Anti-Bases Campaign Update


1/ The Government has announced a $20 billion spending spree for the military And guess what – there will be more for the spies:
"With the new equipment, and also a stronger emphasis on space and satellite capability, there would also need to be a boost to intelligence personnel and cyber security and support capabilities". The media has gullibly bought the Government’s propaganda line that this enormous military spendup is all to do with NZ’s response to climate change! Gordon Campbell provides a reality check on Scoop

2/ Australasian war crimes in Afghanistan. Both NZ and Australia are currently embroiled in the consequences of war crimes committed in Afghanistan by their respective militaries. In NZ’s case, it is taking the form of the behind closed doors inquiry into the matters raised in the book "Hit And Run" by Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson. Most recently, the Afghan villagers at the centre of it all have announced that they have lost confidence in the inquiry and will have nothing further to do with it. So it will just go merrily on without them

Throughout the inquiry there have been regular Wellington protests, with some wonderful big banners.–run-inquiry-with-huge-farce-banner

Meanwhile the Aussies haven’t mucked around with an inquiry into the war crimes committed in Afghanistan by their SAS. Nope, they just sent the cops in to raid the Sydney office of ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) to try to find who leaked the incriminating evidence

3/ ABC veteran Dennis Small sent us this: "NZ Nuclear Free status at risk from Rocket Lab

National Alert!
The NZ Government is helping the preparations for space war, which the US military and key politicians warn is likely very soon.

Space war really means World War III. Such is the military madness and suicidal stupidity of which Aotearoa/NZ is today an integral part.

Ollie Neas of The Spinoff has recently published a brilliantly (if ever so sad!) damning article of our Government’s crony collaboration with that pernicious arm of the American military-industrial complex, Rocket Lab, so perversely the darling of the business, media, and political establishment. Meantime, the Trump Administration runs riot on the international scene In an era when the Doomsday Clock stands at two minutes to midnight.

The ancient Greeks certainly had a very wise saying: Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first drive mad! There are 10.000 or so nuclear weapons primed and ready, many likely to be on hair- trigger in the last act of Earth’s dominant killer ape species.

Find Ollie’s article at: "She’ll be right’ attitude to Rocket Lab putting Nuclear Free NZ at risk, experts say: 17/05/2019.

Also see: 7/05/2019. The latter suggests that Aotearoa/NZ is now a target. He could well be right!"

Most recently, Rocket Lab has said that part of its next payload will be kept secret

4/ SAS Soldier KIlled On NZ Exercise With US Military In Auckland "It comes as the NZDF and the United States Army Aviation Regiment carried out a joint military exercise, involving personnel and aircraft, in Auckland and Waiouru, beginning May 8, and scheduled to finish on May 23, the NZDF said on Facebook.The training exercise, which is being conducted ‘to practise counter-terrorism integration techniques between the two countries’, involves day and night flying, and live firing within the Kaipara Air Weapons Range".

5/ Who knew? Air New Zealand Wins Another Contract To Service US Navy Warships

6/ Who in the Government thought it was a good idea to authorise a US Air Force B52 bomber to be the "star" of the February 2019 Wings Over Wairarapa Airshow? ABC wrote to the Government about this and got a reply from Winston Peters, the Minister of Foreign Affairs (having been fobbed off by the Prime Minister). Peters’ reply is at ABC wrote to him again, asking how many other nuclear capable US military aircraft had recently visited NZ. His latest reply (11/6/19) says: "There have been two visits to New Zealand in recent years by a type of United States military aircraft that could potentially be equipped to carry nuclear weapons. Two F-16s attended the RNZAF Air Tattoo in 2017, and a further two F-16s took part in the Warbirds over Wanaka Airshow in 2018. These visits were approved under the New Zaland Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament and Arms Control Act 1987 on the basis that the Prime Minister was satisfied that the aircraft would not be carrying any nuclear explosive device when they landed in New Zealand". That still tells us nothing about why the B-52 was approved to fly over NZ in 2019. As veteran peace activist Maire Leadbeater wrote to ABC: "But did the Prime Minister know and was she consulted?" (as required by that Act)..

Murray Horton

Anti-Bases Campaign
Box 2258, Christchurch 8140, New Zealand


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