GPJA #469: Sat – Minto4mayor Party; Wed – “Fighting to Choose” book launch




On the 27th of July, 2013 there will be a nation wide protest taking place in regards to the GCSB and TICS bills. All those taking part feel these bills are a huge injustice and violation of our basic human rights. Groups in at least 7 centers are gearing up to march in protest of this scandalous erosion of privacy granted us in the NZ Bill of Rights Act. The protest is being organised by the Stop The GCSB Bill community and its over 11’000 supporters and counting and the vast majority of kiwis that understand the bill goes too far and we need to seriously re-examine the role, power and scope of our espionage agencies.

This government refuses to accept the advice of the NZ Law Society, the Human Rights Commission and such notable figures such as Dame Anne Salmond. On Saturday, July 27th, the New Zealand Public add their voices to those experts in telling this government that this legislation does not represent the New Zealand Spirit.

In 1984, a pertinent year to this legislation, the New Zealand government stood up against Nuclear proliferation and opposed irrational fear. Today we need to do the same and let cooler heads rule, and hold on to our privacy against the irrational fear of terrorism that this government keeps citing. We are busy in our lives, looking after the kids, getting the groceries in and earning a living. We shouldn’t have to put anything on hold to say no, because the people we elect should be acting in our interests to begin with. This is a spontaneous movement for every New Zealander and all are encouraged and welcome to make a stand.

We will represent the nation, but the public can also represent themselves. Bring your banners, your placards, yourselves and your friends and family. This is a family friendly, peaceful protest.

Auckland – Aotea Square – 2pm-4pm

Hamilton – Garden Place – 2pm-4pm

Napier – Memorial Square – 2pm-4pm

Wellington – Cuba St Bucket Fountain (2pm) then march to The Beehive (3pm) for speakers – 2pm-4pm.

Nelson – iSite, Halifax St – 2pm-4pm

Christchurch – Bridge of Remembrance – 2pm-4pm

Dunedin – The Octagon – 2pm-4pm


Saturday, July 20, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn

Monday, July 22, 1.15pm-1.45pm, Holiday Inn Auckland Airport, 2 Ascot Road, Airport Oaks, Mangere.
Fairness at Work Campaign Launch Auckland. You are invited to send a delegation to this campaign launch in support of fairness at work and opposing the Employment Relations Amendment Bill. Helen Kelly, CTU President will be one of the speakers. Please liaise with Georgina McLeod on Georginam about your delegation.

Tuesday, July 23, 9am, Auckland District Court
Hone Harawira’s Court Case for Standing Up for GI. MANA MP, Hone Harawira was arrested on the 11th of October 2012 at a protest against the theft of a state house from Glen Innes. All witnesses would be greatly appreciated. All supporters welcome. There will be a protest march at 9 am on the Tuesday. NO TO EVICTIONS! NO TO HOUSE REMOVALS!

Wednesday, July 24, 5.30pm, At the Gus Fisher Gallery, Kenneth Myers Centre, 74 Shortland St., Central Auckland
Auckland book launch of Fighting to Choose by Alison McCulloch. Speakers: Former cabinet minister Laila Harré and author Alison McCulloch. We hope you will join us for some drinks, nibbles and conversation. The Women’s Bookshop will be selling books on the night. Fighting to Choose: The Abortion Rights Struggle in New Zealand chronicles an important yet neglected chapter in New Zealand’s recent history by taking a close look at the abortion rights struggle, from the 1970s, when our current conservative law was passed, to the present day. Thanks to: Abortion Law Reform Association of NZ; Gus Fisher Gallery; Victoria University Press; Women’s National Abortion Action Campaign; Auckland Medical Aid Trust; The Women’s Bookshop

Monday, July 29, 6pm, 86 Princes St, Onehunga
AAAP IMPACT ACTION MEETING: Dear friends and supporters, AAAP are holding a meeting on Monday 29th July, from 6:00pm at 86 Princes Street, to prepare for our exciting, upcoming Beneficiary Impact. We’d be stoked if you could come along and get involved in this event. You may remember the amazing three-day Beneficiary Impact that Auckland Action Against Poverty carried out in December of last year, with assistance from a variety of other community and activists organisations. During that event, which involved 20-30 advocates from around the country, we assisted around 200 people in getting the financial assistance they needed from Work and Income here in Onehunga. We’ve been working hard this year in organising our second Impact event, and we’re excited to confirm that this year we will be holding a three day Impact on September 10-12th outside the Work and Income in New Lynn. We will again be aiming to assist hundreds of beneficiaries and low-wage workers in getting the financial support they are eligible for, as well as supporting people through the complex and confusing reality of the recent welfare reforms. It would be great if you could come along to our meeting on the 29th of July, bringing fresh ideas and an eagerness to get involved. Thanks, and hope to see you soon.

