Vigil for Kashmir, Aotea Square, noon to 2 pm on Saturday August 10 2019

Kashmir Curfew [Baba Tamim/Al Jazeera]

Please let your networks know that there will be a vigil in Aotea Square from midday (until 2pm) for Kashmir. On Monday the Indian government revoked (without any vote) Article 370 which gave Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh special status and autonomy. It was put in place by the UN in the 1950s and the Prime Minister of India has just removed it. It is undemocratic and unconstitutional, and since then Kashmir has been cut off from the rest of the world, with all communications networks being shut down. Tens of thousands of military personnel have manouvered into the region, where more than 700 000 troops were already stationed.

Please raise awareness of the human rights issues in occupied Kashmir, which are more than likely to escalate given this recent activity by the Indian Government. We hope there will be a significant presence and some MPs have already agreed to attend and speak.

Thanks, Suzanne Weld.

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