GPJA #411: Monday – Protest outside High Court / GPJA Forum “Drop the Charges!”


9am, Monday, Feb 13: Protest: Drop the Charges! Auckland High Court, Cnr Waterloo Quadrant & Parliament Streets, Auckland.
This marks the start of the trial of the remaining four defendants from the police bungled attempt to charge 17 political activists with offences under our freshly-minted terrorism laws. That attempt failed with the terrorism charges abandoned and minor Arms Act charges being reduced and then withdrawn for most defendants. However four and half years on from the dramatic October 15th 2007 raids the police are making a final attempt to get some convictions by trying to prove these four defendants were members of a “criminal gang.” This protest will call for these charges to be dropped in a case based more on silencing political dissent than any half-way credible terrorism threat. Be there to give your support.

7.30pm, Tuesday, Feb 14: Special GPJA Forum: Drop the charges! (see above), Trades Hall, 147 Great North Road, Grey Lynn
This special GPJA forum will have speakers talking about the raids, their political context and the legal situation of the defendants. Speakers to be confirmed later.

Save Our For job security and public ownership at Ports of Auckland
CTU President Helen Kelly talks about the Ports of Auckland and the effects of casualisation on workers and workplace health and safety.


Other People’s Wars The stage play. Bats Theatre, Wellington, April 17-28. How do we get into Afghanistan? Why are we there? What happened the night Willie Apiata won his VC? Are NZ intelligence officers there on humanitarian purpose? And did we really keep out of Iraq? And can you believe ANYTHING Foreign Affairs and the Defence Forces say? In fact— are Foreign Affairs and the Defence Forces riddled with traitors working for a foreign power? Aided by Wikileaks and local Deep Throats, and some extraordinarily indiscreet material posted on Facebook, Nicky Hager’s Other People’s Wars drew alarming conclusions about the general nature of New Zealand defence policy—how it’s decided, and by whom. And now it’s on stage. As it should be. Besides the documenting of shifty departmental manoeuvres and cover-ups, there’s love, death, courage, pathos, raillery, bombast and—of course—farce; all the Shakespearean elements. The play ends with an Anzac Day ceremony and its premiere season in Wellington (April 17-28) is nicely timed to coincide with Anzac Day, April 25, the day we remember those who have given their lives for their government’s foreign policy. “Anyone familiar with Other People’s Wars will know more about New Zealand military and what it did in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Gulf than any politician in parliament.” – Nicky Hager.

Welcome To Johnkeyistan! Don’t Worry, She’ll Be Right (In Every Sense Of The Word) by Murray Horton

Why Did Labour Struggle In the Campaign? by John Minto
The Future Ghost of Christmas Past by Liz Gordon
The Productivity Commission Is The Latest Name For Rogernomics: The Taliban Of NZ Capitalism by Jeremy Agar
The Grounding Of The Rena: And The Deregulated Global Shipping Industry by Joe Fleetwood
The Trans-Pacific Partnership As A Lynchpin Of US Anti-China Strategy by Jane Kelsey
Downgrade The Credit Rating Agencies by Bill Rosenberg
Primary Production, Free Trade, Resource Conflict & Corporate Plunder: Part 1 by Dennis Small
Net Closes On Fishing Industry Shame by Victor Billot
Media-Communication Ownership In Aotearoa-New Zealand: Legacies And Contemporary Trends by Wayne Hope and Merja Myllylahti
2011 CAFCA Annual General Meeting Minutes
CAFCA/ABC Organiser Account 2010/11 by Warren Brewer
New Treasurer For Organiser Account: Warren Brewer Replaces Bob Leonard by Murray Horton
Reviews by Jeremy Agar Other People’s Wars: New Zealand In Afghanistan, Iraq And The War On Terror by Nicky Hager; At The Turning Point by Margaret Pope; The Growth Syndrome: Economic Destitution by Derek J Wilson.
Obituary by Kate Dewes Patricia Morrison
2011 Roger Award Finalists Named by Murray Horton

Non-Members: It takes a lot of work to compile and write the material presented on these pages – if you value the information, please send a donation to the above address to help us continue the work. The material on this site may be reproduced provided the source is acknowledged. Published by Foreign Control Watchdog Inc, Box 2258,Christchurch, New Zealand. ISSN 1175-7760. email cafca Note that the regular analysis of the decisions of the Overseas Investment Office, which are published in every Foreign Control Watchdogare not republished here because they are available on the web site of the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA). Back to Foreign Control Watchdog home page

