Protest against war with Iran January 25! NZ troops out of Iraq Now!

Media statement by Global Peace and Justice Auckland

“New Zealand and other foreign troops should leave Iraq immediately as required by the Iraqi parliament,” says Global Peace and Justice Auckland spokesperson Mike Treen.

Global Peace and Justice Auckland have called a protest on Saturday 25 January at 2pm in Aotea Square, marching down Queen Street to the US consulate in Customs Street. This is part of an international day of action against war.

“We want to send a message to the New Zealand and US governments that the people of New Zealand do not support further military action in the Middle East. Everyone is welcome to join our peaceful protest – whānau, religious and political groups, unions and individuals – bring your own banners and old shoes.”

“At the start of a new decade it’s unthinkable that we still have to use the slogan ‘No Blood for Oil’ but the actions of the US show that they are still willing to engage in war for control of the Middle East. Global Peace and Justice Auckland has been campaigning against war in the Middle East for almost twenty years and we are ready to respond again.”

An organising meeting is planned for next Tuesday, January 14 at 7pm at Unite office 6A Western Springs Road, Morningside, Auckland. All welcome.


Mike Treen 0295254744

Nicola Owen 0210358513

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