GPJA #459 (Part 1/3): What’s On in Aotearoa



Kia Ora Koutou supporters of Palestine Aotearoa wide. This is an open call to be involved in organising the countries FIRST EVER national conference on the question of Palestine and building an organised, coordinated BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) movement with long-term goals/ strategy to ensure our institutions and companies are not complicit in allowing Israel to profit off its brutal occupation. This call comes a result of interest in Wellington, and recent discussions at the most recent BDS Auckland meeting where many groups/parties in attendance expressed their support for the idea.
Many of us have been involved in local campaigns and events to raise awareness and solidarity with the people of Palestine, some of these campaigns have been increasingly successful and valuable, however, we have yet to organise across cities and islands. With support for Palestine in most of the Western world higher than it has ever been, it’s a great time for us to join together and collaborate in building a national movement. Many of us have different, skills, strengths and visions for how we best can take action against Israeli oppression and belligerence. It is time to put our heads together and build a multifaceted BDS campaign in which each persons strengths (be it research, public speaking, letter writing, arts, direct action, writing for media, agitation etc) are optimised, and there is a broad strategy framework through which we can be most effective. By working together with goals in mind we can systematically urge target companies and institutions to say NO to Israeli impunity, and a YES to justice for Palestinians; with action.
The suggested conference date June the 22-23rd in Auckland as the planning of a large speaking event featuring Israeli writer Miko Peled and Gazaan Yousef AlJamal is underway. Some people may need to make travel arrangements so it would be good to confirm this asap.
We want to see a democratic network with involvement from all NZ’s Palestine groups. If you are interested in making such an event happen and contributing to the korero, in a big, or small, way then please register your interest by sending an email to bdsaotearoa. We are looking for representatives from all groups to be a part of an organising committee and others to be involved in helping out.
Some inspiration:
Further information on the call for BDS made by Palestinian civil society in 20:
Please feel free to send this email on to other activists and advocates who may be interested in being a part of the organising committee.
In Solidarity, Nadia (SJP Wellington) and Tali (Kia Ora Gaza)

When nobody was watching over Easter, our Government did something shocking. It set in motion a rushed law change that will criminalise peaceful protest at sea.

This change won’t be open to public consultation, or be vetted for breaches of the Bill of Rights, and it is to be signed and sealed by Parliament in only a few days from now.
This is a serious challenge to our democracy, to our long held right, and proud tradition of peaceful protest at sea.
Because all this comes just in time for Texan Oil Company Anadarko’s imminent deep sea oil drilling plans, we have dubbed it the Anadarko Amendment.
It is obviously designed to benefit foreign deep sea oil drillers like Anadarko, and to penalise ordinary New Zealanders who want to defend our waters from an oil disaster.
In the seventies and eighties, ordinary people just like you took to the sea in their own boats to protest against nuclear powered ships and submarines entering New Zealand harbours. And they were not criminals.
From the seventies to the nineties more people, just like you, sailed to Moruroa to protest against French nuclear testing in the Pacific. They were not criminals either. In 1973 the NZ Government itself sent two ships – the HMNZS Otago and HMNZS Canterbury to Moruroa Atoll to protest French nuclear testing. They were not criminals. In 2010 a flotilla went to sea off the East Cape to protest the Petrobras deep-sea oil survey ship. They were not criminals.
Far from being criminal acts, those protests at sea meant we stopped nuclear ships and submarines entering our harbours. We stopped French nuclear testing in the Pacific, and Petrobras abandoned its oil drilling plans in our waters. Our country safer and less polluted as a consequence – and that is why it is so important to defend the right to protest at sea now.
Indeed these extraordinary acts, by ordinary people have come to define New Zealand as a brave and independent nation that is not afraid to stand up for itself.
Now our own Government is undermining that right and proud tradition. We must voice our opposition to this law loudly, and we must do it now.
Join the Right Hon Geoffrey Palmer QC, and many others in signing this vital statement in defence of the right to protest at sea.

Cast your vote at For the first time, the organisers of the Roger Award for the Worst Transnational Corporation Operating in Aotearoa/New Zealand are inviting the public to have their say by voting online for the People’s Choice winner. This is an online poll only; the field is restricted to the eight finalists for the 2012 Roger Award listed at the People’s Choice Website, along with brief information about why each of them was selected; the People’s Choice winner will be announced at the same May Day event in Wellington at which the Roger Award judges announce their winner. The judges’ choice is the actual winner of the Roger Award and, as always, will be accompanied by a detailed Judges’ Report. There will be no equivalent reports about the People’s Choice winner. Please help to publicise this. Spread the word. Murray Horton, Secretary/Organiser

Auckland Action Against Poverty invites members and supporters to join us: Introduction to economics: a short course for jobs and welfare activists.
This series of eight workshops will be held from 6.00pm – 8.00pm at our AAAP office, 86 Princes St, Onehunga.
Snacks and drinks will be available from 5.40pm before each session begins.
This course is not academic. It is aimed at people who are taking part in advocacy and action on jobs and welfare, and would like to understand a little more about economics, and about the kinds of solutions that AAAP supports, as opposed to those inflicted on us by neoliberal governments.
You are welcome to come to one, some or all of the workshops – but we ask you to register with us at contact by Tuesday 2 April for the first four sessions.
There is no charge for the workshops, but a small donation from those who feel in a position to contribute would be appreciated.
Part (a) Economics for beginners
2. The Economy and Economics – introducing more key terms, with an update on recent critical developments in the global and local scene. Tuesday 23 April.
3. The Government’s Budget May 16 – what are budgets? – how do they work? What do we need to look out for on Budget Day from the point of view of beneficiaries, unemployed people and low wage workers? Wednesday 8 May.
4. Unemployment – an overview. Historical context, why it exists, how capitalism uses it to maximise profit at the expense of us all, paid workers, unemployed workers and beneficiaries alike. Wednesday 22 May.(b) Economics – Current issues. This second part of the programme is aimed at those who attended the first sessions, as well as others who may already have a grasp of basic economics, but who would like to take part in learning and discussion around these particular issues.
5. Welfare policies, paid work and unemployment – how these interact with each other from an economic perspective. Wednesday 5 June.
6. Universal Basic Income – what is it? What might a progressive version of UBI look like in 2013? Introduction and discussion. Wednesday 19 June.
7. Decent Job Creation – in our current situation and beyond – key concepts, ideas, challenges. Wednesday 3 July.
8. Challenging capitalism – beyond reforms within the system, looking forward to an economics as if ordinary people and the environment mattered. Wednesday 17 July.
For more information, contact AAAP contact Ph 634 0591