Wednesday, July 31, 6:30pm-8.30pm, Western Springs Garden Community Hall, 956 Great North Road, Western Springs
A winter’s night with CPAG. 6.30pm: AGM. 7.30pm: Launch. Please join us for: CPAG’s Annual General Meeting. Followed by the official launch of CPAG’s two-part series on: Child Abuse and Poverty: What are the links? Come along, meet the CPAG team, chat to fellow supporters, learn more about what we’re doing, hear from great speakers and enjoy some drinks and nibbles! Please remember to RSVP for catering purposes. If you have any questions about the event or how to RSVP please contact our office on 09 303 9260. Marianna Munting, Child Poverty Action Group, admin 09 320 5260

Friday 2nd August to Sunday 3pm 4th August, Te Kohinga Mārama Marae, Waikato University, Knighton Road, Hamilton.
Want to Learn the History of the Treaty? Te Tiriti o Waitangi Treaty education hui. Kia ora koutou, The intention for this hui is to provide a safe, supportive space for anyone looking to begin or continue their journey of mātauranga/knowledge in and around Te Tiriti o Waitangi/the Treaty of Waitangi, colonisation and Māori-Pākeha/tauiwi relationships. We are wanting to create an opportunity for people of any age or descent to come together and have a good ole’ kōrero/chat so we have teamed up with Tangata Tiriti, a Treaty education project to bring you this hui. The programme will be facilitated by Ingrid Huygens, national director of Tangata Tiriti and Lawrence Jensen, a community development consultant, Ngati Porou. It includes activities and roleplays about the relationship between Maori and Europeans before the treaty, the Declaration of Independence, the language of the treaty, and the impact of the laws passed during colonisation. Participants will become ‘informed citizens’ who understand how the Māori-Pākeha relationship has developed to how we stand today. Ingrid and Lawrence will work together to bring out possibilities for action and new relationships. Certificates are also available upon completion of the workshop for those who want to add the experience to their CV! To read more about the facilitators, logistics or register, click HERE. Registrations close July 18th and there is a limited number of spaces, so jump on board this waka sooner rather than later! Nga mihi, Phoebe and Alejandra

Witness a people’s revolution in action. The Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network’s 14th international solidarity brigade to Venezuela this December is a very special opportunity to observe, learn about and be inspired by the Bolivarian revolution that is transforming Latin America and challenging the greed and exploitation of global capitalism by showing that a better world is possible. Since 1998, when the late Hugo Chavez was first elected president, the Bolivarian revolution has achieved remarkable things by putting control of Venezuela’s politics and economy back into the hands of the poor majority. Despite the challenges created by Chavez’s death last March and the right-wing’s campaign to undermine new President Nicolas Maduro, this people-power driven revolution continues to flourish and defy all attempts by the imperialism-backed opposition to destroy it.
Brigade registration and costs
The registration deadline for the 2013 brigade is September 1, 2013. Accommodation, transport within Venezuela and English-Spanish translation throughout the brigade will be organised for all participants by the AVSN. Participants will need to book their own international airfares. Please do not purchase your tickets before the registration deadline of September 1.In addition to your international airfare, you will need to budget for approximately $1200. This will cover your brigade registration fee ($500 for waged workers or $350 for students/pensioners), and your food, transport and (shared) accommodation in Venezuela. To register or for more information: EMAIL: brigades


Nominations are open for the Worst Transnational Corporation Operating in Aotearoa – New Zealand in 2013. Download a nomination form here

