#331: Debate Wed 7pm – “Is Capitalism Working?”

NEWSLETTER No.331, May 25, 2010

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The Great Debate: Is Capitalism Working – Left Vs Right – Wednesday, May 26, 7pm,Library basement Theatre B15, Auckland Uni
IS CAPITALISM WORKING? Unite on Campus and the AUSA International AffairsOfficers host this debate, an ideological boxing match between New Zealandactivists and personalities fighting over the question: “Is capitalism working?” Over the last few years the worst financial crisis since theGreat Depression has decimated housing markets, toppled international finance companies and seen Governments in the USA and across Europe try and rescuebanks at the cost of trillions of dollars. American Vice President Joe Biden describes the bank bailouts as “socialism for the rich and capitalism forthe poor” and with general strikes and riots in Greece, the legitimacy of the free market system is in crisis.
A red team consisting of:
Matt McCarten – left-wing Herald on Sunday columnist and National Secretary ofUnite union.
Mike Treen – Global Peace and Justice Auckland organiser.
Maxine Gay – from the National Distribution Union.
A blue team, headed up by:
Matthew Hooton – political commentator and former National Party speechwriter
Fran O’Sullivan- Senior Business Columnist, NZ Herald
Nikki Kaye – Auckland Central National MP

National Day Of Action Against Water Privatisation (Saturday 12 June)
The vision is to have some form of protest action/ rallies at Town Halls/Council Chambers all over NZ. The reason for Town Halls /Council Chambers being the immediate focus is because it is the ‘local authorities’/ ‘local government organisations’ under the Local Government Act2002 Amendment Bill, who will be given this increased ability to privatisewater services. (This way Mayors and Councillors who are opposed to water privatisation can join the public at these rallies all over NZ. Be good for thevoting public to see where their elected representatives stand on this VITALissue and if they are literally going to ‘stand up to be counted’!IT HASN’T BEEN THE COUNCILS OR PUBLIC WHO HAVE BEEN PUSHING FOR THISLEGISLATIVE CHANGE! It is those representing the big private contractors/multinationals who would financially benefit who want these legislativechanges. Imagine photos of people from all over NZ rallying outside THEIR TownHalls/ Council Chambers saying: “WE CITIZENS AND RATEPAYERS OF (AUCKLANDCITY/ WHEREVER) DON’T WANT OUR WATER SERVICES PRIVATISED!” Thatwill help to point the finger at those who DO want water privatisation madeeasier – THOSE WHO WOULD FINANCIALLY BENEFIT FROM THE CONTRACTING OUT OF WATERSERVICES! http://waterpressure.wordpress.com

Auckland: Town Hall on Saturday 12 June, 12-2PM Next Auckland planningmeeting is Monday 24 May, 7pm at Unite offices, 6a Western Springs Rd,Kingsland.

Hammer thePokies
GPJA is still on the quest for 200 people willing to take part in a civildisobedience exercise whereby they register their hammers for a “hammerthe pokies” protest. We have around 40 people registered so far but to besuccessful we need a lot more. There are over 20,000 pokie machines in localcommunities (non-casino pokies) which are sucking the lifeblood from low-incomeareas (over half the machines are in the poorest third of communities).Families coping with pokie addicts in the recession just adds to the misery ofwhole communities left behind by growing inequality. We’d like GPJAmembers to help spread the word. You can get a copy of the campaign flyer,register your hammer or for more information email johnminto@orcon.net.nz or phone Johnat 8463173.

