GPJA #427: Protests tomorrow Saturday – like the Greeks?? 11am and 2pm


Protests tomorrow Saturday – like the Greeks?? 11am and 2pm

11am – Protest social cleansing in GI outside National party Conference

11am Corner Ireland and Tide Close Mt Wellington – It’s the National Party Northern Region conference – protest is against the sale of state houses in Glen Innes so a seaside suburb for the wealthy can be created. The conference features the likes of Lee Mathias, Sam Lotu-Iiga and Alfred Ngaro (all smug National Party members pushing the social cleansing of Glen Innes)

2pm – Protest prison sentences for Taame Iti and Rangi Kemara outside Mt. Eden Prison – Saturday 2pm

The sentences of 2.5 years for Taame Iti and Rangi Kemara are manifestly unjust. This is an outrage. The sentences of Urs Signer and Emily Bailey are equally absurd. The judge ignored the jury findings and retried the Urewera Four on behalf of the police fantasies. It is an outrage. A protest outside Mt Eden prison will take place on Saturday, 26th May, at 2pm. Bring your friends, bring some noise makers.

Interview with John Minto

Not much has changed in 96 years – 1916 Rua Kenana – 2012 Tame Iti

Rua Kenana 1916 (from Wikipedia)

“Rua was charged with treason, and while he was found not guilty by the jury, Judge Frederick Chapman did find him guilty of resisting arrest and sentenced him to one year of hard labour, followed by 18 months of imprisonment. Eight of the jury members protested the harshness of his sentence and successfully petitioned to have it reduced.”

Tame Iti 2012 (looking at today’s court judgement).

Tame Iti and Rangikaiwhiria Kemara were maligned as terrorists and each jailed for 2 ½ years after Judge Rodney Hansen bypassed the jury’s failure to find that the defendants belonged to an organised criminal gang and on his own found they posed a serious organised threat to New Zealand.

The parallels with 1916 are striking. Hansen today substituted himself for the jury and retried the defendants at sentencing in the same way that Frederick Chapman did in 1916.

John Minto, GPJA Spokesperson,
Ph (09) 8463173 (H), Mob 0220850161

October 15th Solidarity Group on Sentencing

“The sentences of 2.5 years for Taame Iti and Rangi Kemara are manifestly unjust. This is an outrage. The sentences of Urs Signer and Emily Bailey are equally absurd. The judge sought to retry the entire case at sentencing today and himself decided their fate. It is an outrage.”

“Our four friends may have been sentenced today but it is far from over,” said Valerie Morse from the October 15th Solidarity Group. “We will continue to fight for and support these people until justice is done and all the charges are dropped.”

It has been nearly five years since Operation 8 came to light and the process and punishment continues and is not forgotten.

“These people have been sentenced on charges that were dropped against 13 other people last year. The Supreme Court ruled that the only serious offending was that committed by the police and the Arms Act offences should not have even been pursued.”

“The trial of Emily, Urs, Taame and Rangi is the result of a racist state intent on quashing any hints of aspirations for Maori sovereignty. But no one must forget the others. The others arrested, the people and communities harassed and intimidated by the police on October 15th 2007, and there are the people of Tuhoe who were subjected to at least a year and a half of spying and trespass on their lands and their Marae by the state forces. This was done at the same time as the same state was negotiating with Tuhoe over Te Urewera settlement.

The whole saga may be written off over time in the main stream media as a travesty of justice and police paranoia, but we know that it was a deliberate action. We know that it is an action that will continue again and again in this land. Operation 8 was only a repeat of history; the fight for freedom and tino rangatiratanga will continue.

“The judge is just another part of a racist justice system where Maori do not enjoy the same rights as pakeha. There continue to be two worlds in this land. This case forms part of the on going colonisation of Aotearoa and its indigenous people.”


Protestors support Iti at Mt Eden prison

Police ‘under pressure’ over Te Urewera raids‘under-pressure’-over-te-urewera-raids

Prison sentences for Urewera pair stun whanau, supporters

Minto outraged at Urewera jail terms

Tame Iti to appeal jail sentence

‘Urewera Four’ sentences decried by iwi leader

Maori MPs criticise Urewera judge

Iti, Kemara supporters stage noisy protest outside prison,-kemara-supporters-stage-noisy-protest-outside-prison

