Thursday, June 12, 7pm – 8.30pm, The Peace Place, 22 Emily Place, Auckland City

We are very excited to announce the following two presenters will be delivering a talk on Franciscan ecology. Brother Philip Jeffares (OFM) is a Franciscan brother and Guardian of the Friary. Br Philip has worked in the past on Evangelization, Justice and Development work for the Diocese, for his Order and for the Asia-Oceania Development Project of the Franciscans. AND Joanne Basham (ofs), a secular Franciscan, whose studies include a Bachelor of Arts in Italian and a Master to Theology in Christian Thought and History.

Thursday, June 12, 7.30pm, Grey Lynn Community Centre, 510 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Sea Shepherd NZ Whale, Dolphin and Shark night! Sounds a lot more exciting than stayiing in with the tv and FREE entry!

We have Sea Shepherd crew member and photographer Tim Watters with some great footage, talking about Operation Relentless and the WA Shark Cull. **PLUS special local guest Christine Rose talking about the recent news on Maui’s Dolphin – Hurry Up and Save Us! Merchandise on sale (including Dolphin Defender tees from MHDEA). For more information: michael Twitter: ‏@SeaShepherdNZ

Saturday, June 14, 7pm, Newtown Community Centre, Wellington

Marx in Soho A play by Howard Zinn, performed by Anya Tate-Manning. This is the New Zealand premier of this amazing play. Marx is back! The premise of this witty and insightful “play on history” is that Karl Marx has agitated with the authorities of the afterlife for a chance to clear his name. Through a bureaucratic error, though, Marx is sent to Soho in New York, rather than his old stomping ground in London, to make his case.

Howard Zinn, best known for his book, ‘A Peoples History of the United States’, introduces us to Marx’s wife, Jenny, his children, the anarchist Mikhail Bakunin, and a host of other characters. Marx in Soho is a brilliant introduction to Marx’s life, his analysis of society, and his passion for radical change. Zinn also shows how Marx’s ideas are relevant in today’s world.

This is a fundraising event for the ISO to improve the Socialist Review. For more information about the Socialist Review appeal, see our appeal page.

Monday, June 16, 7.30-10.30pm, Thirsty Dog Tavern, Karangahape Rd, Auckland.


Missed May Day? Make up for it in June.

June 16 is “Bloomsday”, a sort of literary St Patrick’s Day.

It’s a commemoration of the fictional day in 1904 in which James Joyce’s comic masterpiece Ulysses unfolds. All around the world there are Bloomsday celebrations. In Auckland for the past decade a Bloomsday cabaret has unleashed itself in the red-light district of Karangahape Rd.

This year it will again be at the Thirsty Dog Tavern. And it’ll feature, besides Joe Carolan, Xena Warrior Princess Lucy Lawless reading from the notoriously explicit 50-page soliloquy of Molly Bloom.

Michael Hurst will playing pale young poet Stephen Dedalus, while doubling outrageously as star of 1930s Paris cabaret, Josephine Baker.

Competing for attention will be Unite Union organiser Joe Carolan as a Sinn Fein Cyclops (Joe will be playing the Shinner’s mangy dog as well).

Bruce Hopkins will play fierce transvestite dominatrix Bella Cohen, a sort of Judith Collins pre-Oravida.

Mezzo soprano Yuko Takahashi will be singing from Mozart aided by Farrell Cleary.

Dublin actor Brian Keegan will be reading from The Book.

Tenor and political commentator Chris Trotter will be singing Dominic Behan’s Patriot Game and Linn Lorkin and The Jews Brothers Band, backed by Jean McAllister, will be performing a fabulous range of numbers: Motown, Mozart, ABBA, The Doors, klezmer, Edith Piaf, Dominic Behan, Marian hymns, Broadway musicals…

And there’ll be a surprise appearance from Dame Sister May Leo, dropping in from heaven.

Jews Brothers’ Bloomsday.

Thirsty Dog Tavern, Karangahape Rd, Auckland.

Monday night, June 16, 7.30pm-10.30pm.

Wednesday 18 June, 5pm, Unitec Lecture Theatre (B510-B007), Waitakere campus, 5-7 Ratanui Street, Henderson

Dr Irene Ayallo – HIV-AIDS: Public policy making processes in Kenya – Assessing the participation of women and youth living with HIV. You are warmly invited to join leaders in the social practice sector for a fortnightly evening lecture. Each 45 minute session looks at multidisciplinary approaches to social justice and is followed by a Q&A and light refreshments.

