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NEWSLETTER No.317, February 3, 2010

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Friday, February 5, 8pm, Socialist Centre, 86 Princes St, Onehunga,Auckland
INVITATION TO PUBLIC MEETING: IS CAPITALISM ON A PATH TO COLLAPSE? Organised bySocialist Worker. Speakers: GRANT MORGAN, International secretary of SocialistWorker; JOHN ROBINSON, global trends researcher, author of The Limits to Growthand Excess Capital; ROB GEORGE, eco-activist & union organiser. A quintetof contradictions are besetting global capitalism, they are the profitabilitycrisis, the resource crisis, the ecological crisis, the imperial crisis, andthe legitimacy crisis. As a result of these interconnected crises, couldcapitalism collapse within a historically short time span? What will replaceit? Join us at the Socialist Centre to debate these questions. Each speakerwill talk for a maximum of 30 minutes, followed by open discussion andquestions from the floor.

Friday, February 12, 5pm, AUT University lecture room – WE240,
Paul G. Buchanan on research and lecture trip to New Zealand speaks on "China,the South Pacific and Southeast Asian geopolitics". International relations andsecurity analyst Dr. Paul G. Buchanan will return to New Zealand on February 11for a month-long research and lecturing tour. Most recently a VisitingAssociate Professor at the National University of Singapore, Dr. Buchanan wasone of New Zealand’s most recognized experts on international affairsprior to his departure overseas on extended research leave in 2007. Thosewishing to contact Dr. Buchanan may reach him at: paulgbuchanan@gmail.com.

Monday, February 22, 7.30pm, St Columba Centre, 40 Vermont Street,Ponsonby, Auckland.
"Stop the Search and Surveillance Bill Now!" We already have Green MP KeithLocke confirmed as a speaker. The Greens are the only party who voted againstthe bill on its first reading.


Exhibition Opening: Tuesday February 2, 6pm. Then open Wednesday – Saturday10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-3pm. Thistle Hall, corner of Cuba and Arthur Streets,Wellington. Showcasing both the daily experience of Palestinians living underoccupation and the joint Palestinian-Israeli non-violent resistance to theIsraeli state and military, ‘Occupation & Resistance- Photos fromPalestine’ features courageous images from the front line of the strugglefor justice in Palestine. These moving images are the work of the widelypublished group ‘ActiveStills’, a collective of photographers basedin Israel, who believe in the power of photography as a tool for socialjustice. Opening night will feature music by Don Franks and Albert Williams andinclude the New Zealand launch of the book ‘Gaza: Beneath theBombs’ by Sharyn Lock of the Free Gaza Movement and Sarah Irving. Sharynwho was in Gaza during the attack by Israel last year writes about her uniqueaccount of the reality of life, including her harrowing eyewitness accountswhile volunteering with Palestinian ambulance medics. Sharyn’s blog canbe found at http://talestotell.wordpress.com/More info about the book: http://www.plutobooks.com/display.asp?K=9780745330242&

Film screening: Slingshot Hip Hop Thursday February 4,Thistle Hall, 6pm koha entry. Slingshot Hip Hop braids together the stories ofyoung Palestinians living in Gaza, the West Bank and inside Israel as theydiscover Hip Hop and employ it as a tool to surmount divisions imposed byoccupation and poverty. From internal checkpoints and Separation Walls togender norms and generational differences, this is the story of young peoplecrossing the borders that separate them. More info: http://www.slingshothiphop.com

Teach in: From Palestine to Wellington, Saturday February6, Thistle Hall, 2-6pm. Light refreshments provided, koha entry.Featuring: Don Carson — on the history of Palestine from the collapse ofthe Ottoman Empire up to the current peace plans. Don is a journalist who firstbecame interested in Palestinian issues in the 70s. Nicholas Boyack — onthe Massacre of the Palestinian village of Surafend by soldiers of the ANZACMounted Division in 1918. Nicholas is a journalist and former historian, hisinterest in Bob Dylan and the Weather Underground led him to research theSurafend Massacre. Hamid Abu Shanab — On the impact of the occupation onhis family in the Hebron area of the West Bank. Hamid is a Palestinian livingin Wellington. Kerem Blumberg — On peace and Palestine solidarityactivism inside Israel, including Anarchists Against the Wall and opposition tothe 2006 invasion of Lebanon. Kerem is an Israeli peace activist who becameinvolved in the conscientious objectors’ movement in high school. Te Kupu— On the links between Palestinian and Maori experiences of colonization,oppression and racial discrimination and his 2008 visit to the West Bank. TeKupu is a tino rangariratanga activist, filmmaker and MC. For more info:‎http://wellingtonpalestinegroup.blogspot.com/‎Or contact: pal.exhibition@gmail.com