Urewera saga not over yet

Mana Movement President weighs in on Urewera 4 sentencing


Green Party comment on Urewera sentencing

Urewera Protest, Mt Eden Prison May 24 2012


Saturday, May 26, 3-5pm, Fickling Centre, Three Kings, Auckland
Seminar: Lasting Peace in Sri Lanka – Keeping Issues Alive. Seakers: Keith Locke (Chair); “Reconciliation requires Justice” – Colin S. Henry JD, Barrister of the High Court of New Zealand, Attorney & Counsellor at Law, New York, Florida, Jamaica; “Road to accountability and the role of the international community in achieving a durable solution” – Amanda Brydon, Advocacy & Government Relations Manager, Amnesty International Aotearoa NZ; “Women’s rights are human rights” – Beverley Turner, Deputy Convenor Pacific Women’s Watch (NZ); “What Sri Lanka might learn from transitional justice processes elsewhere” – Chris Mahony BCom LLB MSc (Oxon), Deputy Director, New Zealand Centre for Human Rights Law Policy and Practice, University of Auckland; “The role of media in reconciliation” – Kadambari Gladding Donor Liaison Manager – Amnesty International and freelance TV Presenter/Reporter.

Saturday, May 26, 2pm, Gerry Brownlee’s Ilam Office 283 Greers Rd, Christchurch
In response to the inaction from the Council, the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Authority and the Government a protest outside of Gerry Brownlee’s electorate office has been called. You would be forgiven if you had forgotten he is a local MP – after all, we don’t see him unless there’s a camera crew around.

Monday, May 28, 5.30pm, salvation army Church, 16D Bakerfield Place, Manukau, Auckland.
Friends, We are holding an initial meeting of a proposed South Auckland Social Justice Network , to be held at the Salvation Army’s church at 16D Bakerfield Place from 5:30pm to 7:00pm on Monday 28th May. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the idea of setting up a network of social justice activists living and/or working in South Auckland. At this meeting we will discuss the specific purpose and focus of such a group and the steps we need to take to set the network up. I hope that you are able to come along and support this proposal and share your ideas around it. Please extend this invitation to anyone your know who is also keen to work for social justice in the South. We want people to come along as citizens in their own right and not as representatives of any church or union or political party ,organisation or government agency. If you need more information about this idea please contact me via email or on mobile -0274 791958 or Esteban on 021-02278572 or email at : fideluna Kind regards, Alan Johnson/Esteban Espinoza. WE WILL SEE YOU THERE MONDAY 28Th AT 5;30PM

Wednesday, May 30, 3.30-5pm, CTU, 7th floor, Education House 178-182 Willis St, Wellington
Building support for 26 weeks paid parental leave. You are invited to a meeting to establish a campaign to promote the benefits of extending paid parental leave and to support the passage of Sue Moroney’s Paid Parental Leave Extension Bill. We will discuss the formation of a campaign coalition, how organisations and individuals can participate in the campaign, and activities around the first reading of the Bill. If you are in Auckland we may be able to connect using the CTU’s video conference facilities- please let us know. Can your organisation / group send a representative? Please RSVP to Rebecca.matthews by Monday 28 May.

Thursday, May 31, 5.30-8pm, Auckland District Law Society, Level 5, Chancery Chambers, 2 Chancery St, Auckland CBD.
Contracting – good for businesses and/or employees? New Zealand Employment Relations Society and the New Zealand Work and Labour Market Institute invite you to hear Professor Erling Rasmussen (AUT University), Helen White (Barrister) and James Ritchie (New Zealand Dairy Workers’ Union) discuss current employment and legal trends of contracting in employment, and the ramifications of those for employees and businesses. Light refreshments will be provided Please RSVP to nzwalmi for catering purposes

June 8 & 9, Aotea Square, Auckland
8/9TH JUNE AUCKLAND PEACE CITY PUBLIC LAUNCH & NUCLEAR FREE NZ EVENT AOTEA SQUARE. Calling all people who support the ideals of peace, justice and a nuclear free world. ADVANCE NOTIFICATION –put into your diaries NOW, circulate among group networks to include in your calendar of major events, newsletters etc. Auckland Peace City Public Launch ~ Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone and Disarmament Legislation of 1987.
8th June Friday 2:00-3:00pm – Mayor Len Brown’s official Auckland Peace City Declaration launch at Auckland Council Reception Lounge-Town Hall Queen St.
9th June 12:00-3:00pm Aotea Square, Auckland.
AUCKLAND CITY for PEACE & NUCLEAR FREE New Zealand Celebration. Auckland City for Peace Declaration Public Launch Event ~ Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone and Disarmament Legislation of 1987. Music, dance, poetry, info/education stalls. Children can make their own ‘Auckland Peace City’ flaglets. Peace Exhibitions inside Concert Chamber. The Peace Parade bearing the carved Maori wooden torch from the 2009 World Peace Run will be returned to New Zealand by NZ Peace and Disarmament International NGO Representative Alyn Ware. This will be followed by runners with flags of the 192 nation states in the United Nations. Release of Peace Doves and ringing of the Peace Bell. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own peace banners and flags, both historical or new celebrating Nuclear Free New Zealand to make a display together for a Nuclear Free World.
Wet weather Event plan: Concert Chamber Town Hall – Inside 12:00-3:00pm. The Peace City Public Launch Event Team welcomes volunteers and offers of help. If you want to be involved in any way please contact: laurie-ross Coordinator Laurie Ross on 818 0696

