responsive small satellite launch capability for U.S. Government missions from U.S. soil. ‘We’re proud to be partnering with the U.S. Space Force for the first mission from Launch Complex 2 and we’re honored to be working with them again following previous Space Test Program missions out of Launch Complex 1” (Mahia Peninsula, NZ) said Beck. ‘For more than two years Rocket Lab has been providing responsive, dedicated and reliable access to space for (US) Government missions, and now we’re proud to be building on that strong heritage with our first mission from the United States. Combined, our two launch sites can support more than 130 launch opportunities every year, enabling unmatched schedule control for small satellite operators to respond to unfolding opportunities in low Earth orbit and beyond’”.

2/ Radio NZ Podcast On NZ’s Spies This contains all sorts of fascinating material, spread out over several episodes.

2a/ For example, that the NZ Security Intelligence Service spied on serving MPs. The example given was former Labour MP Richard Northey This is not the first such revelation. See the subsection titled "Spying On MPs A Step Too Far" (about former Green MP Keith Locke) in my article "SIS Spied On CAFCA For Quarter Of A Century" in Foreign Control Watchdog 120 May 2009, The Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA) remains the only group to have received its SIS file on it as an organisation (as opposed to SIS files on individuals).

2b/ In another episode: "New Zealand has lost some of its independence within the Five Eyes intelligence alliance and been "drawn in a lot closer" to the US-led spy network, former Prime Mnister Helen Clark says" "I think you’re as independent as you want to be. I consider we were independent in my time. I sense there’s been a bit of slippage since then, frankly. Cark said ‘sources in officialdom’ had told her New Zealand had ‘got a lot closer back in’ and that could threaten the country’s independent foreign policy, which went right back to the nuclear-free stance of the mid-1980s". This is a somewhat revisionist claim by Clark (to put it very mildly), because there was no more staunch supporter of Five Eyes and the Waihopai spy base than her during her nine years as PM and Minister in charge of the spies. As for NZ"s "independent foreign policy" – that myth is still being peddled by Jacinda Ardern today.

That same episode of the podcast also features Sir Bruce Ferguson, former Director of the NZ Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB), NZ’s member agency of Five Eyes and the operator of Waihopai. "Sir Bruce said he was plucked from obscurity to study at a US war college at the height of the anti-nuclear row. After he became GCSB director, he developed close relationships with Five Eyes spy chiefs, even playing golf ‘many times’ with the heads of the NSA, CIA and FBI. ‘We had very good, very strong relationships with all the personnel at the top. It was a very personal relationship, actually, with dinner at private houses. I would always be invited to their private houses for dinner with their families’. Sir Bruce acknowledged there were often complaints – even from ‘friendly’ countries – about Five Eyes tactics, such as allegations that the NSA (US National Security Agency) had hacked German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone. ‘All those complaints are public knowledge. And that’s the way of the world. Yes, anyone’s fair game if it’s in your own national interests to look at them. And that could be for economic reasons, or whatever’, he said. ‘There’s one very strong club: The Five Eyes. It’s jealously guarded. It’s looked on very enviously by probably every other Western nation’. He said people might ask why this group of five English-speaking countries was special or unique. ‘Well, they are unique. End of story. And we should safeguard that’". Not much mention of an "independent foreign policy" from Sir Bruce.

3/ What’s That Antenna At Waihopai That Looks Like A Toenail Clipping? The Waihopi spybase is visually associated with two big domes (which, temporarily, became one after the 2008 Domebusters’ action) which conceal the antennas inside from view. But since 2007 the base has also featured an uncovered antenna of a distinctive shape. What is it and what does it do? It’s called a Torus antenna and it is capable of spying on 35 satellites at once. A good description of such antennas globally, including at Waihopai, can be read and viewed at

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Anti-Bases Campaign

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