Tuesday February 17 – Wellington vigil in solidarity with Australian #shutdownmanus events

Over the last couple there have been half a dozen high profile protests by Australians aimed at increasing pressure to shut down the Manus Island and Nauru detention centres. In particular, protesters invaded the pitch of the Australian Open and World Cup cricket events. February 17th – tomorrow! – is the one year anniversary of when Reza Barati was murdered on Manus Island. In solidarity, Doing Our Bit will be outside the Australian High Commission from 8.00am to 9.30am. The aim is to get a few photos off so that when Australians wake up they get the sense that the world is with them – Wellington is one of 17 cities where solidarity events around the world will be held.

If you’re in Wellington I’d love to see you there! But even more so, I really need to get the message out as soon as possible. If you could share the event, or even this email, with your contacts or from the event page via Facebook.

Check out some of the other events that have happened so far: http://australiansoverseasforrefugees.tumblr.com/

Thanks everyone!

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