Right to Health Workshops: The Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand (HPF), University of Otago Wellington Public Health Summer School, and the Centre for Development Studies of the University of Auckland are working together to have Professor Paul Hunt, world expert on the right to health, teach two workshops in New Zealand in February 2012. Professor Hunt, a New Zealander based at Essex University, UK, is one of the world’s leading experts on the right to health. He spent six years as the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur (expert) on the Right to Health. Wellington workshop: 14-15 February 2012, Wellington Public Health Summer School Auckland workshop: 22-23 February 2012, University of Auckland, or For more details about the Auckland workshop, please contact: Dr Ieti Lima and Dr Alison Blaiklock, Health Promotion Forum – 09 531 5500 or Dr Carmel Williams – 021 708 396 Registrations can be made on the HPF website

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand is pleased to host the Secretary General of Caritas Jerusalem Claudette Habesch for a visit to New Zealand 24 February – 13 March 2012. Ms Habesch is available for media interviews. Caritas Jerusalem is the humanitarian and development organisation for the Catholic Church in the Holy Land, based in Jerusalem. It was founded in the aftermath of the Six-Day War in 1967, and Ms Habesch has led it since 1987.
She has played a leading role in the Caritas Internationalis confederation of 168 Catholic agencies working for justice, peace and development. From 1999 to 2007 she was President of Caritas Middle-East and Northern Africa region (Caritas MONA) and Vice-President of Caritas Internationalis. A passionate defender of Palestinians’ rights and peace in the region, Ms Habesch is a member of the Committee for Christian Affairs of the Palestinian Authority (PA), and of the Islamic-Christian Commission funded by the PA to support Jerusalem and the Holy Sites. She has been active since 1992 in the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) and in the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees. She also participates in the inter-religious activities of Rabbis for Human Rights
Ms Habesch was born in Jerusalem. At the age of 7, during the war of independence for Israel in 1948 (called the ‘nakba’ or catastrophe by Palestinians), her family was expelled from their home in Jerusalem. They could never enter the house again and never received compensation. Palestinian families continue to be evicted from their houses in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. In a recent Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Ms Habesch retells her story and how it has influenced her work defending Palestinian rights today. ‘I am prepared to forgive them, but I will never forget the years of suffering by the little girl of 7, in whose bed another child was sleeping and whose bicycle another child was riding… I recognize the right of the State of Israel to exist in 78 percent of the territories of Mandatory Palestine, but I do not recognise its right to expel Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem and put in Jews.’ Ms Habesch has three children, two sons and one daughter, and several grandchildren. She lives with her extended family in East Jerusalem. Claudette Habesch will be a guest of Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand for its Annual Lent Appeal (22 Feb – 6 April). She will be talking to parishes, church groups, social justice groups and schools. While her schedule is still being confirmed, recommended times for media interviews are below. Pre-visit interviews by phone may also be possible to arrange. For more information and to arrange an interview, contact: Martin de Jong, Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand, 04 496 1782 or 021 909 688. Additional Info:Watch our recently released video The Holy Land: Hearts of Hope (15 mins) on Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand health care partnership with Caritas Jerusalem in the context of the Holy Land today. More about our work with Caritas Jerusalem here.


The ‘People’s Tribunal on for Minimum Living Wages and Decent Working Conditions for Garment Workers as a Fundamental Right’ has been organised by the International Asia Floor Wage Alliance and the Asia Floor Wage-Cambodia (AFW-C), both coalitions of garment workers’ trade unions and workers’ rights groups. The tribunal will examine evidence from workers, multinational companies and other stakeholder groups in front of a panel of independent judges, in an effort to make public the relevant concerns of those employed in the garment sector in Cambodia. The proceedings will take place on the 5-6 February 2012 in Phnom Penh and will be overseen by a panel of five expert judges. On February 8, their finding will be presented to the press. The tribunal has been established as a response to the critically poor working conditions experienced by garment workers, particularly in regard to salaries. “Despite experiencing sustained growth in the sector Cambodia’s minimum wage allowance is $66 USD a month and is currently the lowest of all its neighbouring states. It is currently estimated that this wage amounts to around half that required to adequately meet the average worker’s basic needs.” said Tola Moeun head of Labour Programs for the Community Legal Education Centre (CLEC). Low paid workers in Cambodia are taking action against the pervasive low wages, union repression and poor working conditions. Low wages also creates malnutrition and weakness among workers affecting their long-term health and productivity. “Both Better Factories Cambodia and government representatives have attributed the phenomenon of mass fainting directly to inadequate salaries”, said Ath Thorn, President of Cambodian Labor Confederation.