Hi folks in aotearoa, Five weeks before I land in Christchurch, and then ramble around the south and north islands of New Zealand, before then going to tour Australia, starting in Perth and then moving on to drive from Adelaide to Brisbane, including lots of cities in between, such as Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney… At this point the tour is looking good, but there is still a heck of a lot of room for improvement! More gigs on both islands of Aotearoa and in the smaller cities anywhere in southeastern Australia would be very, very welcome indeed. I hope to hear from some of you who might be up for organizing something, and I hope to see many of you on the upcoming tour! Please let people know about all this if you see fit. That’s the only way this works, I’ve discovered… Details of what’s definite so far below and of course on my website…
Saturday, August 17th: The Free House, 95 Collingwood Street, Nelson
Monday, August 19th: Doors open at 6 pm, show starts at 8 pm! Puppies, Wellington
Friday, August 23rd: Old Stone Butter Factory, 8 Butter Factory Lane, Whangarei
Saturday, August 24th: Thirsty Dog, Auckland

Candidates will be asked by communities to step up for a Living Wage at this year’s local body elections in Auckland, Wellington and beyond. The Living Wage Movement will hold seven meetings in Auckland with communities that want to see employees and contracted workers at Auckland Council paid a Living Wage. Living Wage Aotearoa NZ will join with the following Auckland communities to call for a Living Wage and to support other critical issues that really matter to their communities:
Unions @ Papatoetoe Cosi Club | August 22, 4-6pm
Women @ Columbus Centre, Ponsonby | September 3, 6-8pm
Youth @ Auckland University quad | September 4, 12.30-1.30pm
Migrant and Refugees @ Mays Rd Memorial Hall | September 7, 4-6pm
Faith-based groups @ Columbus Centre, Ponsonby | September 10, 7-9pm
West Auckland communities & unions @ | TBA
Pacific Communities @ Pacific Island Church Otara | October 4, 5-7pm

Dear friends, We are pleased to introduce to you People’s Solidarity and Education Tours (PSET), a newly-formed organization dedicated to solidarity building through tourism. More than offering fun and a glimpse of the country’s beauty, PSET offers an opportunity for travelers to have meaningful interaction and build solidarity with the Filipino people, especially in these times of worsening impoverishment and social injustices. Should you (or your members/contacts) be coming over to the Philippines, kindly consider availing of our heritage tours to see the Philippines’ famous historical and cultural sites from a different light, linking the country’s past and present with information and analysis that goes beyond the trivial, common, and colonial; or, to take part in our immersion programs in various communities for an in-depth understanding of the Filipino people’s plight, and direct contribution and long-term solidarity with them in their struggles. We also offer study tour programs which combine heritage tours and community exposures with formal lectures by institutions and authorities on the different aspects and issues of Philippine society. Alternatively, we can simply explore possible partnerships in the future. Please do not hesitate to email us at secretariat for more information and inquiries. Background information are also available at secretariat See the Philippines, learn and make a difference!



Post-conference call for ‘Free Palestine’ national network

Another corporate grab for Auckland assets By John Minto – See more at:

The struggle against mining Coromandel

A (Brief) People’s History of New Zealand

Minto slams proposals for $12 billion burden on Aucklanders

NZDF handed over Afghan captured in battle

Ikaroa-Rawhiti by-election autopsy – the future of MANA – See more at:

Affordability key issue in funding Auckland’s transport

8 minute interview on New Zealand TV By Miko Peled

Couple dispute ‘unfair’ govt policy

Even Treasury slammed SkyCity stitch up

‘Pakeha Party’ page: Racist backlash against the Mana movement

Why defamation case against NZDF by Journalist is so important – See more at:

Citizen A with Martyn Bradbury, Chris Trotter & Selwyn Manning: Welfare reforms, the pointlessness of Auckland Traffic plans and why the defamation case against the NZDF is so important for NZ Journalism. – See more at:

Mururoa – our darker legacy


Dame Anne Salmond: A warning to New Zealanders keep hold of democracy

Govt criticised for rushing GCSB Bill

GCSB spy law a threat to our freedom

Spy bill do-gooders get their comeuppance


Max Rashbrooke: Rich get richer. The poor? Have a guess


Q+A: Susan Wood interviews Robert Wade on inequality

Social ills blamed on growing inequality

Guilty catholic lashes out at Inequality academic

Poorer families getting ‘shut out’