Friday & Saturday, July 6-8, Wellington.
Environment and Conservation Organisations of New Zealand Inc. Annual Conference 6-8 July 2012. Environmental Responsibility: Leadership, Inclusion and Good Governance. Friday 6 July – Saturday 7 July | Salvation Army Citadel, 8 Jessie Street, Wellington. Sunday 8 July | Turnbull House, 11 Bowen St, Wellington. Full draft programme and online registration can be found here: eco

November 9-11. Waihi
Remember Waihi 9-11 Nov 2012. It will be the 1912 Waihi Gold Miners’ Strike Centenary and Commemoration of the death of Fred Evans. Further details will be coming. Please some of the events for this weekend in this brochure:


Missed May Day? Make up for it in June. June 16 is “Bloomsday”, a sort of literary St Patrick’s Day. It’s a commemoration of the fictional day in 1904 in which James Joyce’s comic masterpiece Ulysses unfolds. All around the world there are Bloomsday celebrations. In Auckland for the past decade a Bloomsday cabaret has unleashed itself in the red-light district of Karangahape Rd. This year it will be at the Thirsty Dog Tavern and feature Outrageous Fortune’s Robyn Malcolm reading from the notoriously explicit 50-page soliloquy of Molly Bloom, and George Henare playing pale young poet Stephen Dedalus, girlishly winsome Gerty McDowell and fierce transvestite dominatrix Bella Cohen. With the addition of klezmer music by The Jews Brothers Band, it’s the only Hiberno-Hebrew Bloomsday in the known world! Cast of thousands: Dublin actor Brian Keegan, mezzo soprano Yuko Takahashi, international busker and former Auckland Equity secretary Farrell Cleary, political tenor Chris “Crubeen” Trotter, Unite union organiser Joe Carolan (and dog) plus a barbershop quartet singing “Danny Boy”. Can’t beat it. Saturday night, June 16, 7.30-10.30pm Thirsty Dog Tavern, Corner Howe St & Karangahape Rd, Auckland

Join the 2012 Presidential elections brigade to Venezuela. Register now to witness the final election campaign for President Hugo Chavez and observe first-hand a living people’s power revolution. Brigade dates: September 27th – October 8th, 2012. Half-price flights Sydney-Auckland-Venezuela return are currently available through Aerolineas Argentina. The 2012 brigade is the 13th study tour organised by the AVSN. Reports from previous brigades are posted at: brigades or phone Jim McIlroy 0423 741 734, Roberto Jorquera 0425 182 994 or Lisa Macdonald 0413 031 108.


“If those who support aggressive war had seen a fraction of what I’ve seen, if they’d watched children fry to death from Napalm and bleed to death from a cluster bomb, they might not utter the claptrap they do”. – John Pilger

“The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human” – Aldous Huxley

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Meade


Salvatore Babones, The Battle Over CEO Pay: When the Top 1 Percent Take on the Top 0.01 Percent, Truthout, May 16, 2012. America’s top 1 percent holds the bulk of the nation’s financial wealth. CEOs dominate the top 0.01 percent.

Impact of government decisions – chart prepared by Green Party



Amnesty attacks Govt over SAS’s role in Afghanistan

NZ Soldier in Afghanistan

Student defiance rocks Quebec by Jane Young

Why the poor are becoming poorer

Living Wage campaign launched in Auckland


University students block streets in protest

Symonds St budget protests – 9 photos

Jane Kelsey speaks to student rally

Blockade the budget – photos

Two men arrested after protest outside Auckland hotel

Police hold back protesters during Key speech

2012 Budget Protest

‘Urewera four’ members join Budget protests


Austerity-lite budget risks recession

Laila Harre: Returning to the failed policies of the 1980s

Robbing the paper boys to pay the Bills

Budget 2012: Cough it up

Budget brings ‘national disaster’ for schools

Budget 2012: Health spending boost not enough – doctors

Budget 2012: Non-govt social housing sidelined

Budget 2012: Government cuts back housing scheme

Budget 2012: Small cuts hit ‘the poor and middle class’