Wanted For CorporateGreed! Every Saturday, 1pm, JbHifi, Queen St, Auckland
Richard Euchtritz, CEO of JB Hi Fi, gets paid $4 million per year. His company,JB HiFi, is set to make $150 million profit this year alone. Profits up 29% Newstore opening in Palmerston North. But he hasn’t given his workers a pay risein three years, and has dismissed their demand for a pay rise as "Absurd". ThisSaturday, saddle up and join the Posse for a how down outside JB Hi Fi store.Yer all Deputies of the Unite Union now, neighbours. Expose this CorporateCowboy! YouTube video Link


Wednesday, May 26, 7pm, Library basement Theatre B15, AucklandUni
IS CAPITALISM WORKING? Unite on Campus and the AUSA InternationalAffairs Officers host this debate, an ideological boxing match between NewZealand activists and personalities fighting over the question: “Iscapitalism working?” Over the last few years the worst financial crisissince the Great Depression has decimated housing markets, toppled internationalfinance companies and seen Governments in the USA and across Europe try andrescue banks at the cost of trillions of dollars. American Vice President JoeBiden describes the bank bailouts as “socialism for the rich andcapitalism for the poor” and with general strikes and riots in Greece,the legitimacy of the free market system is in crisis.
A red team consisting of:
Matt McCarten – left-wing Herald on Sunday columnist and National Secretary ofUnite union.
Mike Treen – Global Peace and Justice Auckland organiser.
Maxine Gay – from the National Distribution Union.
A blue team, headed up by:
Matthew Hooton – political commentator and former National Partyspeechwriter
Fran O’Sullivan- Senior Business Columnist, NZ Herald
Nikki Kaye – Auckland Central National MP

Wednesday, June 9, 7.30pm, Mt Albert Senior Citizens Hall, Corner ofWairere Avenue and New North Road, Mt Albert, Auckland
Rodney Hide has introduced a Government Bill to open up council water supply toprivatisation. It will allow private companies to own our water infrastructurefor up to 35 years. All over the world, water privatisation has been adisaster. Labour and the Greens are fighting this move. We believe NewZealanders want water to remain under public ownership and public control. Cometo this public meeting and show your opposition. It is your chance to find outmore about the water privatisation bill (Local Government 2002 Amendment Bill)so you can make a submission to the Select Committee (deadline is June 18). Themeeting is hosted by MPs Phil Twyford (Labour spokesperson on Auckland Issues),David Clendon (Green spokesperson on Auckland Issues) and Sue Kedgley (Greenspokesperson on Local Government), Jacinda Ardern (Labour candidate forAuckland Central), Carol Beaumont (Labour candidate for Maungakiekie).

Monday, June 14, 7pm, Religious Society of Friends Meeting House,115 Mt. Eden Road, Mount Eden, Auckland
Prison Reform: Best practice or blind belief? Tony Taylor Emeritus Professor:School of Psychology, Victoria University. Warren Brookbanks Professor of Law:University of Auckland. Tony and Warren will be addressing prison reform andthe Government’s Sentencing and Parole Reform Bill (Three Strikes). ContactJennie Searle Ph: 09 828 4577

Tuesday, June 15, 5.30-7.30pm, Trades Hall, 147Great North Road, Grey Lynn
Economics for Everyone: An Introduction To How The Economy Really Works (AndDoesn’t Work) by Jim Stanford, Economist and Author. Jim Stanford iseconomist for the Canadian Auto Workers union, and an economics columnist forthe Globe and Mail newspaper. He is also the author of Economics for Everyone(Pluto Books, 2008), a critical-thinking primer on economics for union members,social activists, and others concerned with challenging the phony mystique andunderlying biases of conventional economics. Join Jim for a special two-nightintroduction to the economics of everyday life. You’ll equip yourselfwith the knowledge and the confidence to reject the belt-tighteningprescriptions of our current government. After all, as Jim says,“economics is too important to be left to the economists!” Allwelcome.

Part I: Understanding the Logic of Capitalism.

Tuesday, June 22, 5.30-7.30pm, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Road,Grey LynnEconomics for Everyone: An Introduction To How The EconomyReally Works (And Doesn’t Work) by Jim Stanford, Economist and Author.Jim Stanford is economist for the Canadian Auto Workers union, and an economicscolumnist for the Globe and Mail newspaper. He is also the author of Economicsfor Everyone (Pluto Books, 2008), a critical-thinking primer on economics forunion members, social activists, and others concerned with challenging thephony mystique and underlying biases of conventional economics. Join Jim for aspecial two-night introduction to the economics of everyday life. You’llequip yourself with the knowledge and the confidence to reject thebelt-tightening prescriptions of our current government. After all, as Jimsays, “economics is too important to be left to the economists!”All welcome.

