Job Vacancy – Palestine campaigner

Palestine Solidarity Network, Auckland

3 June 2014

Job Vacancy – Palestine Solidarity Campaigner

The Palestine Solidarity Network is looking for a part-time organiser to help build national solidarity campaigns and promote the Palestinian struggle to New Zealanders.

The job will begin with just five hours per week paid at the living wage ($18.80 an hour) but as our regular funding pledges increase we would like to build this up over time to a full-time position.

The job would involve such things as:

  • Helping co-ordinate speaking tours and annual conferences
  • Being a media spokesperson for the PSN
  • Being a media spokesperson for the BDS campaign in New Zealand
  • Organising production of publicity material
  • Promoting the PSN through social media
  • Liaise with and support Palestine Solidarity groups throughout the country

The person would be supported by a dedicated team of activists and campaigners. They would need to work from home but we will be able to provide a computer.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in doing please send an email to Billy Hania Wednesday 11 June 2014. Following that we will be in touch to arrange a time for an interview.

PLEASE NOTE: We are still looking for people able to support this work and increase the number of hours we do each week. Can you help on an ongoing basis through a regular monthly pledge?

Our bank account name is: Palestine Solidarity Network

Account Number: 38 9015 0849542 00

Anyone pledging money will receive regular updates from the PSN about progress in the various solidarity campaigns.

When you have made your pledge please send an email to Billy Hania (billy.hania) so we can keep track of donors.

Janfrie Wakim – Palestine Human Rights Campaign

John Minto – Global Peace and Justice Auckland

Roger Fowler – Kia ora Gaza

Billy Hania – Palestine Human Rights Campaign

Doug Robertson – Socialist Aotearoa

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