Luis Jalandoni is the International Representative of the National DemocraticFront of the Philippines (NDF), a post that he has held since 1977, and since1994 he has been the Chairperson of the NDF’s Negotiating Panel for peacetalks with the Government of the Philippines. The NDF is the coalition ofseveral underground groups, including the Communist Party of the Philippinesand its New People’s Army, which has been waging a war of liberationthroughout the Philippines for more than 40 years, making it one of the longestrunning armed struggles in the world. The country desperately needs peace withjustice and security, so resolving this people’s war is central to that.Luis will be accompanied by his wife Coni Ledesma, who will also be speaking.She is a member of the NDF Negotiating Panel for peace talks; and is theInternational Spokesperson of MAKIBAKA, a revolutionary women’s groupwhich belongs to the NDF. This is the first time we’ve had two speakerstogether, let alone such high powered ones. We are appealing for funds. PSNAwill underwrite the tour, but we definitely need financial help because we arehosting two people. The amount needed is at least $10,000. Two internationalfares from Europe will be the biggest cost. We will keep their domestic travelcosts as cheap as possible (all accommodation will be in private homes). Pleasemake cheques to PSNA, Box 2450, Christchurch, with a note saying that it is forthe Jalandoni tour. Or, we will supply our bank account details upon request.cafca

The Ministry of Social Development’s recent Living Standards Report ishard reading for New Zealanders. While of interest and concern to everyone asit paints a true picture of current living conditions in our country, theReport was silently posted on the Ministry’s website without any mediaoutreach suggesting that the government does not want us to realise the realitythousands of New Zealanders face. Despite the government’s attempts tokeep this information from disseminating, the reality of inequality forchildren in New Zealand is undeniable. Very recently, the Report and otherindicators of inequality are receiving media attention. At CPAG, we encourageyou to review the three articles referred to below and distribute these aroundyour networks. In today’s (2 February) Herald, Simon Collins writes on theReport: "New Zealand’s reputation as a good place to bring up children hastaken yet another hit – this time from an official survey finding that familieswith children are far more likely to be in hardship than any other NewZealanders…. The ratio of child hardship to the overall national level ofhardship was higher in New Zealand than in any of the other countries exceptBritain." Read the full article here: Familieswith kids feel the pinch. Last Friday (29 January), the Herald published anopinion piece by CPAG’s Susan St John addressing the complexities of our Taxsystem, its punitive approach to families trying to get ahead and the resultantinequalities: "New Zealand once enjoyed a reputation in tax as an internationalleader. As the Tax Working Group has explained, we have lost that edge. The taxsystem now falls woefully short on the standard criteria of equity, efficiencyand administrative simplicity………..The question not asked was "is thecurrent level of inequality and poverty acceptable? …New Zealand’safter-tax distribution is one of the most unequal in the OECD, and childpoverty rates are a national disgrace." Read the full article here: Levelof inequality not acceptable. Tapu Misa picked up on this theme ofinequality in yesterday’s (1 February) Herald with a hard hitting article onthe news from Britain and our failure to acknowledge the growing inequalitiesin New Zealand. "By some measures it’s harder for a child born into povertytoday to rise up the social ladder than at any time since the 1950s. …Theparallels with New Zealand are striking. But while in Britain there’s officialacceptance of the costs of inequality, we’re still not sure if inequality isreally all that bad here in Godzone." Read the full article here: Equalchance for all At CPAG, we will continue to advocate for these inequalitiesto be addressed. As Tapu Misa argues in her article title, all children deservea chance and in this country we cannot afford to continue down this path ofdivision. Kind regards, Julie Timmins, Administrator, Child Poverty ActionGroup NZ Inc. P.O. Box 56-150, Auckland. (09) 303-9260 http://www.cpag.org.nz A rich life for allchildren: End child poverty by 2020