In association with Runanga community. Debate- forums-campaign launch- theatre- dinner-. Programme:
Friday May 3rd 7.30pm: Debate between Blackball and Runanga. Topic: ‘The modern worker is too bemused by TV , booze and consumerism, to stand up for his/her own class interests.’ Blackball Working Men’s Club.
Saturday May 4th: 2.00pm Forum for community sector on topic: The community sector now serves the state rather than communities. (afternoon tea provided). Blackball Community House.
3.30pm March from Community House to Museum. Launching of Living Wage Campaign for the West Coast.
6.30pm TheatreKiwi/Possum Productions presents Waihi Oratorio (a history of the 1912 Waihi Strike in song). Working Men’s Club. (entry by donation)
7.15pm Dinner at The Hilton ($25 for 3 course meal), plus songs from The West Coast Wobblies and forum: Four local people answer the question: What is good about current society?/ What is bad? Green MP, Kevin Hague responds. Reservations for dinner essential. Enquiries: 732 4010. Bookings for dinner (03) 732 4010 or (03) 732 4705 or wkcultur Our Union Makes Us Strong

A great night of fun and solidarity in the form of song, music, dance and performance art from community groups and individuals throughout New Zealand and beyond. For singer/songwriter and New Zealand Art Laureate

Moana Maniapoto, it is passion and politics that informs her writing. Her music is at times stirring & militant, poignant & sensual, but always – unmistakenly from New Zealand. Joined by Cadzow Cossar and Paddy Free, Moana will perform an intimate set that will pay tribute to those who fought and continue to fight for workers rights.
Also featuring: The Brazen Hussies: launch their first ever CD, “And We’re Strong” & perform the MayDay 2012 songwriters workshop song, “Manawatu River” The Crew (RMTU rock band): (Wgtn/PNth). Songs of oppression, discrimination, solidarity Michelle Robinson Dance Studio (PNth) “Power to the People”, “Jack of all Trades” Kate Martin Dancers (Levin) “Treaty won’t go Away/Nga Iwi E” Shades of Green (Wgtn) Ry Cooder’s “Strike” Spanner in the Works (Wgtn) “Remember Waihi”, “Solidarity Forever”, “The Union Forever” Luc, Kate & Tessa (France/NZ/Belgium) James K Baxter’s, “Song of the Years” Cailin Traditional Irish Dance School (PNth) The dance of defiance in the midst of oppression.
Tickets $15 (free under 16).
The MayDay Cup is presented by a panel of judges to the outstanding group / performer on the night Peter Conway (Secretary, NZCTU), Denise Roche (Green Party MP), Maria del Carmen Herrera Caseiro (Cuban Ambassador), Axel de Maupeou dAblieges (PNth Cultural Coordinator), Chris Teo Sherrell (PNth City Councillor).
Organised by Dion Martin (coordinator) Manawatu MayDay Coalition, for Unions Manawatu. PO Box 1327, Palmerston North. (06) 356 9658, (021) 776 029, dion.martin


Thursday, April 18, 5.30pm, Stone Lecture Theatre, Building 803, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland

Refugee Rights and Mandatory Detention – The government is hurrying to push through the Immigration (Mass Arrivals) Amendment Bill, which allows for the mandatory detention of refugees entering New Zealand by “mass arrival”. Prominent human rights and refugee lawyers have described this Bill as ‘legally flawed‘ and inconsistent with New Zealand’s obligations under the Refugee Convention. Please join us for a discussion of this important issue.
5:30 – 7pm Thursday 18 April 2013. Speakers include: Rodger Haines Q.C., chairman of the Human Rights Review Tribunal; Tracey Barnett, journalist and member of the Auckland Refugee Council; Carole Curtis, prominent immigration & refugee lawyer; Myanna Desaulnier, refugee rights scholar; Adan Isse, Somalian refugee; Jon McBride, immigration & refugee lawyer and Convenor of the NZLS Immigration & Refugee Law Committee. Drinks & nibbles from 5:30pm in the Staff Common Room. Speakers from 6pm.

Saturday, April 20, 12.30pm, 779 New North Rd, Mt Albert.
STOP SALE OF STATE HOUSES! AFFORDABLE HOUSING NOW! DAY OF ACTION! 12.30pm: Mock Auction: National MP Melissa Lee’s Office. 2pm: protest at state house, venue to be advised. Organised by Waitemata Unite. Supported by Tamaki Housing Action Group, Auckland Action Against Poverty. Community groups across Aotearoa. Further information: 0277283090. unitewaitemata

Monday, April 22, 7.30pm, The Peace Place, 22 Emily Place, Auckland Central
To celebrate Mother Earth Day, we will be screening “Where are we?” Enviromental Justice, Social Justice and Spiritual Balance, from the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium from the Pachamamma Alliance. Koha is apreciated. For more information go to

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