Distress over doctor’s fee for mum

Rising inequality largely a myth

‘Gridlock’ at hospitals as fee hikes bite


Welfare Reform based on prejudice about beneficiaries

Welfare group warns thousands will suffer after changes

Welfare shakeup: What it means for parents

Harsher welfare rules net solo dad with four kids

Welfare Reform based on prejudice about beneficiaries

CPAG: Latest changes to welfare benefits place children at risk

“I’d like to not feel afraid anymore”

Pressure on for mum of three to find a job

Confessions of a sentimental socialist and unkind thoughts on Paula Bennett

How WINZ Saved My Life (And Gutting It May Cost Others Theirs) – See more at:

Welfare Reform -New Zealand Association of Social Workers – The gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ will become even wider under the new wave of ‘welfare reform’.

Chris Trotter: Welfare state or tinnie house?


Professor says outrageous NZ has no capital gains tax

NZ Taiwan FTA By Prof Jane Kelsey

CTU: Price rises hitting low income families harder


This crisis has not been manufactured

Gordon Campbell on the latest risk to national sovereignty posed by free trade deals

Banks’ profit jumps 12.9pc, nears $1bn


McDonald’s exposed as serial lawbreaker

The “crimes” of Unite

The South will Rise- Otara on strike!

Police Officer Tells Driver To Drive Through Picket Line

South Side Strikes


Forestry industry put on notice after sixth death this year

Forest death not just a number

Unions plan to complain to ILO over law changes on employment

Opinions mixed on employment law update

Christchurch firm pays teen after abuse

Subcontractors need more protection

Workers ‘extremely lucky’ to escape explosion uninjured

Big pay gap angers expert


Latest sign of our unequal world: In 1950, 200,000 soccer fans watched the World Cup final in Brazil’s Maracanã stadium. For the 2014 World Cup the stadium has been renovated — to maximize luxury boxes. Only 74,000 will be able to attend the final match, report Marina Amaral and Natalia Viana of Brazil’s Publica journalism center.

Growing Apart – At last, a historical survey of contemporary U.S. inequality that brings all the stats and charts and trends together in one comprehensive, updated place.

Global Wealth Inequality – What you never knew you never knew

Richest 300 Persons on Earth Have More Money Than Poorest 3 Billion


“Some politicians and economists still cling to the old claims that bigger is better, greed is good, a fossil-fueled economy is inevitable, and inequality is efficient. A growing body of evidence has shown this model to be bankrupt.” Econ4, a Statement on Building the New Economy signed by over 100 U.S. economists, July 12, 2013


Eight challenges facing Latin American integration and a new role for Asia – a view from Cuba

Surveillance Blowback – The Making of the U.S. Surveillance State, 1898-2020 by Alfred W. McCoy

Ten Reasons Why You Should Beat It to Venezuela From Roger Burbach

How to Be a Rogue Superpower – A Manual for the Twenty-First Century By Tom Engelhardt

How Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages

How the Right makes people believe lies

How Inequality Was Created: Great new animated video from former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich and the folks behind explaining how inequality was politically engineered.

These 54 Governments Secretly Supported the CIA’s Kidnap-and-Torture Program


Free public transport and beyond

As public transportation was destroyed in America

The oil industry and destruction of public transport – National City Lines; the big guys close down public transport in the USA

Blueprint for a Green London

Tallinn becomes ‘capital of free public transport’

Multinational Greed Is Threatening the Stability of Societies Across the Planet


Stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Global Revolt Against Corporate Domination

How Intellectual Property Reinforces Inequality By JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ

The Case Against Patents

Google Joins Apple Avoiding Taxes With Stateless Income

Global Wealth Inequality – What you never knew you never knew

Dean Baker: The 1 Percent Want Your Kidney -Tales of Redistribution


Scientist warns biosecurity at risk from new trade deals

Resisting the tar sands: An ecosocialist approach


Woody Guthrie: “Songs that prove to you this is your world”

The Coup’s Boots Riley on Political Art and the Importance of Needing to Get Laid


You’ve been misled on boat people: Here are the facts


Lessons from the travails of the Bolivian president

Why is Evo Morales still popular?


