July: Month against the Wall – updates

Dear all,

I had written to some of you already about the call for action for the month of July, the month against the apartheid wall, to mark the 10th anniversary of the 2004 ICJ opinion that declared Israel’s wall illegal. Ten years have passed and the world is yet to act.

Please see below an update from Stop the Wall. A new micro-site has been created for this month: http://icj10.stopthewall.org/

Please also join the Thunderclap that has been organized and disseminate it for others to join: https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/12433-month-against-the-wall?locale=en

I am compiling the list of actions that will take place worldwide during July. Would be great if you could participate, please consider discussing this with your group and update me by the 30th of June please so we can include you in the calendar.

If you already great BDS campaigns going on this is not to divert your efforts, but for your to think how best to incorporate messaging on the wall into your existing work.

I look forward to hear from you by the 30th of June.

Thank you,

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