Cuban Five Commission film, ‘Justice in London’ – Watch it here

“Today I was not supposed to be sad”.

These were some of the words of Irma Gonzalez which stunned the audience of 2000 people into silence at the concert organised as part of the International Commission of Inquiry into the case of the Cuban Five in London. Irma informed the crowd that the UK Government had just refused a visa to her father to travel to London to give his testimony in person.

Irma Gonzalez on stage at Barbican

Irma, daughter of Rene Gonzalez, the first of the Cuban Five to be released, is just one of over 20 witnesses featured in a magnificent new film ‘Justice in London’ by renowned Cuban Director Roberto Chile, which covers the wide range of events held in London during those memorable days in March 2014.

Official Film, Justice in London, released

Watch ‘Justice in London’ click here.

It is narrated by Irma herself and features special guests including Olga Salanueva, wife of Rene, US novelist Alice Walker, former US Attorney General Ramsey Clarke and Ricardo Alarcon, former President of the Cuban National Assembly. It features the testimony of victims of the terrorist attacks that have been carried out against Cuba since 1959, and legal scrutiny of the United States government’s manipulation of the case, including their pay-offs to journalists so as to prejudice the jury pool.

The panel of prominent judges from India, South Africa and France finish off their verdicts by the end of the Inquiry by urging the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, to “pardon immediately all these Five persons and release, immediately and unconditionally, the three persons that continue to languish in prison in the United States”. Read reports and witness statements here. The report will be presented during the Five days for the Five in Washington June 5th – 9th. You can find out more and support these important events

Over 6000 people have added their Voices for the Five and over 1000 people have followed Voices for the Five on Twitter. Please help us gather more Voices to help raise our call for justice and forward this email to friends and colleagues.


Thank you.

The Voices for the Five and Cuba Solidarity Campaign UK team

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