Celebrating 20 years since…. at Unite, 6pm March 3, Unite Auckland

March 20, 2003 mobilisation in Auckland.

Hi All,

I am organizing a celebration of 20 years since starting work for Unite. See Email below. It occurred to me today that this month is also 20 years since the mass protests against the 2003 Iraq war and the international mobilisation on March 20 of that year. This is also worth celebrating and I am extending the invitation to the celebration to my GPJA lists.

Celebrating 20 years at Unite, 6pm March 3, Unite Auckland

Hi All,

We are organising at 20 year celebration at Unite to mark the fact that this month I started getting paid for the first time by Unite.

We are actually celebrating a few of the achievements the union has made over the years, including:
– SuprsizeMyPay
– End Zero Hours
– Exposing Holiday Act theft
– A Living Wage in Hotels
– Pathways to Residency Campaign.

Many of you have been part of those or other campaign with Unite (paid or unpaid) and may want to join me in celebrating the good memories we may have.

Come along to Unite Union, 6a Western Springs Rd, Morningside, Auckland
6pm, March 3, 2023.


Mike Treen

Unite Union
09 8452132 ext 20
029 5254744

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