GPJA #399: Wed – Bruce Jesson Lecture / Sat & Sun rally at Occupy Auckland

Hi All, there was information overload in the last newsletter which focussed on the OCCUPY movement around the world. The rest of the news dropped off as a consequence. See that below. I also want to feature the Bruce Jesson Lecture tomorrow night and the occupy Auckland events this weekend. Other announcements and what’s on around the country can be accessed by checking newsletter #398 on the right of the webpage.

Wednesday, October 26, 6.30pm, Maidment Theatre, Alfred Street, The University of Auckland
Bruce Jesson Lecture: Recreating full employment – Professor Paul Dalziel, AERU, Lincoln University. Bruce Jesson’s last book Only Their Purpose is Mad tracked the destructive impacts of what he termed “the open slather approach to economic reform”. Twenty years after the reforms, New Zealand still lives with the legacy of that period in the form of unemployment and poverty. The government’s response is to blame the social welfare system and to propose policy reforms that will take us along the same failed path of the 1990s. Bruce Jesson finished his book by arguing that “the challenge facing New Zealand is to redefine the role of the nation in the modern global economy”. He called for nation-building understood as “creating a cohesive society that can act internationally with some sense of purpose”. This lecture will address Jesson’s challenge. It aims to set out a concrete programme for nation-building built on strategies to recreate full employment. Paul Dalziel has been Professor of Economics at Lincoln University since 2002 and currently works full-time in the AERU research centre. His first research publication was an article on the 1984 Economic Summit Conference that began New Zealand’s decade of economic reforms. Since then he has produced more than 200 research publications on aspects of New Zealand economic and social policy. Paul is part of a multi-disciplinary research team involved in a five-year research programme on education employment linkages in New Zealand. He is President of the Australia and New Zealand Regional Science Association International and a Council member of its parent organisation, RSAI. In 2010, he was a member of the Welfare Justice group that acted as an alternative forum to the government’s Welfare Working Group. Facebook event

SATURDAY OCT 29 – INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION FOR A ROBIN HOOD TAX – A TAX ON ALL FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS TO ELIMINATE POVERTY AND HUNGER IN THE WORLD. There is no need for 19,000 children to die every day of hunger and preventable diseases. Its time to take from the rich and give to the poor. On October 29, on the eve of the G20 Leaders Summit in France, the people of the world rise up and demand that our G20 leaders immediately impose a 1% #ROBINHOOD tax on all financial transactions and currency trades. Let’s send them a clear message: We want you to slow down some of that $1.3-trillion easy money that’s sloshing around the global casino each day – enough cash to fund every social program and environmental initiative in the world. There is no need for 19,000 children to die every day of hunger and preventable diseases. It’s time to take from the rich and give to the poor. Details: Share the Facebook event – Post it on your friends walls

Going from the Camp of Aotea Square to the Tower of the Sky City, where the evil Tory vampire Lords shall assemble to plot their evil campaign.

Facebook event $15 an Hour Trick or Treat March



Shack-dweller’s leader who toured NZ faces more death threats

Pro-gay marriage protest hits Parliament

Gay, straight, bi – marriage should be for all

Gaza Convoy to link up with Egytian democracy uprising

Child Poverty Action Group Quarterly update

NZ cannot ignore the torture of Afghan prisoners

Kiwi aid going to Gaza

Deep divisions over $1000 for a Rugby World Cup game as poverty grows

Students occupy clock tower over fee hike

Dame Anne Salmond: We could do with a change of heart

Charities’ food handouts at record after Govt cuts

Charity flooded as hardship grants cut

Tents, sleeping bags and a point to make – Video

Tolling for a loop

Industry standards would boost quality in early childhood education

Bold bid for common path for Crown, Maori

The resurgence of issues of economic inequality

TV3: The Treaty of Waitangi debate

NZ media ownership report (following Bill Rosenberg’s series in Pacific Journalism Review)

Fewer MAF jobs will reduce Department’s ability to keep NZ safe

Justice not well served, Elias warns

Big bosses, big bucks – big cutbacks

Police neither confirm nor deny using electronic hacking methods

‘Being poor didn’t mean we were bad’

