Time to end the U.S. economic war against Cuba! Auckland Meeting Thursday

Public meeting, 5.30 pm, Thursday, July 29, FIRST Union, 120 Church St Onehunga.

Should the embargo on Cuba be lifted | by J.C. Scull | Medium

Protests in Cuba on July 11 were given prominent coverage in the mainstream media.

It was falsely claimed that they were an anti-government uprising, that the government had mismanaged its response to COVID-19, and that there was violent repression by the police of peaceful demonstrations," said Fiona Taler, spokesperson for the Auckland Cuban Friendship Society.

What gained little media attention was the counter-response. The Cuban president went into the streets, as did thousands of supporters of the Cuban Revolution, to discuss with protesters their concerns and calm the situation. On July 17 there were further large outpourings by supporters of the government and revolution.

The economic situation is difficult in Cuba, with electrical blackouts, high prices and shortages of necessities. Washington-backed opponents of the government used these hardships to fuel the protests and draw some ordinary Cubans into them.

At the heart of the economic difficulties is an embargo imposed by the United States against Cuba for over 60 years, which seeks to use economic pressure to overturn Cuba’s socialist revolution.

On July 12 US President Joseph Biden cynically proclaimed, “We stand with the Cuban people”. But he has so far maintained the more than 243 measures imposed by Donald Trump that deepened the impact of the embargo.

Come to a public meeting to find out more about the situation in Cuba and campaigns calling for the lifting of US sanctions against Cuba." siad Fiona Taler.

Organised by the Cuba Friendship Society.
email: cubafriends.ak

Hosted by FIRST Union

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