Take action now against the signing of TPPA-11!


The TPPA-11 will be signed on Thursday 8 March

Take action against the signing!

Save yourselves

Say No to the TPPA-11TPPA-11 Don’t do it! PetitionNationwide Week of Action

Our government along with 10 other countries intends to sign the TPPA-11 (CPTPP) in Chile on the 8th of March.

They insist that the deal is much better than the original TPPA, which included the United States. It’s not.The text hasn’t changed from the one the government said it wouldn’t support. So all our concerns about the old TPPA remain too.

The only difference is that 22 (of 1000+) provisions have been suspended (not removed) and can be re-activated if the US decides to re-enter the TPPA.

The government says the ISDS issues have been resolved and the risk of NZ being sued is now small – but they won’t say how many countries have agreed not to sue NZ until after the deal is signed, and it’s certainly not all the other 10.

Investors could still sue NZ for new laws to address climate change, fracking or taxing water.

There are lots of other problems with e-commerce (data abuse, privacy), government purchasing (buying from offshore) and state-owned enterprises (making them non-profit).

The secrecy has continued too. Why, if the deal is meant to be so much better?

NZ relies on trade, but we need progressive trade deals that are good for the economy, the people and the planet.

We need to hold the new government to account to keep its promises and ensure that all future trade deals meet our Ten Bottom Lines.

Remember – it’s our future!

We need to act now to make the government listen and show strong opposition to the TPPA-11.

Add your voice to the voice of thousands around the country who want to secure a progressive future for our country and future generations.

Take action below!

TPPA-11 Don’t do it! Petition

The TPPA-11 will need to pass through Parliament. We have launched a parliamentary petition to reject the TPPA and to change the rules and processes to ensure that negotiating future trade and investment agreements is democratic, independently informed, and regularly feeds information back to the Parliament and the people.

Sign the ‘Don’t Do It!’ Petition Now

Nationwide Day of Action

What was started as a National Day of Action has now morphed into a Nationwide Week of Action with 7 events happening around the country from this Saturday 3rd of March.

Please find the event details of your nearest city below;

Nelson Saturday 3rd of March:

Rally, 10.30am, Cathedral Steps

Whangarei Sunday 4th of March:

Rally 1pm, Tawera Park near the Whangarei Info Center


Auckland Sunday 4th of March:

Rally 1pm, Aotea Square, Queen Street

New Plymouth Sunday 4th of March:

Rally and picnic, 1pm Puke Ariki Landing

Dunedin Sunday 4th of March:

Rally, 12pm, Upper Octagon

Wellington Thursday 8th of March:

Rally, 1pm, Parliament grounds

Christchurch Thursday 8th of March:

Details to come

The location details of the Christchurch action will be updated on our website as soon as they become available.

Donate to the campaign

We need your help to continue fighting against the TPPA and other similar deals such as RCEP etc and holding our government to account. If you support the work that we are doing, then please press the donate button below to make a donation to the campaign.

Make a donation to the campaign!
Together we must keep holding our government to account and continue to protect our country and future generations – after all It’s Our Future!

Nga mihi nui
Chantelle Campbell
It’s Our Future Coordinator

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