Stand With Sudan – Sunday, June 30, 1-3pm, Aotea Square, Auckland

Join us on this Sunday the 30th of June as we stand with the people of Sudan in their struggle for “ Freedom, Peace and Justice” and to commemorate the lives lost on the infamous massacre of 3rd of June when the military opened fire on peaceful protestors.

Since December 18th 2018, the people of Sudan had begun a long campaign of civil disobedience and peaceful protests to overthrow a 30-year long brutal dictatorship. On April the 12th of this year they were successful!! They had forced Dictator Omar Al Bashir to step down. Unfortunately, the Transitional Military Council that currently holds de facto power is still run largely by members of the old regime.

Since April 6th the people of Sudan had peacefully occupied the military and government headquarters through organised sit-ins and following the 12th of April they continued with civil disobedience to ensure a civilian transitional council.

On June 3rd, with the secured funding of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the paramilitary and mercenary group The Rapid Support Forces that are led by Mohamed Hamdan Dogalo (Hamadti) opened fire on the peaceful protestors and forcibly dispersed the iconic sit-ins. In doing so killing well over 150 peaceful protestors injuring thousands, with over 50 cases of rape (men and women) and disposing of well over 40 bodies in the Nile.

Following the #MattarBlue social media campaign of changing ones profiles to blue to show solidarity with the people of Sudan, On the 30th of June Auckland will join London, Sydney, Melbourne, NY, DC and numerous other cities in a global show of solidarity with the people who have not only been silenced through violence but also by having their access to the internet shutoff since the 3rd of June. The military is trying to silence the people’s voice and call for democracy through a complete internet blackout but it’s our role to help their voice reach all corners of the world.

This Sunday 30th of June, join us at Aotea Square, Auckland from 1 to 3 pm and show your support to the people of Sudan. Join public figures like Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, J Cole, Ariana Grande and numerous politicians and celebrities in voicing your solidarity with the people of Sudan.

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