GPJA Blog – Looking at some changes (or putting it to sleep)

Hi All,

I am looking at some changes to the GPJA Blog and would like some feedback. I have been doing the blog for about 10 years. It hasn’t really changed in that time. My goal was to help people find out what is happening in Auckland and get access to news that wasn’t easily accessible elsewhere. The world and the web have changed a lot since. I’m not sure that what I do is actually needed now.

If I change it rather than end it how should it change. On one level it is easier to do now than ever before. recently I have been adding photos and so on to try and jazz it up a bit. But that has only made it even longer and more unwieldy. One thought I had if it continued was that I could break it up into three different blogs that go out on different days: “What’s On”; Local News; International News. That way people could choose what they wanted to look at.

What do you think?

Email me at mike if you have any thoughts.

Mike Treen
GPJA Newsletter editor.

19 Responses to GPJA Blog – Looking at some changes (or putting it to sleep)

  1. John LANGDON says:

    I think it is grate as it is, especially the diary… is the best way for the diminishing number (??) in the Left to learn what is happening…It is a public service that in its way is changing the way of the world also gives warmth,knowing that you is not alone in this right wing desert out here

  2. Kathrine Ross says:

    I like it, but you are right, it’s a bit long – is it possible to do more with facebook? Also, it’s possible your idea, that each group could send out separately what’s on, would be better for a quick reference & diary insert.

  3. Susie says:

    Please keep your blog just as it is. We really need information right now, and you are providing this. By all means post a nice picture if you really feel moved to do so, but the information is the valuable thing. Incidentally, there was no link to email you from your last blog post, although I think you assumed there was.
    Thank you very much for your good work.

  4. I second Susie’s comment. Your blog is definitely still needed. Even though there is more info floating around now yours is a voice that can be trusted. Thanks from me too. A

    • Lynne Dempsey says:

      A very valuable resource – even for those of us who live outside of Auckland. Your work is greatly appreciated – thank you. Lynne

  5. Ian Ritchie says:

    I have long felt it is excellent and really appreciate the comprehensive coverage.
    The only change I would like is to have subject headlines for meetings, issues etc which would make it easier to scan. I do not live in Auckland and send it to others across the Manawatu and around NZ. Have had no complaints

  6. val says:

    Hi mike
    i read the email newsletter not the blog. the newsletter is really great and i am so thankful for it. perhaps your blog just needs a redesign with a new wordpress template to reign in all that unwieldy content.

    nga mihi,

  7. Colin says:

    Keep the ‘whats on’ & what’s happening locally stuff the way it is. The GPJA news letter is what I rely on for this info.

  8. Alison says:

    Oh nooooooo! please don’t close this blog! I have a really crappy memory and this blog serves to be a bible for me when it comes to updating my calendar and seeing what’s going on! Maybe you could set up a google calendar, which you can embed into your blog under another menu heading, and just jot in up and coming events that way? It would save you a lot of writing, then keep have the local and international news in separate menu tabs as well on the existing blog?

  9. Malcolm Deans says:

    I think the events listing and coverage of local news is definitely still valuable and needed. It wiould be a shame to lose this. The inclusion of international news makes the blog a little unwieldy. I know how to access this information myself but others may not. I imagine it is a wee bit of work for you though.

  10. Mary Anderson says:

    Hi Mike

    Please don’t close the newsletter down! During the present economic, social and political climate, it’s needed more than ever! Leave it as it is. It’s great to be able to catch up with what’s going on and it’s a fairly easy format to follow. Contents always valuable and informative. I rely on GPJA’s newsletter to keep me informed, in particular when there’s a rally or protest coming up that I can support. Your work and effort is very much appreciated. Many thanks. Cheers, Mary.

  11. john says:

    i find gpja info keeps me in touch with important events and reliable news
    i would be pretty dissapointed to see it come to and end but that is easy for me to say because it is your time and effort that goes into it
    I should probably have said this much earlier and much more often but any way here it is

  12. Kathryn says:

    I read the email notification, not the blog. I personally love the top section (what’s on – protests that are happening, meetings that are coming up – events really), but never read the bottom stuff (national & international news links), as I have usually already come across these. Perhaps there could be a link to this sort of thing through the blog, but not the email newsletter?
    Your work doesn’t go unnoticed – thank you.

  13. Beth says:

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your blog, whether or not you decide to keep doing it.

    I think it’s still useful to have all these things available from one source but it might be good as Alison suggests to have separate menu tabs so that people can access whatever they are most interested in.
    It’s a valuable service you’re providing.

    Good luck and do what you think you’d enjoy,


  14. Paul Bravery says:

    Hi Mike,

    If you need to change the delivery style/format, that’s fine, what ever works for you is best.

    There’s no guarantee that other sources of info or that a FB group will last the distance, due to ‘censorship’. Therefore, I believe it is critical for an exclusive GPJA blog.



  15. Please keep going and keep it as simple as possible (no photos etc). It’s a valuable resource.

  16. glen andersen says:

    Since the demise of the workers charter your “paper” is all there is, and it does the job very well.
    I go along with three different headings but still once per week.
    The intro could alert the reader to the contents of each section. Photos are good, they can help activists develop a profile.

  17. Sarah Grimes says:

    Here’s a strongly held view for you:
    In addition to giving notice of what’s going to happen so we can zip on over, it gives a PICTURE of opposition and activism which is encouraging. Eg it’s good to know there’s a demo in Wellington opposing budget along with the Auckland ones (and vice versa).
    So my own desire would be:
    – continue, and thanks a million for all the work, Mike;
    – keep it simple and and pretty well a list of announcements; list of web sites OK too.
    Sarah Grimes

  18. David Colbourn says:

    Nay Lad, you can’t close this down.It’s pleasing to see so many comments in support & I agree with all the positive comments made.It is my main way of knowing what is going on & it is good to see at a glance what similar groups are doing
    The list of articles blogs etc with the easy link to them is a godsend for commputer illiterates like me & the selection of articles is excellent.
    Thanks for your work on this Mike.We owe you.!0 years is a long time.Can you get someone else to take over?
    David Colbourn

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