If you want to donate here are a couple of suggestions. Partners In Health is a NGO whichis substituting for a state health system but it’s evident that food andmedicines are the immediate priorities. The Haiti EmergencyRelief Fund is a radical network which supports grassroots activity.
Emergency Earthquake Appeal: Support Cuban-Trained Haitian Doctors – Give yourdonation staying power… with MEDICC and Global Links http://www.medicc.org/ns/index.php?s=19&p=19
Support the Cuban medical brigades in Haiti: A Cuban bank account has nowbeen opened to receive financial contributions to help with the Cuban medicalteams working in Haiti. If you wish to support the Cuban efforts in Haitidirectly then you can do so in the following ways: The preferred method: 1.Make a donation via Cuba SolidarityCampaign. We will collate all donations and forward them in lump sums toCuba to avoid multiple transfer fees (please make cheques payable to ‘CSC’ andwrite Cuban doctors in Haiti) on the back) and send to address below. You canalso donate by Credit Card at 0208 800 0155. All donations will receiveacknowledgement. 2. You can make a direct bank transfer to the Cuban bankaccount (below) set up to receive donations for the Cuban medical effort inHaiti. Please note that making direct bank transfers to Cuba will involvepaying significant bank and transfer charges and that you may not receiveconfirmation or receipts for your donation.
Title: Terremoto Hait (Haiti Earthquake)
Bank Identification Code (BIC) Cdigo SWIFT del Banco: BIDCCUHH
Account number: 01321010770900
Bank Address: Havana, Cuba
Please note: Payments to Cuba should be made in pounds sterling or euros, NOTUS dollars.
For details of the Cuban efforts in Haiti including video reports see http://www.cuba-solidarity.org.uk/news.asp?ItemID=1768

Labour and the Greens are running a series of public meetings acrossAuckland to encourage people to make parliamentary submissions on the flawedand undemocratic third super city bill. The meetings will include briefings onthe issues, as well as practical advice on how to prepare a submission. All arewelcome and of course there will be time to discuss and debate.
Waiheke – 7.15 – 9.00pm, Thursday 28th January, Morra Hall, 115 OceanView Rd, Waiheke, hosted by Phil Twyford, David Clendon and Jacinda Ardern
Rodney – 7.00 – 9.00pm, Tuesday 2nd February, Catholic Hall, Alnwick St,Warkworth, hosted by Darien Fenton and Rajen Prasad
Maungakiekie and East- 7.30 – 9.00pm, Tuesday 2nd February, OnehungaCommunity Centre, Church St, Onehunga, hosted by Phil Twyford, David Clendon,Carol Beaumont, Carmel Sepuloni and Ashraf Choudhary
North Shore- 7.00 – 9.00pm, Wednesday 3rd February, Rawene Centre, 33Rawene Road Birkenhead, hosted by Darien Fenton
Waitakere- 7.00 – 9.00pm, Wednesday 3rd February, New Lynn CommunityCentre – Recreation Room, Totara Avenue, New Lynn, hosted by PhilTwyford, David Clendon, David Cunliffe, Chris Carter, Lynne Pillay, and CarmelSepuloni
Auckland Central- 6.30 – 8.30pm, Thursday 4th February, Grey LynnCommunity Centre, 510 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn, hosted by Phil Twyford, DavidClendon and Jacinda Ardern
Mt Albert/Mt Roskill- 7.00 – 8.30pm, Monday 8th February, OwairakaPrimary School, 113-115 Richardson Road, Mt Albert, hosted by Phil Twyford,David Clendon, David Shearer and Carmel Sepuloni

