TPPA Bulletin #85 News and Actions

TPPA Bulletin #85
27 February 2016
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Government Roadshows

  • Auckland, 7 March, Rendezvous Hotel, corner Mayoral Drive and Vincent St, Auckland Central
  • Christchurch, 11 March, Rydges Hotel, 30 Latimer Square, Christchurch City
  • Dunedin, 14 March, The Dunedin Centre, 1 Harrop Street, Dunedin
  • Wellington, 18 March, Westpac Stadium, 105 Waterloo Quay, Pipitea, Wellington

Register NOW: Registration closes on 1 March; register here.
More roadshows will be held in other regional centres in the coming months. Locations are likely to include Hamilton, Napier, New Plymouth, Nelson, Palmerston North, Tauranga, and Whangarei. Updates will be published on this website, or you can contact tpp if you would like to register to be updated.

Warning: These Roadshows are not likely to be useful lobbying events. The government officials are going there to talk at us, not to listen. There will be opportunities to influence those who attend, particularly business people who are there, and it is important that we counter their spin. We will do a Q&A on to help counter the usual government spin, and will update it after the Auckland roadshow.

Protest! There will be protests at these roadshows – for information on TPPA events see FB pages for Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and information on the Take Action page at It’s Our Future.

Iwi Roadshows (MFAT calls them ‘Hui”), venues yet to be announced:
Christchurch 9 March
Wellington 10 March
Rotorua 6 April
Auckland 13 April
Northland 20 April

Waitangi Tribunal TPPA Urgency Hearings will be held on 14-18 March in Wellington. Register here.

Select Committee Submissions

Tell the Select Committee to respect Democracy. We want more time, hearings across New Zealand and integrity, not just the usual National Party line. Write to the Chair of the Select Committee. See action at:

Guide to making a submission: Please write your own submission. It is important – the Committees generally count form submissions online as one submission, so writing yourself is much more powerful, even if it is short. And please say you want to give oral evidence. If enough people from any town or city ask to give evidence, they will be forced to hold hearings in those places. See the Guide to making a submission.

Get your famous friends to make a submission: We need the media to cover our angle and they are more likely to do that if we have well-known people making submissions and speaking at a hearing.

Quick action: If you haven’t got much time, please visit ActionStation to submit online.

Select Committee information, including the National Interest Analysis.

Get ready for more protests!

There will be protest opportunities around Select Committee hearings, and we are planning for the next round of national days of action across New Zealand.

Take Action!

  • Sign the petition to the Governor-General. Following the handover of initial signatures on a petition to the Governor-General, calling for him to withhold his assent for ratification of the TPPA, the petition has been re-launched. Please download the petition here and build pressure for him to act.
  • Sign the petition calling on the government not to ratify the TPPA. We only launched the petition a few weeks ago and it’s now up to 57,000. Please Sign Now!
  • Declare your space a TPPA Free Zone. You can declare your home, neighbourhood, community centre, school, workplace, bike or car as a TPPA Free Zone. Download signs and materials, stickers and T-shirts, and join Facebook for ideas for action.
  • Congratulations to Upper Hutt Council for becoming a TPPA Free Zone. Get involved with your Council or Local Board to declare a TPPA Free Zone. Motueka protester Greg Rzesniowiecki has been doing an amazing job in supporting Council actions, on his two year anti-TPPA roadtrip. Greg has written to all Councils calling on them to declare their territory or region a TPPA Free Zone.
  • Target the media. The mainstream media is giving the impression that the TPPA is a done deal. That’s not true. It is in trouble in the US, under threat in Canada and we will stop the TPPA before it comes into force in New Zealand, at the General Election if not before. It ain’t over, and we are winning the hearts and minds of Kiwis. Let the media know!

Research and Fact Sheets

There are new expert, peer-reviewed research papers available, including Local Government and (very soon) Intellectual Property, Internet and IT. See the TPP Legal website.

A simple flyer with a summary of the key facts on a double side A4 is on the It’s Our Future website here (copy it and spread it far and wide to the public), along with a Key Issues briefing and information sheets. And see the ActionStation series of Fact Sheets on different aspects of the TPPA.

Funding the campaign

We have launched a Give a Little page to fund the speaker tour held in February and ongoing campaigning. Please donate generously.


NZ doctors call for a health assessment

British American Tobacco threatens legal actions against NZ over plain packaging

Sneaky change in final text extends criminal penalties in enforcement of TPPA copyright

Analysis of 4 February protests using google analytics

Check out the awesome video on the 4 February march, with around 100,000 views.

And the Auckland TPPA march and protests on AJ+ with around 1.89 million views!

TPP Free Zones are catching on in the US

Gordon Campbell – TPPA Obsolete at birth

Three reasons to say no to the TPPA

Thanks for all your amazing campaigning. The government is worried and losing the arguments. Now we need to apply the pressure.

Kia kaha
Barry Coates
It’s Our Future spokesperson


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