In recognition of the global nature of the garment sector, which accounts for 90% of Cambodia’s exports, representatives from international brand and retailers have been invited to attend the proceedings. The Clean Clothes Campaign will participate in the tribunal and will urge global buyers sourcing from Cambodia to take the findings of the People Tribunal very serious. Frequent updates on the tribunal can be found at:

Dear friend: Receive a cordial and warm greeting on behalf of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples that affectionately summons you to participate in the sixth edition of the International Brigade of Volunteer Work and Solidarity with Cuba on the occasion of the International May Day. As in previous editions, it will be integrated by friends from all continents. Brigade’s aim is to provide a wider understanding of Cuban reality as well as carrying out some voluntary work sessions, as a support to agricultural development and productive sphere in our country. Program includes visits to historical, economical, cultural and social places, not only in Havana but also in other provinces, lectures about national issues as well as meetings with representatives of Cuban organizations. Staying includes 10 nights in the International Camp Julio Antonio Mella (CIJAM) located in the municipality of Caimito, 45 km from Havana City and 4 nights in tourist facilities in Pinar del Rio province. It will cost 295.00 CUC which includes accommodation in shared rooms for up to 6 people in CIJAM, three meals daily, transfer in-out and transportation to all program activities. Agricultural work sessions will be carried out in areas near CIJAM. The camp, founded in 1972, has appropriate conditions for community life and for satisfying needs of friends who visit us from around the world. Registrations are open for those interested until March 30th, 2012. Confirmations of participation as well as information about date, flight number and airline to which you are scheduled to arrive and departure from Cuba, should be sent to asia.norte and director.dao Looking forward your enthusiastic participation with our people in this proletarian celebration of the May Day. See you then! Asia and Pacific Division, Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples.

We are inviting you and your organization to participate in the 28thInternational Solidarity Affair (ISA) hosted by the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) from April 24 to May 5, 2012 in Manila, Philippines.

Occupied Palestine is part of every free heartbeat in this world and her cause continues to inspire solidarity across the globe. The World Social Forum Free Palestine is an expression of the human instinct to unite for justice and freedom and an echo of the World Social Forum’s opposition to neo-liberal hegemony, colonialism, and racism through struggles for social, political and economic alternatives to promote justice, equality, and the sovereignty of peoples. The WSF Free Palestine will be a global encounter of broad-based popular and civil society mobilizations from around the world. It aims to: 1. Show the strength of solidarity with the calls of the Palestinian people and the diversity of initiatives and actions aimed at promoting justice and peace in the region. 2. Create effective actions to ensure Palestinian self-determination, the creation of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, and the fulfillment of human rights and international law, by: a) Ending Israeli occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall; b) Ensuring the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality; and c) Implementing, protecting, and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN resolution 194. 3. Be a space for discussion, exchange of ideas, strategizing, and planning in order to improve the structure of solidarity. Exactly sixty-five years after Brazil presided over the UN General Assembly session that agreed upon the partition of Palestine, Brazil will host a different type of global forum: an historic opportunity for people from all over the world to stand up where governments have failed. The world’s people will come together to discuss new visions and effective actions to contribute to justice and peace in the region. We call on all organizations, movements, networks, and unions across the globe to join the WSF Free Palestine in November 2012 in Porto Alegre. We ask you to join the International Committee for the WSF Free Palestine, we will establish as soon as possible. Participation in this forum will structurally strengthen solidarity with Palestine, promote action to implement Palestinian’s legitimate rights, and hold Israel and its allies accountable to international law. Together we can raise global solidarity with Palestine to a new level. Palestinian Preparatory Committee for the WSF Free Palestine 2012. Secretariat members: • PNGO – Palestinian NGO Network; • Stop the Wall – Palestinian grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign; • OPGAI – Occupied Palestinian Golan Heights Advocacy Initiative; • Alternatives represented by: Alternative Information Center, Teacher Creativity Center; • Ittijah; • General Union of Palestinian women. Coordination office: PNGO – Palestinian NGO Network, Tel: +970 2 2975320/1, Fax: +970 2 2950704, E mail: samahd