Part II: What Went Wrong? The Failure of Neoliberalism, and theAlternatives

Thursday, June 24, 4pm, Case Room 2, 260-057, University of AucklandBusiness School
Beware the “Insurance” Model for Unemployment Benefits: CautionaryEvidence from the Canadian Experience. Dr Jim Stanford will review thestructure and recent experience of Canada’s Employment Insurance program,considering the advantages and weaknesses of its conception as an“insurance” scheme. This experience is relevant in light ofproposals to restructure New Zealand’s unemployment benefit system.Stanford will also answer questions regarding recent developments in Canadianpension and social policy. Dr Stanford is economist for Canada’s largestprivate-sector union (sister union to the EPMU here), the Canadian Auto Workersunion in Toronto, Canada. He received his PhD in economics in 1995 from the NewSchool for Social Research in New York, specializing in international trade,macroeconomics, and the economic impact of labour and social institutions.Stanford’s research on a wide range of economic topics has been published innumerous academic and popular outlets. He is the author of Paper Boom, 1999,published by Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives & James Lorimer &Company. Stanford also writes regular columns for CBC News Magazine, and is aregular economics columnist for the Globe and Mail newspaper. See: Bottomline: Canadian banks should pay their fair share , April 2010; Areason to celebrate, March 2010: thelowest paid in Ontario just got a raise, March 2010; CorporateCanada’s enemy lurks within, October 2009. More recently, he authoredEconomics for Everyone, a primer in critical economics for trade union membersand other activists. (See: http://www.economicsforeveryone.com)Followed by: 5.30-6.30pm (pay for your own) Drinks at Spicers (level 3 OGGB).RSVP: Space is limited. Please book your seat with Tressy Menezes t.menezes@auckland.ac.nz

September 29-30, Telstra Clear Pacific Events Centre, ManukauCity
JUST ACTION CONFERENCE: Just Action is for all those with a heart for TheSalvation Army’s mission to fight suffering in all its forms, to speakout and act against injustice, and to be a force for justice, faith and mercyin the world. Here’s some information to bring you up-to-date on plansfor next year’s Just Action Conference, ‘The Power toChange’, which is being held as part of Mission 2010, a combined congressof The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory. Full Conferencedetails and registration information will be available next year. For moreinformation, contact Major Ian Kilgour, The Salvation Army Social Policy andParliamentary Unit. p: (09) 261 0883 or e: ian_kilgour@nzf.salvationarmy.orgPlan to join us and explore how the Gospel can bring international, national,community and neighbourhood change. Plan to join us and explore how the Gospelcan bring international, national, community and neighbourhood change.SPEAKERS: Jim Wallis is a best-selling author, publictheologian, speaker, preacher and international commentator on religion andpublic life, faith and politics. He is President and Chief Executive Officer ofSojourners, where he is editor-in-chief of Sojourners magazine. DaveAndrews, Coordinator for training with the Community InitiativesResource Association, and educator-atlarge for TEAR Australia. Dave, his wifeAnge, and their family, have lived and worked in intentional communities withmarginalised groups of people in Australia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India andNepal for more than 30 years.


Just wanted to say very well done everyone & thanks for all your input& support on this campaign. Its been a mammoth effort to achieve what wehave in such a short space of time & it wouldn’t have been possible withoutall of you – so big pats on the back all round – and a special big thank you tothe Our Auckland Steering Group members who have been fantastic in replying to100s of emails really quickly & giving up their Saturday mornings for thelast few weeks. If you haven’t yet seen & heard the coverage, we were onMorning Report this morning: http://podcast.radionz.co.nz/mnr/mnr-20100520-0823-Poll_finds_strong_opposition_to_Aucklands_super_city-048.mp3And of course made the front page & P3 of the Aucklander: http://www.theaucklander.co.nz/local/news/no-minister/3914194/I‘ve put the full survey results on our website: http://www.ourauckland.org.nz/results-2/But its not over yet. The Select Committee reports back to the House on Monday24 & then we have until the first week of June before the 3rd Bill isdebated. So plenty of time to put on a bit more pressure & I have someideas on that… Lets have this weekend off, have a think about it & I’llcirculate some ideas in the next few days. Thanks again, lets hope John &Rodney are having a few sleepless nights… cheers, Mels. Mels Barton, 09 8168337 / 021 213 7779, THANKS FOR VOTING IN THE SUPERCITY REFERENDUM. OurAucklandon Twitter http://www.ourauckland.org.nz http://pavingparadise.net

