URGENT Stop the GCSB Bill: Meeting 6pm, Wednesday 17th July at Unite Union, 6A Western Springs Road, Kingsland

GPJA is calling this meeting to form a broad-based coalition to fight the GCSB legislation and other attacks on democracy by John Key’s National government. These attacks include:

· Use of regulations to override parliament

· Denying citizens the right to legal representation

· Cancelling citizens’ rights to appeal to the courts to uphold their legal rights.

· Use of Supplementary Order Papers to pass laws without parliamentary scrutiny

· Using urgency to further avoid parliamentary scrutiny of legislation

· Passing bills which have been formally declared to be in breach of the Human Rights Act

· Offering “legislation for sale” to big corporates like Warner Brothers, Skycity and the big oil companies

The meeting will discuss how to involve the broadest grouping of organisations possible to protest this GCSB bill and these other attacks on democracy with a public march and other activities over the next few weeks before it comes back to parliament.

Everyone welcome – please pass the word around.

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