Thursday, February 9, 7pm, Unite Union, 6a Western Springs Rd, Kingsland, Auckland
Aotearoa is not for sale – Public forum Thursday. Charter Schools. Crafar Farms. Deep Sea Oil Drilling by Petrobas off the East Coast. Wharfies facing the sack as Ports Of Auckland gears up to privatise. And now no Treaty of Waitangi when it comes to selling off public assets. New Zealand is for sale. Come to the Socialist Aotearoa forum this Thursday to begin organising the fightback to defend Aotearoa. Invite friends to the Facebook event here. Guest speakers are blogger Bomber Bradbury and historian Chris Trotter. Hosted by

Saturday, February 11, 7pm, Orakei Community Centre, 156 Keepa Rd, Orakei, Auckland
Fiesta Latina: Latin American drinks, music, show. $10 entry.

Monday, February 13, 9am – 12noon, Auckland High Court, Cnr Waterloo Quadrant & Parliament Street, Auckland.
Free the Urewera Four Drop All the Charges. Taame, Rangi, Emily and Urs, are the last to still face charges from the state terror raids of 15th October 2007 and their trial will start on 13th February 2012 in the Auckland High Court. This date has been confirmed which means we all have less than ONE MONTH to get ready and do what we can to support. There is plenty of things you can do. Here are a few ideas: 1. Talk to your whanau, friends and workmates about the trial and get them signed up to this email list (email us their address) and ‘like’ our facebook page to stay up to date: 2. If you are in Auckland or planning to come to Auckland for the trial (or some of it – it is expected to last three (!) months), have a think about what you could do in terms of political and practical solidarity. 3. If you are a member of a union or a political group, get a story about this trial printed in your magazine to make the links between this trial and political activism and aspirations for tino rangantiratanga. 4. Write a letter to the editor – a great way to keep this show-trial in the public’s mind. 5. Watch ‘Operation 8’ – you can get it at many Video stores and libraries. Or you can buy a copy here:

Wednesday, February 15, 7.30-9am, Old Government House, University of Auckland, Auckland City
AUCKLAND REFUGEE FAMILY TRUST BREAKFAST FUNDRAISER with MITCHELL PHAM talking on: “Born Overseas, Made in New Zealand: Refugees and Business Opportunities.” Tickets: $40 – for bookings please email: trien.steverlynck Payment for tickets can be made via internet banking to Auckland Refugee Family Trust: #38-9010-0704176-00 (Kiwibank) (reference: Surname) or by cheque to Auckland Refugee Family Trust, PO Box 47008, Ponsonby 1144 AND email trien.steverlynck with the numbers of tickets you require

Thursday, February 16, 8pm, Auckland Rialto Theatre, Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland.
Brother Number One – preview film screening for Amnesty International. Public Event for Amnesty International Auckland Central. In 1978, when future Kiwi Olympian and transatlantic rowing champion Rob Hamill was 14, his older brother Kerry disappeared. Two years later the family …


"Mighty little force is needed to control a man whose mind has been hoodwinked; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, a man whose mind is free. No, not the rack, not fission bombs, not anything – you can’t conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him." – Robert A. Heinlein

"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it." – John Lennon

"The feudal barons of the Middle Ages, the economic predecessors of the capitalists of our day, declared all wars. And their miserable serfs fought all the battles. The poor, ignorant serfs had been taught to revere their masters; to believe that when their masters declared war upon one another, it was their patriotic duty to fall upon one another and to cut one another’s throats for the profit and glory of the lords and barons who held them in contempt. And that is war in a nutshell. The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles. The master class has had all to gain and nothing to lose, while the subject class has had nothing to gain and all to lose-especially their lives." Eugene Debs


Mitt Romney has company at tax time. The number of America’s super rich paying less than 15 percent of their incomes in federal taxes has tripled since 1999. In 2008, 131 of the nation’s top 400 incomes had an under 15 percent tax liability.



Simon Collins: Divided Auckland – A city divided by income NZ tax on rich among lowest in the world Mind the widening gap … a tale of two cities One path to owning (Auckland) home gone forever More become tenants in own city

Minimum Wage increase falls short

$15 minimum wage would help inequality, stimulate economy

Matt McCarten: Huffing and puffing all part of Waitangi saga

QPEC: The politics of charter schools – oh how political!

Grass Damage Minimal Say Occupy Auckland

How genuine is the Maori Party?