Kia Ora Gaza: Israel Scotched Expectation To Relax Siege


Rena disaster: How did it come to this? By Joe Fleetwood, MUNZ

‘Racist’ NZers blaming Rena disaster on Filipino crew

Gordon Campbell on who should pay for the Rena clean-up

Harawira blasts Rena response

Rena inquiry must look at turning back 90s deregulation

Matt McCarten: Leaders’ blinkers on while bad tidings brew

Is the voice of Maori being heard in the wake of the Rena Disaster

Rena oil spill: Missing $12m cover ‘Govt error’

Filipinos Appeal against Racial Hatred over Rena Disaster

Mana calls for an end to ‘Flag of Convenience’ vessels on New Zealand coasts

Harawira puts Joyce in "gallows" over Rena—or-Steven-Joyce/tabid/419/articleID/230106/Default.aspx

Tracey Barnett: A word of warning

Responsibility for Rena lies with the Govt – Union

Laila Harre Predicted Rena Wreck

Greens: Government must release review of oil spills

Q+A interview with Russel Norman

The real meaning of Rena

Greens question seafarer training standards

Gordon Campbell: Shockwaves from the Rena disaster

Loss of experts blamed for spill delays


Protesters’ picks By Bernard Hickey

AN ETHICAL ECONOMY? Poverty in New Zealand, by Brian Easton (This followed a presentation by Stephanie McIntyre, the director of the Downtown Community Ministry.)

NZ third-easiest in world to do business

PSA: Public service shrinkage won’t fix economy

Andrew Gawith: Politicians in the gun as crisis drags on

Time to take back what is ours – emplees’ share of GDP in NZ & Australia

Economist Gareth Morgan talks about wealth redistribution through radical tax changes in light of the recent anti-greed protests.

Trans-Pacific Partnership Papers Remain Secret for Four Years After Deal

End secrecy in US Trans-Pacific Free Trade Negotiations: Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network Network

Trade deal would give backdoor to shunned ACT law – leak

Prices still rising faster than wages

Drug companies’ ‘war’ on Pharmac

New Leaked Texts Reveal Details of US Attack on Pharmac in Free Trade Talks


Meat firm accused of pressuring staff

Editorial: ‘Disgrace’ of foreign vessels festers on

Pay still falling behind cost increases

Fishing ‘slave labour’ slated

Workplace injuries and deaths ‘shocking’

Sanford Workers walk off the job

Pact industrial action to proceed after no employer movement in mediation

Industrial action against Pact looms

Strong community support for undervalued Pact workers

Foreign charter vessels about greed: union

‘We need more cheap foreign fishermen’

Public sector funding cuts invite risks

Fishing Inquiry Needs to Deliver – SFWU

CTU: Action Needed on Fishing Charter Vessels

Teachers’ strike rights ‘under threat’

Union concerned after meat worker injury

Housing NZ staff face further cuts

Labour targets sectors for minimum wage

Labour Party launches work and wages policy

CTU Welcomes plan to lift wages

NDU: More workers should have access to industry standards in wages


Ae Marika! Northland Age, Hone Harawira, Tai Tokerau MP, MANA Leader: “And then there are the priorities that this government has. Did you know that if we were to provide free meals to every child in every school in the poorer parts of this country it would cost us $38 million? Shock! Horror! We haven’t got that kind of money! Well … Did you know that it costs $40 million for this government to keep our boys in Afghanistan? MANA’s position is simple – bring the boys home and use that money to feed the kids.”

“We are the 99%” Part 2.

The Irresponsible Behaviour of National’s Greed for Oil

Homelessness – action needed, not just talk – Mana

Mana proposes one-off $1000 grant for low income workers

Protesters are right – we can’t afford to carry the 1%


‘And Still I See No Changes’: Tupac’s legacy 15 years on

Redemption Song | Playing For Change

Arundhati Roy: ‘I know I have to finish my next novel – one day’

Tolkien’s World – a Marxist Analysis

"The Internationale" conducted by Arturo Toscanini–originally BANNED

"Inside Job" is now online – A great documentary by Charles Ferguson on the financial crisis

"99 Percent to 1, I Like Those Odds": Tom Morello on Protest Music, Occupy Wall Street, and Bringing Class Politics to Comic Books

"Gimme Some Truth" By John Lennon. Video. “I’m sick and tired of hearing things, From uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocrites, All I want is the truth, Just gimme some truth”


Let’s end the myths of Britain’s imperial past – David Cameron would have us look back to the days of the British empire with pride. But there is little in the brutal oppression and naked greed with which it was built that deserves our respect

