Invitation to join Gaza flotilla & Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa – Newsletter No 16


As previously announced, Kia Ora Gaza has been invited to facilitate a volunteer from New Zealand/Aotearoa to join the 2020 Freedom Flotilla to once again challenge Israel’s illegal naval blockade of Gaza, and pressure governments to take action.

Kia Ora Gaza is a partner in the international Freedom Flotilla Coalition, a global citizens initiative, which, at the request of the Palestinians, is currently planning to sail again to Gaza in May this year – the tenth anniversary of Israel’s deadly attack on a six-boat peace flotilla to Gaza in 2010 when Israeli commandos killed 10 civilians and injured 56 others on the Mavi Marmara in international waters.

2020 is also deeply significant, as eight years ago the UN predicted that, due to Israel’s constant military bombardments, crippling siege and blockade, the Gaza Strip would become uninhabitable by this year.

We welcome applications to represent our country on this important international mission.

We are seeking a steadfast human rights advocate or journalist with an affinity for indigenous struggles, especially in support of justice and freedom for the Palestinian people, 2 million of whom remain besieged in impoverished Gaza.

The applicant should be reasonably healthy, and able to set aside about two weeks at the end of May – early June. The mission will include non-violence and safety training before sailing the Mediterranean towards Gaza, facing risks with the likely illegal capture and then detention in Israel – followed by deportation and a ten-year ban from entering Israel.

However, if the flotilla manages to break through the blockade (this could be that historic moment – it’s got to happen sometime!), expect a huge, jubilant welcome at the port of Gaza.

NZ reps on previous Gaza Flotillas have included a MaoriTV film crew led by journalist Ruwani Perera in 2015, Green MP Marama Davidson in 2016, and Unite Union National President, Mike Treen in 2018.

We have launched an appeal to cover all the costs for this mission, which will focus on the plight of the one million children and young people in Gaza, and will carry some humanitarian aid.

Our mission is peaceful, our purpose is humanitarian, with the aim of ending Israel’s inhuman blockade as a major step towards peace and justice in Palestine. For until that day there can be no peace in the Middle East. And without peace in the Middle East, there can be no world peace. It’s that crucial.

If you would like to consider representing NZ/Aotearoa on the 2020 Freedom Flotilla, please contact the Kia Ora Gaza Trust before the end of February. Email address: office

Or contact the Kia Ora Gaza organiser, Roger Fowler on 0212999491 or at roger.fowler

More information on the 2020 flotilla and previous missions can be viewed on our website:

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