Dear friend, We are extremely concerned for the health of leading democracyactivist Ko Mya Aye, who is being denied access to proper medical treatment heurgently needs for a heart condition. Ko Mya Aye is one of the leaders of 88Generation Students Group, which led protests in 1988 and again in 2007. He iscurrently detained Taungyi Prison in Shan State, many miles from emergencymedical care, and too far away for family to make regular visits. Take actionnow to demand the dictatorship allow medical treatment for Ko Mya Aye! http://www.burmacampaign.org.uk/index.php/campaigns/actions/free-political-prisoners/political-prisoners-action

The National Council of Women Auckland Branch is launching its petition toretain the Auckland Suffrage Memorial at Lower Khartoum Place. We invite allconcerned organisations, individuals, community board members, councillors,Members of Parliament, and media to join us at the petition launch on Mondaythe 17th of May, 5.30pm at the Auckland Suffrage Memorial at at Lower KhartoumPlace. This site was given by the Auckland City Council for the AucklandSuffrage Memorial in 1993 when all of New Zealand was celebrating thecentennial of the Votes for Women Legislation passed by the New ZealandParliament in 1893. The memorial is of national significance to New Zealandwomen. NCW Auckland branch is seeking a total commitment from our electedofficials that the memorial will be retained. Like Kate Sheppard, who foundedthe New Zealand National Council of Women, our will to do the right thing byNew Zealand Women is strong. With local body elections in sight, the NCWAuckland branch will be raising this issue with candidates. Elected officialsmay come and go, but the Memorial will remain forever! If you would like toassist us in this campaign or obtain more information please contact – MargaretWilson, ph. 09-521-1229, E: maggies.mill@xtra.co.nz representingthe National Council of Women of New Zealand, Auckland Branch Social IssuesSecretary. Find out what you can do here : http://www.ncwnz.org.nz/save-the-auckland-suffrage-memorial/

"Kei muri i te awe kapara he tangata ke – behind the tattoed face astranger stands: Recognising, engaging, understanding difference" http://www.traditionalknowledge2010.ac.nzTena Koutou Katoa (Greetings), There is just over a week to go before theclosing date for abstracts on Friday, 30 April, 2010. • Find all thedetails about Abstracts here: http://www.traditionalknowledge2010.ac.nz/submissionsand information about the conference theme here: http://www.traditionalknowledge2010.ac.nz/explanation-key-questions
• Scholarship recipients please submit outlines or title talks toproceedings@traditionalknowledge2010.ac.nz by Friday, 30 April, 2010
• Visit our conference website http://www.traditionalknowledge2010.ac.nz toRegister for the Conference online (early bird rates end on May 14th 2010)
Contact details: enquiries@traditionalknowledge2010.ac.nz / Telephone+64-9-3737599 ext 82376 or 84220

329BC, Alexander the Great conquers Bagram, crossroads of Asia.
1839, the British army takes Kabul.
1970, a kiwi hippie gets stoned on quality hash beneath the Hindu Kush.
1980, the Socialist Action League organises a meeting in the Wellington TradesHall to explain Soviet intervention in Afghanistan.
2010, a New Zealand army unit sets out on a mission to the Chagai hills,southern Afghanistan….
All of this in “The Perfumed Garden,” a New Zealand play aboutAfghanistan, opening at The Forge / The Court in Christchurch, July16—Aug 14. http://www.courttheatre.org.nz/index.cfm/0,26,231,html?previewid=241

The Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network’s brigades to Venezuela are aonce-in-a-lifetime experience – the opportunity to see first-hand an unfoldingrevolution that is not only radically transforming the lives of Venezuelans,but challenging the greed, exploitation and destructiveness of globalcapitalism by showing that a better world is possible. A special feature of theSeptember 2010 brigade will be observing Venezuela’s vigorous democracyin action. The brigade will coincide with Venezuela’s next NationalAssembly elections, on September 26th, enabling brigadistas to observe the lastweek of campaigning – including the traditionally huge election ralliesheld on the weekend before – and polling day itself. As well as observingthe national elections, brigade participants will experience Venezuela’sparticipatory democracy at work, with visits to communal councils and communes.They will also visit worker-run factories and cooperatives; free, high-qualitypublic health and education services; Indigenous-run sustainable developmentprograms; and community controlled media stations. During the 10 days,brigadistas will have the opportunity to speak to a wide range of grassrootsorganisations, community activists, trade unions and government representativesabout the radical changes being implemented by the Venezuelan people. The 2010national elections brigade is the 11th solidarity tour to Venezuela organisedby the AVSN. Reports and photos from previous AVSN brigades are posted athttp://www.venezuelasolidarity.org. We are also happy to put you in touch withpeople who have participated in AVSN brigades, if you would like to find outmore.
Brigade registration and costs
The deadline for registering for the 2010 National Elections brigadeis July 1, 2010. To express interest in participating and obtain a registrationform, please contact brigades@venezuelasolidarity.orgParticipants will need to book their own international airfares, but the AVSNcan help with advice. Accommodation, transport and English-Spanish translationwithin Venezuela will be organised for all brigade participants. You will needto budget for a total cost of approximately $4000. This will cover:international return airfares and taxes (approximately $2500 from Sydney);accommodation (twin-share basis); transport and basic food while you are inVenezuela; and the brigade registration fee ($500 for workers, $300 forstudents or pensioners). For more information, email brigades@venezuelasolidarity.orgor phone Lisa Macdonald +61 413 031 108, Jim McIlroy +61 423 741 734 or RobertoJorquera +61 425 182 994.


“Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinksdifferently”, Rosa Luxemburg.



Matt McCarten: Brutal Budget wallops the poor, pampers the rich http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=10646838

John Minto: A honey-pot Budget for the rich http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/blogs/frontline/3713671/A-honey-pot-Budget-for-the-rich

Tapu Misa: Inequality bound to hurt us all in the end http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10647045

A new bow for wealthy’s fiddles http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/3728127/A-new-bow-for-wealthys-fiddles

On the trade-offs in the Budget http://gordoncampbell.scoop.co.nz/2010/05/21/gordon-campbell-on-the-trade-offs-in-the-budget/

Who benefits from National’s tax cuts? http://norightturn.blogspot.com/2010/05/who-benefits-from-nationals-tax-cuts.html

Tax justice campaign launched nationwide http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO1005/S00213.htm

Gordon Campbell: On John Key’s Shifting Rationales For Tax Cuts When askedby Scoop at yesterday’s post-Cabinet press conference to name a couple ofcountries where tax cuts had resulted in economic growth, Prime Minister JohnKey cited the United States. Surprising … http://gordoncampbell.scoop.co.nz/2010/05/18/gordon-campbell-shifting-rationales-for-tax-cuts/

A Budget for the rich, by the rich http://www.thestandard.org.nz/a-budget-for-the-rich-by-the-rich/

Budget 2010: What’d you expect? http://publicaddress.net/6629#post6629

Harawira: Against an Increase in GST http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PA1005/S00271.htm

Tariana Turia is attempting to rewrite history to deflect attention from hersupport for the GST increase says a Maori unionist. http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO1005/S00226.htm

Bill Rosenberg: Low-income workers likely to be the hardest hit by taxchanges http://www.nzherald.co.nz/economy/news/article.cfm?c_id=34&objectid=10644713&pnum=0

Tax: A Budget Preview by Peter Conway http://www.fabians.org.nz/images/stories/RES-PC-WGTNmay2010.pdf