Ben Peterson is a young Australian socialist who spent one year in Nepal inclose association with the revolutionary forces who recently overthrewfeudalism and are today confronting capitalism and imperialism. Ben is crossingthe Tasman for a speaking tour of New Zealand from 21-26 March. His visit willbe a great opportunity to learn more about the exciting events in Nepal. Benhas this to say about the struggle: "In 2006, a Peoples’ Movementoverthrew Nepal’s ruling monarchy. They’re fighting to build a newNepal free of poverty, oppression and discrimination by sex, caste or race.When I was in Nepal I met amazing people, peasant farmers, workers, students,youth, and the elderly, all fighting for a democratic future. Everywhere I wentthere was a common desire for something better. Leading the struggle is theUnified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), who built on support earned duringthe Peoples’ War (1996-2006) to win a majority of votes in democraticelections, enabling them to form a revolutionary government. That governmentwas undermined by forces hostile to the Peoples’ Movement. Today, thestruggle continues at all levels of Nepalese society. It’s not over, butthe people of Nepal are experiencing more control over their lands andcommunities. And if this 21st century revolution continues it will impact onthe lives of many more.” To find out more about Ben’s experiences and theNepal Revolution go to Ben’s blog: http://maobadiwatch.blogspot.com/Activists from the Workers Party and Socialist Worker are organising the tour,with meetings planned in Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua, Wellington, Christchurchand Dunedin. We’re inviting other interested groups and individuals to supportand promote Ben’s tour. If you would like to help out, contact these regionaland national coordinators: Auckland – Daphna Whitmore, wpnz(at)clear.net.nz.Hamilton – Jared Philips, jared(at)unite.org.nz, 029-4949 863. Rotorua – BernieHornfeck, bernieh(at)clear.net.nz, (07)345 9853. Wellington – Alastair Reith,alastair.reith(at)gmail.com, 027-711 9591. Christchurch – Phil Ferguson,philp.ferguson(at)canterbury.ac.nz, 021-443 948. Dunedin – Andrew Tait,andrewmtait(at)hotmail.com, 027-606 9549. National coordination/publicity -Vaughan Gunson, svpl(at)xtra.co.nz, 021-0415 082. As meeting details arefinalised a full tour itinerary will be circulated. You can join the Facebookgroup: BenPeterson NZ Speaking Tour. More information and links will be posted there.A PDF publicity flyer can be downloaded here.LINKS ON THE NEPAL REVOLUTION: Mike Ely, Eyes on the Maobadi: FourReasons Nepal’s Revolution Matters. Introductory PDF pamphlet – ARevolution at the Brink: Stand with Nepal. More in depth PDF pamphlet – KasamaArticles: On the Maobadi and the Crisis in Nepal.

this message is to remind you that the closing date for applications for WhitePoppy Peace Scholarships for the 2010 academic year is Sunday, 31 January.Information about the Peace Scholarships, how to apply and how you can supportthem is below; this message is available online at http://www.peacescholar.org.nz
About the Peace Scholarships

The Peace Scholarships comprise two grants which are awarded each year toassist with research into: •the impacts of militarism, militarisation andwarfare; •alternatives to militarism, militarisation and warfare; or•collective non-violent responses to state violence. The PeaceScholarships are for students at any tertiary education institution in AotearoaNew Zealand. Each grant is a minimum of $1,000 – one is for a Maori or Morioristudent, and the other is open to any student with NZ citizenship or permanentresidency. The Peace Scholarships were launched by Professor Cynthia Enloe ather public lecture in Wellington on 30 October 2009, http://www.converge.org.nz/pma/pslaunch.htm
How to apply for a Peace Scholarship

Guidelines for applicants are available at http://www.peacescholar.org.nz andthe application form is available on request from emailpeacescholarship@ymail.com The deadline for applications for Peace Scholarshipsto assist with research during the 2010 academic year is Sunday, 31 January2010.
How you can support the Peace Scholarships