The shape of socialist strategy – A review of Daniel Bensaid by John Riddell

BRICS Have Good Reasons to Oppose U.S. and Europe at UN Security Council

John Pilger – Obama Is A Corporate Marketing Creation

Lawrence of E-rabia: Facebook and the New Arab Revolt

The Son Of Africa Claims A Continent’s Crown Jewels By John Pilger


Capitalism and Poverty by Richard D. Wolff

USA: Three FTAs

Full Analysis: The Instability of Inequality

Europe in Crisis: Interview with Yanis Varoufakis by Andrew Brady and Peter Welsh – Yanis Varoufakis is Professor of Economic Theory and Director of the Department of Political Economy at the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Athens.

Trade Unions and the Global Crisis—dgreports/—dcomm/—publ/documents/publication/wcms_163855.pdf


Scientists understate climate change impacts

Carbon trading: speculation by design


Returning to Afghanistan: Having fled as a child, Mitra Qayoom describes returning to Afghanistan after twenty years and what war and repression have meant for the country.


Cristina Kirchner and Argentina’s good fortune – Under the Kirchner administrations, Argentina has achieved the fastest growth in the west – after defaulting. Listening, Europe?

The Argentine Success Story and its Implications


Diary of an occupation — seven days at #occupymelbourne

Occupy Australia: Thousands turn out across the country

Police surround City Square as protesters defy eviction order


US Finalizes $53M Arms Sale to Bahrain


We are the 99.9998%! – Canadian Business magazine has published its annual list of the 100 richest people in Canada. Jim Stanford describes the 0.0002% of Canadians who hold personal wealth over one billion dollars


Student Protests in Chile – Photos

Students briefly occupy Chile’s Senate building

Massive protest in Chile’s capital ends – again – in violence


Profound shift as China marches back to Mao


Fidel Castro: The will of steel


Greece on the Brink of Emergency: A Matter of Days

A show of workers’ power in Greece

Greece on the brink of social explosion


The Organization of American States in Haiti: Election Monitoring or Political Intervention?


Japan and post-Fukushima radioactivity: Yokohama, workers, children…


North Korea allows a distressing look at famine and illness


Prisoners in Libya languish without charge

Libyan oil workers strike for the removal of managers linked to Gaddafi

Sirte residents accuse Libya fighters of looting

BBC: People returning to Gadhafi’s hometown say NTC troops are taking revenge

Libya’s NTC accused of detainee abuse

Extraordinary Pictures Show Libyan City Shelled to Smithereens

John Pilger compares the Fallujah massacre in 2004 by NATO to the current attack on Sirte

Misrata Militia Restricts Who May Enter Libyan City


Pacific Island that demanded climate action faces severe water shortage

Media freedom report in Pacific Journalism Review

Protester killed in Freeport Indonesia mine strike

Trade Union Trade Union Officials and 17 Workers Arrested in Timor-Leste


Occupy wave reaches Pakistan

Pakistan on the edge of hope


BBC – israeli soldiers shot children while eating chocalate and chips

The released Palestinian "terrorists"

A ‘Palestinian Spring’? Not Yet

Sewage floods Gaza City homes

Setting a price tag for Israeli supremacy

Forced Israeli curriculum violates Palestinians’ education rights

Don’t Collaborate with Apartheid – a call from Palestinian civil society on European universities, academics, students and people of conscience


Peru president replaces senior police officers in ‘anti-corruption purge’


Anger over killing of priest in Philippines


Eta declares halt to armed conflict


Tamils ‘still want independent state’

Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam seeks support from Cuba and Latin America


US Supreme Court Confirms 3rd Circuit Ruling Lifting Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Death Sentence – No New Death Penalty Trial Likely for Mumia

The “very scary” Iranian Terror plot

California dreamin’ turns into a nightmare

The Fallout From the PATCO Strike – The Collision That Changed the Course of Labor

Borrowed cellphone slams prison cell shut – An inmate says used a contraband phone to tell relatives he was about to be paroled. Caught, he gets five more years in prison.,0,5070504.story

A long, steep drop for Americans’ standard of living: Not since at least 1960 has the US standard of living fallen so fast for so long. The average American has $1,315 less in annual disposable income now than at the onset of the Great Recession.


Chavez’s Venezuela seizes record number of firms

Hugo Chavez applauds OWS protesters, condemns police violence

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