“I grew up in a refugee’s shanty in the Waikato in New Zealand, our only access a goat track, and I learnt, from my parents, values that are essential to leadership, I learnt how to go into a revolving door behind someone and come out in front.”

— Helen Clark making a dramatic appearance in this year’s Bloomsday.


Celebrate the centenary of Dublin’s Easter Rising!

Hear Michael Hurst sing the Song of the British Army!

“John went down in County Down

And Jimmy copped it in Fermanagh

Georgie got done by a tart on the town

She bit him in a nasty manner.

The British Army

Will make salami

From Basra to Belfast,

We’ll help the foreigner

To meet the coroner,

Paddy or chink or darky

Afghani or Iraqi,

You’ll notice from the bodies

where the squaddies have tasked!”


With Joe Carolan as The Citizen! Chris Trotter as the balladeer! Lucy Lawless! Geraldine Brophy! Michael Hurst! Bruce Hopkins! Linn Lorkin & the Jews Brothers Band! Brian Keegan! Farrell Cleary! Yuko Takahashi! Jean McAllister!

Thirsty Dog, K Rd, Thursday June 16, 7.30pm-10.30pm.

Totally free of Creative NZ funding!

“Starts where Game of Thrones leaves off.” — Herald

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