The White Poppy Peace Scholarships are entirely funded by donations, includingthose collected during the White Poppies for Peace Annual Appeal. The amount ofthe grants awarded annually is determined by the amount raised during eachyear. There are two ways you can support the Peace Scholarships – by making adonation, or by helping to collect donations for white poppies. Your generositywill help to promote peace by directly supporting research into militarism,militarisation and warfare. To make a donation by cheque, please use the formavailable at http://www.converge.org.nz/pma/poppiesform.pdfor if you would prefer to make a donation by direct credit or internet banking,please email White Poppy Peace Scholarships peacescholarship@gmail.com and wewill provide the details for you. A tax credit receipt is sent for alldonations. To support the Peace Scholarships by collecting donations for whitepoppies: •if you can assist with the White Poppies for Peace AnnualAppeal, 17 to 24 April, please fill in and return the form at http://www.converge.org.nz/pma/poppiesform.pdfor email White Poppies for Peace whitepoppies@gmail.com; •if youwould like to have white poppies available at your peace event at any timeduring the year, please email whitepoppies@gmail.com with yourrequest.

The Roger Award Ceremony – Drinking Liberally presents the annualCAFCA/Gatt Watchdog Roger Award ceremony. The Roger Award is presented eachyear to the worst transnational corporation operating in New Zealand, and thewinner of the 2009 Roger Award will be announced at a ceremony in Wellington onThursday March 11 2010, at the Southern Cross Bar, 39 Abel Smith Street.Speakers include Christine Dann (for the judges) and Murray Horton (CAFCA).Doors open 5.30pm, with some food provided, and presentations will get underwayfrom 6pm. This year’s Roger Award finalists are: ANZ, BNZ, Infratil, Newmont,Rio Tinto Aluminium NZ, Rymans, Telecom, Transpacific and Westpac. For moreinfo: www.cafca.org.nz or contact Kaneon 021-186-3430 or kane.oconnell@gmail.com .

ESSENCE OF ISLAM an 8 week study circle First session 12th Feb 2010 Time 7:00pm Location Unitec / Gate 4 [Carrington Rd, Mt Albert]. There will be guidespositioned at the gate from 6:40 to 6:55pm. What do the Six Principles of Faithinclude? What do the five pillars mean over and beyond the ritual actions? Whatare the Two Principles of Islam? What is the Triune Model of Islam? An 8-weekjourney into what Islam is really all about From the basic elements to someprofound thought provoking propositions from Islam, the Essence of Islam StudyCircle is aimed to break misconceptions, reinforce Islamic Principles and shedproper light on what Islam really is. Registration Essential: http://www.rmdt.org.nz$40 for full study circle / $5 for acasual session Contact: Ashif 021 122 7833 or email: essence@rmdt.org.nz

SAVE ACC MARCH and RALLY Tuesday 16 February, 12pm,Parliament
A march and rally to protest against the Government’s attacks on ACC willtake place at Parliament in Wellington on 16 February. The rally will be heldunder the banner of the ACC Futures Coalition but will aim to attract manyorganisations and individuals from beyond the coalition to express the widestpossible opposition to the assault on ACC.

LIVING WAGE PETITION – Stalls in your area:
AUCKLAND: Contact Joseph – 029 4455702 joseph@unite.org.nz
WELLINGTON: Contact Joel – 027 600 9282 joel.cosgrove@gmail.com TheWellington crew operate their own e loop 15dollarwgtn@googlegroups.comand regular stalls in different areas and events.
WHANGEREI: Contact Vaughan – 021 041 5082 svpl@xtra.co.nz
ROTORUA: Contact Bernie – bernieh@clear.net.nz 07 345 9853
CHRISTCHURCH: Contact Joe – 029 201 3859 joe@unite.org.nz
DUNEDIN: Contact Chris – 027 781 0371 mr_matahaere@hotmail.com
HAMILTON – Contact Jared – 029 494 9863 jared@unite.org.nz

the trial of the Waihopai Ploughshares team has been set to begin inWellington on 8 March, 2010. The Wellington Ploughshares Support group hasbegun planning some of the events that will take place before and during thetrial, and this message is to invite you and your organisation to become involved wherever you are based, you do not need to be in Wellington to support Waihopai Ploughshares before or during the trial. There are four sections: some background information; details of the next planning meeting in Wellington on Thursday, 28 January; support for the Waihopai Ploughshares trial; and a copy of the Waihopai Ploughshares statement. This message is available online at http://www.converge.org.nz/pma/pldec09.htm