Anger in a city dispossessed

Christchurch City Council Needs Choristers – Not Soloists

Gordon Campbell: On today’s protest march in Christchurch

CTU Economic Bulletin: “A graph showing the share of income that the richest 1% of people in New Zealand have received over the last 90 years together with union membership over that period gives a clear picture. Income inequality has risen when union membership has been falling, and inequality has fallen when union membership has been strong.”

Dotcom raid threat to sovereignty

The disquieting Dotcom case

Matt McCarten: The political pilgrimage our leaders fear to miss

Treaty Blocks SOE Sales

Maori elitist to consult on asset sales

If it’s just a symbol, why do you care? by Andrew Geddis – Is John Key being advised by Auckland law graduates?

Reforms that work – for whom? “It would be awesome if 2011 was remembered for the beginnings of a movement that rises up to protest the increasing income disparity” (Ruby Duncan, NZCCSS President)

China Could Have Sued Under FTA If Crafar Farm Sale Declined by Professor Jane Kelsey

OANZ RALLY To defend the right of peaceful protest

Crafar buyer eyes more Kiwi land

Port expansion row shows management isolated, out of touch

Ban the Pokies – Mana Party

NZ socialist group dissolves to build ecosocialist movement

Private Health Insurers Fudging Financial Self-Interest

Harawira slams Maori Party over TPK

PSA: Treasury’s call harks back to 1980s

Gordon Campbell: On the predator society

Chris Trotter: A New Alliance To Reclaim Aotearoa

Time for an anti-asset sales coalition

Inequality: a big issue for our time


Talks: Richard Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies

Jacob Hacker & Paul Pierson on Engineered Inequality – In this show segment, Moyers & Company dives into one of the most important and controversial issues of our time: How Washington and Big Business colluded to make the super-rich richer and turn their backs on the rest of us.

Gorge Monbiot: Only a maximum wage can end the great pay robbery – Corporate wealth is being siphoned off by a kleptocratic class that has neither earned nor generated

How Swedes and Norwegians broke the power of the ‘1 percent’

We Are All Suspects Now By John Pilger – Washington’s enemy is not "terrorism" but the principle of free speech and voices of conscience within its militarist state.

With its Deadly Drones The US is Fighting a Coward’s War By George Monbiot – As technology allows machines to make their own decisions, warfare will become bloodier – and less accountable.

The Surefire Way to End Online Piracy: End Copyright by: Dean Baker, Truthout

Europe’s forgotten minority – Europe’s Roma are facing a wave of racist attacks. But, argues Daniela Manske, the oppression of Europe’s largest ethnic minority is no new phenomenon.

As Many Pairs of Shoes as She Likes: Jenny Turner has written a provocative piece about the state of contemporary feminism for the London Review of Books. She calls for a shift away from focusing on how women’s bodies are commodified towards examining how "political economy" and the family shape women’s lives today.

Class and Capitalism in the Gulf – The Political Economy of the GCC by Adam Hanieh, Ed Lewis

Capitalism versus democracy – Feature by John Molyneux

Theses on the “Arab Spring” by Gilbert Archer

RT summarizes this raw video in these words: "Police in Oakland, California, have used tear-gas and flash-grenades as a 2,000-strong Occupy Oakland march

turned violent, with some protesters claiming that rubber bullets were also fired into the crowd.”

This a CNN report of the Oakland demonstration:

Perils of the Precariat

From Occupy to Workers Control: Professors Elaine Bernard and Immanuel Ness

Lucy Parsons: "More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters" By Keith Rosenthal – The strongest argument that can be made as to why all radical activists should study the life and works of Lucy Parsons is that the FBI wants you to know nothing about her.


How can the climate change movement move ahead in 2012? It is important not to underestimate the harm caused by the failure of negotiations in Copenhagen and Durban — but it is equally important not to succumb to pessimism.

Hunger is a weapon of mass destruction – Every five seconds, a child under 10 dies of hunger. Thirty-five million people die each year from hunger or its immediate aftermath. One billion people are permanently and severely malnourished and the situation is becoming increasingly catastrophic

James Hansen Risks Handcuffs To Make His Research Clear By Douglas Fischer


At World Economic Forum, Fear of Global Contagion Dominates

Doug Henwood, LBO: Reflections on the current disorder

Some See Two New Gilded Ages, Raising Global Tensions

Occupy Talks: What Gravy Train? Austerity, Finance, and the Polarization of Wealth

High and Rising Levels of Low-wage Work Remain a Cause for Concern in Many Countries

Debt: Our AAA – Audit, Action, Abolition by Éric Toussaint, Damien Millet

Interview with Mark Weisbrot on the Eurozone: Self-Inflicted Depression


How Obama let Wall Street off the hook – Review of Ron Suskind’s Confidence Men

Margaret Thatcher, class warrior – Phil Gasper reviews the film Iron Lady about the former British prime minister.