Mall picketers claim New Zealand first http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10647363

Unite union turns guns on JB Hi-Fi http://www.tewahanui.info/wordpress2/?p=3212

Gordon Campbell: On John Key’s shifting rationales for tax cuts (&leaky homes) http://tinyurl.com/2ex372c

Minto leading fight against pokie ‘cancer’ http://www.nzherald.co.nz/gambling/news/article.cfm?c_id=215&objectid=10644722

NZRU, Govt abandon principles to become hostages to bigotry By JOHN MINTO -The Press http://tinyurl.com/25dcmyh

The NZ economy or: lost in a low-wage cul-de-sac – presentation to FabianSociety Reslient Economy Series "Bold Choices for a Better Future" by Dr GaneshNana, Chief Economist, Business and Economic Research Ltd http://www.fabians.org.nz/images/stories/RES-BC-GN-As.pdf

There are rules about what New Zealanders can see over the Middle East http://antonyloewenstein.com/2010/05/21/there-are-rules-about-what-new-zealanders-can-see-over-the-middle-east/


Intergalactic imperialism? Scientist Stephen Hawking thinks that ifextraterrestrials ever came to Earth, they would try to conquer and exploit us.Brian Lenzo begs to differ. http://socialistworker.org/2010/05/14/intergalactic-imperialism


John Pilger: The heresy of the Greeks offers hope http://www.johnpilger.com/page.asp?partid=576

Greece should look before it leaps – Before making a commitment toindefinite recession and slow recovery, Greece may want to consider thealternatives http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2010/may/18/greece-latvia

Wealth gap spurs revolts across Asia – Peasants left out of region’seconomic miracle are rising up against their rulers, creating widespreadsecurity threats Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Wealth+spurs+revolts+across+Asia/3046244/story.html#ixzz0oWnpiQLj

Converging Crises: Reality, Fear and Hope By Susan George http://www.zcommunications.org/converging-crises-reality-fear-and-hope-by-susan-george

Who are the real winners in Europe’s bailout? It’s supposed to be the peopleof Europe’s poorer nations. But it’s actually rich countries and their banks http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2010/05/11/europe_bailout_who_really_wins

Worshiping the free-market god – Eric Toussaint, president of the Committeefor the Abolition of Third World Debt, looks at the values underpinning thefree market system. http://socialistworker.org/2010/05/19/worshiping-the-market-god

Fiscal crisis or a crisis of distribution? Squeeze the profits not the wageshttp://www.internationalviewpoint.org/spip.php?article1856

Politicians ignore Keynes at their peril – Deficit reduction is a bigmistake when unemployment is high, as anyone familiar with the basics ofeconomic theory can tell you http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2010/may/17/keynes-danger-deficit-reduction


Ecuadoran President Confirms Deal to Leave Oil Under Yasuni Park http://tinyurl.com/27y6amo

Mike Davis: Who will build the Ark? http://ma.researcharchitecture.net/node/369

Study: A Link Between Pesticides and ADHD http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1989564,00.html

How Big Oil Bought the Interior Department http://climateandcapitalism.com/?p=2488#more-2488

A nightmare that only grows worse – BP’s cleanup efforts are makingthe Gulf oil disaster worse, and Washington is playing the blame game whilemore and more oil spews into the gulf http://climateandcapitalism.com/?p=2483#more-2483

BP and the ‘Little Eichmanns’ – The corporations, and those whorun them, consume, pollute, oppress and kill. They will drain the last drop ofprofit from us until there is nothing left by Chris Hedges Truthdig http://climateandcapitalism.com/?p=2481#more-2481


Latest Pacific Journalism Review poses ‘price of freedom’challenge http://pacific.scoop.co.nz/2010/05/latest-pacific-journalism-review-poses-%E2%80%98price-of-freedom%E2%80%99-challenge/#more-9026

Bill’s next move: For the past decade or so, Kiwi music legend and writingmachine Bill Direen has divided his time between Paris and Dunedin. In Dunedin,Bill has taught English at Otago University, played in