Registrations close February 1, 2010. The Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network’s brigades to Venezuela are a once-in-a-lifetime experience – the opportunity to see first-hand an unfolding revolution that is not only radically transforming the lives of Venezuelans, but is challenging the greed, exploitation and destructiveness of global capitalism by showing that a better world is possible. Join the AVSN’s “May Day” solidarity brigade, to run from April 24 to May 2, 2010, and visit worker-run factories and cooperatives; free, high-quality public health and education programs; Indigenous controlled programs of sustainable economic development and environmental repair; and community controlled TV and radio stations. Observe “popular power” at work in Venezuela’s new communal councils, and speak to a wide range of grassroots organisations, community activists, trade unions and government representatives about the radical changes being implemented by the Venezuelan people. And join tens of thousands of Venezuelans at the May Day rally in the capital city, Caracas, on international workers’ day, May 1. The 2010 May Day brigade is the 10th solidarity tour to Venezuela organised by the AVSN. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to witness the remarkable Bolivarian revolution. Reports and photos from previous AVSN brigades are posted at http://www.venezuelasolidarity.org. We are also happy to put you in touch with people who have participated in AVSN brigades, if you would like to find out more. Brigade registration and costs
The deadline for registering for the 2010 May Day brigade is February 1, 2010. To obtain a registration form, please email brigades or visit brigades or phone Jim McIlroy 0423 741 734 or Lisa Macdonald 0413 031 108.


"Not only is another world possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing." Arundhati Roy

"Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all". Dale Carnegie

"Sanity may be madness but the maddest of all is to see life as it is and not as it should be": Don Quixote



Hands Up for Learning http://www.handsupforlearning.org.nz/

Preparing for baked bean education http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/blogs/frontline/3284466/Preparing-for-baked-bean-education

Thirteen well-paid men favour tax cuts for the rich http://johnminto.wordpress.com/2010/01/25/thirteen-well-paid-men-favour-tax-cuts-for-the-rich/

Open Letter from John Minto to Willie Apiata http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL1001/S00173.htm


Mike Davis: Who Will Build the Ark? http://brechtforum.org/who-will-build-ark-utopian-imperative-age-catastrophe


Bolivia: ‘We are here to serve people, not capitalists’ http://boliviarising.blogspot.com/2010/01/bolivia-we-are-here-to-serve-people-not.html


2,000 bodies found in mass grave in Colombia – the lovely US-backed Uribe regime http://www.cipcol.org/?p=1303

The price of a life in Colombia http://colombiareports.com/opinion/cantonese-arepas/7739-colombias-market-price-for-a-life.html


Chinese workers: Pay or poison? http://mobile.thestar.com/mobile/NEWS/article/758078


Cuba and the South African anti-apartheid struggle – Twenty years ago, Nelson Mandela was released from Victor Verster Prison in Paarl, South Africa, on February 11, 1990. That historic victory was the product of the long and courageous struggle of the oppressed people of South Africa. It was also a victory for the international movement against apartheid. Revolutionary Cuba played a vital role in the international movement against white minority rule in South Africa, as the following article describes. http://links.org.au/node/1485


John Pilger: The Kidnapping of Haiti http://www.zcommunications.org/zspace/commentaries/4123

The US game in Latin America – US interference in the politics of Haiti and Honduras is only the latest example of its long-term manipulations in Latin America http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2010/jan/29/us-latin-america-haiti-honduras/print

Haiti needs water, not occupation – The US has never wanted Haitian self-rule, and its focus on ‘security concerns’ has hampered the earthquake aid response http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2010/jan/20/haiti-water-us-occupation


Solomons students overcome block to medical study in Cuba http://www.themilitant.com/2010/7401/740105.html


How surrendering Palestinian rights became the language of "peace" by Joseph Massad, The Electronic Intifada http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article11034.shtml


How Arroyo can prolong her stay http://opinion.inquirer.net/inquireropinion/columns/view/20100130-250395/How-Arroyo-can-prolong-her-stay

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