Bugger All For Maori Press Release: Mana Party

OXFAM: NZ Mired Near Bottom of Class After Budget Cuts to Aid

Budget 2012: Freeze on funds a ‘cut by stealth’ to strained centres

Tax Rates: Budget Day

Hone Harawira: Tax the rich and free the poor – Budget Speech

Young workers out of pocket

Chris Trotter: Bill’s bigoted Budget of low expectations

Government takes a knife to youth income in youth week


Ports of Auckland dispute update May 2012

Waikato-Tainui Celebrates End of Lock-Out

Role of Iwi Forever Changed by AFFCO

Helen Kelly speaks to living wage campaign launch in Auckland



Exposing right wing lies – behind the debate over the minimum wage, unemployment, tax and welfare “reform”


A view of Oceania – The Oceania-themed issue of the long-running Kiwi literary journal brief is finally running off the press this week.
Song: “Meanwhile in Afghanistan”


The winners and losers from Facebook’s IPO hype – So far, investors have given Facebook’s IPO a cool reception. But even if its shares tank, you can bet insiders will stay rich


Red Square, Everywhere: With Quebec Student Strikers, Against Repression by Xavier Lafrance and Alan Sears


Julian Assange Interviews President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa Ecuador’s Fight Against Its Media Vultures Must Watch Video: In 2010 Correa was taken hostage in an attempted coup d’etat. After the attempt he launched a controversial counter-offensive Ecuador’s media, which he blames for the coup attempt.


Greek anti-bailout left has four-point lead – poll


From Samoa to Azawad


Mortgage and Securitization Fraud: Where’s the Task Force? By Dean Baker


Venezuela’s Chavez Back in Public, Says Opposition “Going Crazy”



Receive warm greetings from Cuban Institute for Friendship with Peoples (ICAP), that every year receives, with great satisfaction, all friends that spontaneously decide to join us in the Southern Cross Brigade of voluntary work and solidarity with Cuba. Main objectives of the brigade are to provide a great deal of knowledge about Cuban reality so that the visitors could understand it as well as to work voluntarily in the agricultural fields in order to help in the development and productivity of the country. The program of the brigade includes visits to historical, cultural and social places. Participants will receive lectures on national and international topics and will also interact with representatives of Cuban organizations and people in general.

Program of the Brigade starts on December 27th, 2012 and finishes on January 18th, 2013. It includes 15 nights at Julio Antonio Mella International Camp (CIJAM), which is located in Caimito municipality, 45 kilometres away from Havana City; 2 nights in The Friendship House in Villa Clara province and 5 nights in a hotel in the revolutionary Granma province, where many of the historical events lead by Fidel and other guerrilla fighters during the war to achieve our total independence from 1956 to 1958 took place.

Program costs 580.00 Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) per person. It includes accommodation in 5 or 6 persons´ rooms in CIJAM, three meals daily in CIJAM and also in province, accommodation in the hotel in Granma province and Villa Clara ICAP’s facility, transfer in-out as well as transportation to all activities included in the program. Each extra night in CIJAM, previous to the beginning or after the brigade will cost 10.00 CUC per person and should be paid directly in CIJAM, as well as optional activities during the extra period. It is compulsory to stay at least 7 days in the brigade. Agricultural work will be done in fields near the camp. CIJAM was founded in 1972; it provides the proper environment for living in groups and satisfies needs of visitors from all over the world.

The increasing number of brigadistas coming to Cuba as members of the International Brigades ICAP organizes is a clear evidence of how motivated our friends are about coming to our country and knowing our reality. They are also committed to condemn the genocide blockade of the United States against our island as well as to express their respect towards our independence, sovereignty and self determination rights. We also have their support on the cause and liberation of the Cuban Five Heroes unjustly imprisoned in the United States jails.

Each brigade member, at the moment of the arrival, is committed to follow the program and schedule, and also to have a proper behaviour, discipline and social interaction not only in CIJAM but also all over the country. For further communication: Phone numbers (53 7) 838-24 30 / 8335372 / 830-1220 / 834-4544 ext. 15 and Emails: asia.norte , director.dao and amiventas We would be pleased to have you in the XXX Southern Cross Brigade, a beautiful project that ICAP and Australia/New Zealand – Cuba Friendship Societies have proudly maintained since 1983, which has allow to show Cuban reality to more than one thousand people who have taken part in previous brigades as well as to receive their support and deep solidarity. This year program and brigade has a special aim and it is to commemorate 55 anniversary of the triumph of Cuban revolution on January 1st, 2013 and also to celebrate with every participant coming the 30 anniversary of the Southern Cross Brigade visit to Cuba. This is a formal invitation to join the brigade in order to strengthen brotherhood between our peoples. Sincerely yours, Asia and Pacific Division, Cuban Institute for Friendship with Peoples

NZ Participants: Email Ina Lawrence inashina for the full programme and any other questions.

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