Tariq Ali: I am anti-imperialist, not anti-Islam http://viewpointonline.net/fullstory.php?t=I%20am%20anti-imperialist,%20not%20anti-Islam&f=full-6-apr-23.php

Not my Robin Hood – Leela Yellesetty explains why the real Robin Hood hasnothing to do with Tea Partiers. http://socialistworker.org/2010/05/20/not-my-robin-hood


Bolivia: Between Mother Earth and an ‘extraction economy’ http://boliviarising.blogspot.com/2010/05/bolivia-between-mother-earth-and.html

Bolivia’s mining dilemmas http://boliviarising.blogspot.com/2010/05/bolivias-mining-dilemmas.html

Bolivia: ‘No excuses for killing Mother Earth’ Federico Fuentes,Cochabamba – Under the new constitution approved in January 2009, the state nowcontrols all minerals, metals, precious and semi-precious stones in thecountry. http://boliviarising.blogspot.com/2010/05/bolivia-no-excuses-for-killing-mother.html

Bolivia: When fantasy trumps reality http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/44208


Cuban State Agents Speak Out About Arrests of 75 in Documentary Film http://tinyurl.com/2a342lu


The Politics of Recent Protests in Haiti – WITH STRANGE BEDFELLOWS: MOBILIZATION AGAINST PRVAL GAINS MOMENTUM http://www.canadahaitiaction.ca/node/360


Who are the protest groups? http://www.sbpost.ie/newsfeatures/who-are-the-protest-groups-49258.html


Marking 21 years of Indian subjugation in Fiji http://pacific.scoop.co.nz/2010/05/marking-21-years-of-indian-subjugation-in-fiji/


Dog Wags Tail: A Response to Charles Freeman – Mondoweiss recently posted an email exchange with Ambassador Charles Freeman in which he insists that the argument I made in a recent article published by The Electronic Intifada failed in its attempt to demonstrate that the "Israel Lobby" is not the primary driver of US policy toward the Middle East. http://rationalmanifesto.blogspot.com/2010/05/dog-wags-tail-response-to-charles.html

Elvis Costello Cancels Israeli Gigs Over Palestinian Treatment Concern Read more: http://www.allheadlinenews.com/articles/7018752344


Philippines: The May 10 elections and the left http://links.org.au/node/1695

From a Weak Republic: Challenges for the Next Administration http://www.bulatlat.com/main/2010/05/13/26199/

Militants not happy with Aquino’s early meet with US ambassador http://www.bayan.ph/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1274492676&archive=&start_from=&ucat=1


Protests against austerity measures grow, general strike planned http://libcom.org/news/romania-protests-against-austerity-measures-grow-general-strike-planned-19052010


Neville Alexander: South Africa – An unfinished revolution? http://links.org.au/node/1693


When the army finally marched cautiously into the protesters’ former stronghold they discovered that the 2,000 strong crowd had dwindled to one woman. Kuesadee Narukan, an elderly nurse, stood holding a red flag in the deserted arena. The sound system remained on and rice was cooking on the boilers. "I am not afraid. I am ready for my punishment," she said. "I am a fighter for democracy. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/thailand/7741635/Bangkok-in-flames-as-protesters-refuse-to-back-down.html


Study: Wealth Gap Between Blacks, Whites Quadrupled http://blog.aflcio.org/2010/05/20/study-wealth-gap-between-blacks-whites-quadrupled/

Neoliberal Neoconservatism at War with the Troops http://michaelperelman.wordpress.com/2010/05/16/neoliberal-neoconservatism-at-war-with-the-troops/


Worker Self-Management Introduced in Primary Industry Companies in Guayana, Venezuela http://venezuelanalysis.com/news/5369

Venezuelan Government Increases Control of Food Production to Guarantee Access http://venezuelanalysis.com/news/5375

The Insidious Bureaucracy in Venezuela: Biggest Barrier to Social Change http://venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/5370

Fighting Corruption or Persecuting Political Opponents in Venezuela? A Response to the New York Times http://venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/5275

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