GPJA #459 (Part2/3): News from Aotearoa



NZ Born Father Michael Lapsley, Victim of Terrorism, Sends a Letter to Obama in Support of the Five

Run, John, Run! By Chris Trotter

John Minto after mayoralty

John Minto for Auckland mayor?

Eight Out of Ten Want Sea Protest Move Halted

Oil protesters shut down Shell meeting

‘Please explain’ on prosecution rates

Talk of restarting Pigs’ watch on cops

NZ’s refugee quota ‘tiny’ – Amnesty International—Amnesty-International/tabid/313/articleID/293851/Default.aspx

SA: Refugees are welcome here!

Susan Burdett: Did the police bungle this murder case?

Journal of the Australian War Memorial – States of mind: remembering the Australian-New Zealand relationship

Why aren’t we allowed to hate our enemies? By Mike Treen

Marxism 2013 Conference – Marxism today By Wayne Hope

Sue Kedgley: New food standard not whole package

PMA: Global military spending falls, but not far enough


John Minto: Don’t give the GCSB more powers – shut it down

Waihopai Spy Base

Crime Pays: Government To Legalise GCSB’s Culture Of Impunity

Government to allow more spying on New Zealanders

‘Whole system is corrupt’ – Russel Norman says New Zealand’s spy agencies are "corrupt", and is questioning if we really need them.—Norman/tabid/370/articleID/293674/Default.aspx

John Minto: The GCSB has become a threat to our civil liberties not its guardian

Illegal spying kept secret for months

Gordon Campbell on the GCSB’s practice of spying on New Zealanders

Who is really responsible for the GCSB shenanigans? by Nicky Hager

Citizen A GCSB Special with Keith Locke & Selwyn Manning

Keith Locke

Politics Aside: Why John Key Is Part Of The Intel Problem Not The Solution

Worse Than We Thought: Rebecca Kitteridge and the New “Community” of Spooks

Criticisms of GCSB Only Scratch the Surface

Thomas: It’s a blatant cover up

Worse Than We Thought: Rebecca Kitteridge and the New “Community” of Spooks


Protests against education reform

Thousands attend education protest

Education is Not for $ale

Peter O’Connor: Public education is a treasure we must protect

Charter schools disquiet grows

Education protest draws 2000 marchers

Overwhelming support for NZEI public education rallies


Cook Islands provider a ‘one-stop shop’ for the mega-rich

Asset sales "a (wheelbarrow) load of bullshit" by John Maynard

Tax avoidance by well-off a rort

CTU: Lower power prices good for families


The power of food By John Minto: Feeding kids at school will mean schools will call on parents and families to help as volunteers to prepare and deliver breakfast and lunches giving the chance to strengthen family/school ties and the all-important learning relationships which go with them.

NZ children score poorly in UNICEF report

Full report:

Special report: State of our children

Poverty group slams benefit cuts

UNICEF Report = New Zealand has lost its way on child wellbeing

Now beneficiaries will be drug tested, how about breathalyzing Mps?

Raise Benefits, Increase Equality. Stop Bashing us . No Heartless workfare.

MANA President Annette Sykes – Fuel Our Futures – “MANA is working with communities to eradicate child poverty” says MANA President Annette Sykes following a “Feed the Kids” Symposium in Tokoroa this weekend.

Child poverty under spotlight

‘Hold ministers to account’ on child poverty


Mondayising bill passes its final hurdle

Maximum penalties not enough for Pike River Directors

Government urged to act sooner on Foreign Charter Vessels

Key’s broken promise on raising wages By Frank Macskasy

Retail giants reject new youth wage

PSA kicks off centenary celebrations

Equal Opportunities Commissioner needs to leave National’s policies behind

Businessman backs illegal wages for immigrants

True Blue Worker Hate by CTU President Helen Kelly

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