The Great John Minto (PSNA) – David Cumin (IINZ) Debate is almost on us – This coming Thursday Oct 3rd – 7:00 pm

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Auckland – Tamaki Makaurau

John Minto (PSNA) – David Cumin (IINZ) Debate

28 September, 2019

Kia ora Mike

The day of the great debate between David Cumin (IINZ) and John Minto (PSNA) is almost on us.

The debate topic is:
“Different Perspectives on Israel”

It is incredibly rare for a public debate on Palestine/Israel to occur and this is a unique opportunity for both sides to front and argue the issue.

The debate came about after John challenged Dr Cumin to a debate (via the letters section in the Christchurch Press newspaper) after Cumin claimed the Middle East situation was very complicated. It is common for Zionist supporters of Israel to claim the situation is complex – it’s a key tactic used to discourage legitimate criticism of Israel.

Please come … your support on the night is welcomed. And bring a friend !

The debate is on:

  • 7:00 pm
  • Thursday 3 October
  • Owen Glenn Building – University of Auckland
  • There is Parking in the car park under building. It costs just $6.00 after 5:00 pm. Access to the car park is off Grafton Road – see map below.
  • Room 051
    • Take elevator from the basement car parks to level “0”
    • Step out of the elevator and walk a few steps forward into the hallway and turn Left
    • Walk along the hallway for a bout 25 meters or just before you come to the open area
    • Room 051 is on the left. Someone will be there to indicate the door.

For $6.00 for parking, this debate is cheaper than a movie and will be way more interesting.

If we have incorrectly tagged you as being in Auckland, please let us know on admin and we will remove you from this email list.

Please note the coming events:

  • October 9th – Julie Webb-Pullman Talk #1 in Auckland at the Ponsonby Masjid – 6:30 pm
  • October 10th – Julie Webb-Pullman Talk in Whangarei – 7:00 pm
  • October 13th – Julie Webb-Pullman Talk # 2 at the St Columba Center in Ponsoonby – 6:00 pm
  • October 17th – Dr Abu Sitta Talk at Auckland University – 7:00 pm

These events can be found on the PSNA Open Facebook page –

Are you able to donate a cup of coffee a month to the campaign?
Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa will need some serious money to make our campaign as effective as possible. For example, we will need somewhere in the vicinity of $25,000 to bring speakers to New Zealand over the next year and organise large public meetings to help spread the message.

You can help. Are you able to donate a cup of coffee a month to the campaign? In other words, can you afford to make an automatic payment of $5 per month to support the Palestinian struggle? (If you can afford more that would be great!)
Our account details are:

Account name: Palestine Solidarity Network
Account number: 38-9015-0849542-00

Or Pay Pal account: admin

We are happy to provide a receipt upon request (however, we are not a registered charity so this is not tax-deductible)

Ways you can get involved

  • Forward this Newsletter – If you know people who may be interested in this movement, please forward this Newsletter to them.
  • Join in our monthly Rally in Auckland. PSN-Auckland holds a monthly Protest Rally at 2.00 pm on the first Saturday of every month in Aotearoa Square. Contact Secretary if you would like to know where and how to get your own Flags and Banners.
  • Help set up a Students for Justice in Palestine groups on your campus
  • Tell Your MP your opinions on Divestment and Sanctions of Israel.
  • Write Letters to Newspapers – Call Talkback Radio
  • Keep in touch with the campaign on social media
    • Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa website: Secretary
  • Keep Updated on our Facebook pages and websites (listed below)
Whangarei Palestine Solidarity Network Whangarei
Auckland Palestine Solidarity Network – Auckland (PSN-Auckland)
Hamilton Palestine Human Rights Campaign Waikato
Tauranga Tauranga Moana 4 Palestine
Napier Aotearoa Standing with Palestine
Wellington Wellington Palestine
Nelson Te Tau Ihu (Nelson) Palestine
Christchurch PSNA Christchurch
Dunedin Dunedin for Justice in Palestine
Affiliates The New Zealand Palestine Human Rights Campaign
Kia Ora Gaza
Letters for Palestine
Boycott Divestment and Sanctions NZ
Auckland Peace Action
Global Peace and Justice Auckland
Nga mihi




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