Q&A with the Director of the 4 part drama on Israel, The Promise.

Sino-Americana Perry Anderson – reviews of books on China


Aboriginal Tent Embassy: more relevant than ever

PHOTO ESSAY: Tent Embassy anniversary (what the media didn’t show)

Pokies make mega-profits out of misery

Refugees make dramatic protests for freedom


Bahrain and the Arab Spring

Bahraini Government’s Use of Tear Gas Claims Several Lives

Four Deaths In Bahrain On The 25th of January, Situation Rapidly Deteriorating


General strike grips Belgium as EU leaders meet: Belgium’s first general strike in almost two decades brought parts of the country to a halt on Monday in an anti-austerity protest aimed at the new government and at EU leaders meeting in Brussels.


Pipeline itself not the only problem we should worry about

Toronto Politics in the Year of the Lockout

Labour Leadership Squabbles in Ontario

Canadian Health Care: Privatization and Gendered Labour


Cuba’s New Mission? Environmental Internationalism by SAUL LANDAU and NELSON P. VALDES

The Fruit that Did Not Fall By Fidel Castro

World peace hanging by a thread – A reflection by Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro Calls for LatAm Unity in Opposition to FTA: Fidel Castro described as disastrous the Free Trade Agreement the White House tries to impose on Latin America, as it did with Mexico


In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad

Globalisation, capitalism and China


Could Ecuador Be the Most Radical and Exciting Place on Earth? A decade ago, Ecuador was a banana republic, an economic basket case. Today, it has much to teach the rest of the world.


Arab Uprisings Await Their Economic Spring


Independent left MP – ‘The rulers are scared’


The Demonisation of Iran – how Israel is using sanctions and terror bombing to provoke Iran into war By Patrick Cockburn – The way in which the growing confrontation with Iran is being sold by the US, Israel and West European leaders is deeply dishonest.


One million dead – The deaths caused by the U.S. in Iraq are "untold" by the media, writes Danny Lucia.


What Real Journalism Looks Like – Vincent Browne v The European Central Bank Video – Vincent Browne takes on Klaus Masuch over the issue of the Irish people having to foot the bill for unguaranteed bondholders.


U.S. culpable in African atrocities: The United States is shamefully implicated in the terror that Charles Taylor, erstwhile leader of Liberia, inflicted on the people of West Africa.


The human rights “success” in Libya

Libyan detainees tortured to Death: : Several people have died after being tortured by militias in Libyan detention centres, human rights group Amnesty International has said.

Report of the Independent Civil Society Fact-Finding Mission to Libya


A smouldering rage; Disappointment and anger at strike suspension


The Present Stands No Chance Against the Past By Robert Fisk – Thousands of Palestinians may be evicted from their homes "so that Israel can build a park to glorify a conquest that took place 3,000 years ago.


Crying wolf, foreign agendas and Israel’s role in destabilising Syria

Professor Hamid Dabashi traces the history of Modern Syria from the beginnin of the 20th century to the present.


Retirees Occupy Century Aluminum

The Wall Streeters Obama loves most – The president may call them "fat cats" in public, but far too many of his closest advisors are former bankers

US Plans for Perpetual War by Renee Parsons

The Caging of America – Why do we lock up so many people? by Adam Gopnik: Six million people are under correctional supervision in the U.S.—more than were in Stalin’s gulags.

Top Justice officials connected to mortgage banks: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer, head of the Justice Department’s criminal division, were partners for years at a Washington law firm that represented a Who’s Who of big banks and other companies at the center of alleged foreclosure fraud, a Reuters inquiry shows.

FDA Panelists Had Ties to Bayer: Food and Drug Administration advisers, in a recent vote, said the benefits of four popular Bayer AG birth-control pills outweigh the blood-clot risk. What the FDA didn’t disclose is that three of the advisers have had ties to Bayer, serving as consultants, speakers or researchers.

If You Thought SOPA Was Bad, Just Wait Until You Meet ACTA

Vietnam: An American Holocaust

Ron Paul’s progressive fans wrong


The Genius of Chavez By Fidel Castro Ruz

Washington threatens reprisals against Nicaragua’s voters – An interview with Felipe Stuart Cournoyer.

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