For the third lecture in the series we’ll hear from Dr Irene Ayallo, Lecturer at Unitec’s Department of Social Practice. Dr Ayallo will speak about public policy making processes in Kenya in relation to women and youth living with HIV. The presentation is based on Dr Ayallo’s doctoral project, which assessed the participation of Kenyan women and youth living with HIV in public policy making. Dr Ayallo recorded the participants’ knowledge, experience and wisdom using ‘dialogic workshops’. This is a process that develops participants’ critical consciousness and builds their capacity to engage in conversations that link their experiences to larger socio-political and economic policies. Dr Ayallo will present her findings on how women and youth living with HIV can participate (effectively) in HIV-AIDS public policy making processes in Kenya. Admission: $10 (complimentary for field educators and supervisors). If you can’t make it, feel free to share this invite with someone else in your agency. We look forward to seeing you there! Department of Social Practice, Unitec Institue of Technology

Thursday, June 19, 8am-4pm, Victoria University of Wellington, Kelburn Campus, Student Memorial Lecture Theatre, (SUMT228)

Inequality: Causes and Consequences:


· Tim Hazeldine, Prof of economics, Auckland University

· Brian Easton, Economist and independent scholar

· Simon Chapple, Senior Research Fellow, Dunedin School of Medicine

· Bill Rosenberg, Economist and Director of Policy, Council of Trade Unions

· Susan St John, Associate Professor of Economics, Auckland

· Geoff Bertram, Senior Research Advocate, Victoria University of Wellington

Thursday, June 19, 6.30pm, Case Room 3, Level 0, Owen Glenn Building, Auckland University Business School, Auckland

Fabian Society – Dr Robert Howell, An Economy for a Resilient World. The success of the Spirit Level lectures shows that there is an appetite for finding out moreabout such topics. Dr Robert Howell is one of the authors of Right Relationship Building a Whole Earth Economy, and one of a team of authors from Sustainable Aotearoa New Zealand in their publication, Strong Sustainability for New Zealand Principles and Scenarios. His second presentation discusses some policy implications, and in particular ways to adapt to a turbulent future threatened by climate change, peak oil, water and food insecurity, and financial and banking system failures. Suggestions are made for all sectors on how to change our investment and banking systems that are in keeping with scientific and ethical principles, and some of the ways that New Zealand can adapt and prepare for the rapid changes and crises that will be forced upon us by an international trading regime that can no longer cope.



Through a partnership with the Public Interest Registry – the nonprofit responsible for managing the .ORG domain and the soon-to-be launched .NGO and .ONG domains, Nonprofit Tech for Good will be presenting a free webinar series for NGOs worldwide starting in July. Entitled 10 Social Media Best Practices for NGOs, the webinar will train NGOs, nonprofits, and charities on how they can better utilize social media to showcase their programs and fundraise online. The 90-minute webinar will:

  • Highlight the shift from to broadcast to social communications and fundraising.
  • Demonstrate the top three best practices for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
  • Discuss how to tell your nonprofit’s story through video, images, and infographics.
  • Explain how to create an editorial calendar for social media communications.
  • Present a system for tracking and reporting your success.

The webinar is being offered three times to accommodate NGOs in multiple time zones and the content of each webinar will be tailored to fit the region it is being presented for. Register below for the webinar that best suits your time zone. Webinars will be capped at 1,000 attendees, so to ensure that as many NGOs as possible can attend, please only register for one webinar:

Services Offered by Nonprofit Tech for Good


We are seeking passionate community volunteers to work alongside the Project Coordinator on daily food rescue runs. Our drivers pick up fresh produce and bread on a daily basis, from designated companies who are contracted to Fair Food, which is then sorted into appropriate boxes in the back of our Fair Food van. They then distribute the food to Community organisations on a scheduled run, which varies daily. Fair Food operates between 9am – 3pm (times may vary), Monday to Friday. We have a volunteer training day on Mondays for 1 person at a time – meeting in Henderson at 8.30am. Please note: There is heavy lifting involved as well as climbing up and down ladders There is a considerable amount of time spent in the van. Full Driver’s License preferred. All applicants will be police checked and asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. If you are interested in being a part of our team and meet the above criteria – we look forward to hearing from you. Contact Travena on 022 167 8963 or 09 838 4820 – option 6 or email info


Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network. Registrations are now open for the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network’s 2014 solidarity tour to revolutionary Venezuela.

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