Has the Giant Awoken? Understanding the Mass Protest Movement in Brazil

The Mass Protests in Brazil in June-July 2013 by Alfredo Saad Filho

Will Brazil’s PT Government Choose the Movement or the Elites?

“Não Nos Representam!” – A Left Beyond the Workers Party? By Manuel Larrabure


Why are Canada’s Trains Vulnerable? Good Old Capitalist Cost-Cutting by Leo Panitch

Employers told they must accommodate staff’s child-care requests

First Nation goes North to gain allies in battle against Canada-China trade deal


Chile court sides with Indians, blocks mine until Barrick Gold keeps environmental promises


Chinese Workers Kidnap Factory Executives

China Protest Forcing Nuclear Retreat Shows People Power


Raul castro: The loss of ethical values and disrespect for good manners can be reversed by concerted action on the part of all social actors


Is The Egyptian Revolution Aborted? Interview With Hossam El-Hamalawy

Egypt’s latest revolutionary act was profoundly democratic

Killing in Cairo: the full story of the Republican Guards’ club shootings


The Spectre of Fascism is Haunting Greece – The xenophobic, ultranationalist Golden Dawn party is gaining clout in the birthplace of democracy.

Greece to cut thousands of public sector jobs


India: “The World’s Largest Democracy” – Arundhati Roy interviewed by David Barsamian

Free 147 jailed workers – support the hunger strikers

Indian Auto Workers Protest for Rank-and-File Union and Release from Jail – See more at:


Progress? Yes. Change? – Bernadette Devlin McAliskey

A Former Ira Hunger Striker Talks About The Guantanamo Hunger Strikers


Union Victory! Basra Court finally drops charges against Hassan Juma’a


Election in Mali on July 28 while country is under UN/France military occupation


Keith Vaz’s special interest in Fiji puzzles his multi-cultural constituents

WEST PAPUA: Indonesian authorities ban magazine publication


Dear Taliban leader, thank you for your letter to Malala Yousafzai


Ilan Pappe: On One-state, Unity, and ‘Peace Process’ – Interview

Israel’s District 9: Its Biggest Ethnic Cleansing since 1948

EU takes tougher stance on Israeli settlements

EU guidelines on Israeli settlements send out powerful message

‘Earthquake’ for Israel

Crisis in Egypt: Gaza ‘pays a heavy price’

Why boycott can’t be limited only to Israeli occupation and settlements

Has the EU really caused an “earthquake” for Israel?


Inability to tax the rich blamed for income gap


Revenge of a rat threatens Rajoy government


What Gezi is teaching the left


Bob Crow to unions: form new labour party – Leader of RMT transport union accuses Ed Miliband of dancing to the tune of Tony Blair over automatic union affiliation to Labour

How pre-distribution could boost the wage share

You can’t nurture families as the government is uprooting them


Open season on black boys after a verdict like this

Trayvon Martin Rallies Are Held Across the Country After the George Zimmerman Verdict

PHOTO STORY: NY marches for Travyon Martin

Moral Mondays: 700 Arrested in North Carolina Civil Disobedience Campaign Against GOP Lawmakers

Whites and African-Americans in America by the numbers

A Century of America’s Imperial Deep State (McCoy)

Behind the Scenes of the Bradley Manning Trial Ignored by Corporate Media

McDonalds’ suggested budget for employees shows just how impossible it is to get by on minimum wage

CEOs and the rest of us: a tale of two economies

America’s yawning racial wealth gap

Man arrested for having a stroke while Black, left to die on jail floor.

New Oxfam Poll: Most Americans Believe We Should Help Working Poor

McJobs Are the Future: Why You Should Care What Fast Food Workers Earn

Get a clue, McDonald’s: The other insult no one’s talking about

Jury Acquits Texas Man For Murder Of Escort Who Refused Sex

Racism, the U. S. Justice System, and the Trayvon Martin Verdict

No Rich Child Left Behind

California Prisoners Challenge Solitary, Jail Conditions with Largest Hunger Strike in State History

NSA warned to rein in surveillance as agency reveals even greater scope

Growing Backlash Against NSA Spying Shows Why U.S. Wants to Silence Edward Snowden


Venezuela’s 21st century socialism: neo-developmentalism or radical alternative?

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