Anti-racism activities Fri & Sat

Saturday: Stand together against racism: Community response meeting.

Saturday 15 June 1pm-3pm, Sandringham Community Hall 18-20 Kitchener Road, Sandringham, Auckland

There have been several racist attacks around the community in the last several weeks. These attacks are totally unacceptable and must be met with a unified community response. Please join us to discuss our response, practical ways to keep our community safe from racist attacks and to connect our community.

Below is an open letter and invitation from Shakti to join them for their one day Trans-Tasman Collaboration – Facilitating Racial Equity conference in Auckland this Friday, 14 June.




March 15, 2019 marks one of the most tragic events Aotearoa, New Zealand has ever experienced. The massacre that took place in Christchurch is heart breaking, and as an organisation working with migrant and refugee communities for more than 25 years, we are also mourning with the rest of New Zealand, the 51 whose lives were taken and several others who have been affected and still recovering from physical and emotional trauma. For Shakti, thirteen of the families we supported have been affected, with the loss of husband, son and in some cases both.

Shakti has participated extensively in terms of organising vigils, rallies and in supporting and assisting the victim-families in Christchurch by providing additional counselling, advocacy and delivering identified additional support services.

It is very hard to talk about moving on from here because the wounds will continue to be raw for a very long time, but it is also equally important to open the space for dialogue. With this need in mind and taking into context the importance of having a Trans-Tasman approach, Shakti has lodged two campaigns “Lets Deal With It!” and “We Are Different, But We Are One”.

Shakti is also organising a one-day conference in Auckland to emphasise the campaign objectives. The conference “Let’s Deal With It! — A Trans-Tasman Collaboration Towards Facilitating Racial Equity” will be hosted on 14th June 2019 at Mt Eden War Memorial Hall, 9am (registration from 8am) ) to 5pm.

The aim of the conference is to create a safe platform to have an open dialogue because we are different, but we are one.

The purpose of this conference is multifold:

1. To be able to collaborate with communities within New Zealand and across the Tasman, and develop the key messages to drive the campaign

2. To reduce racism, discrimination, micro-aggression and radicalization so that we can prevent such tragedies from reoccurring and learn to rise above what has already been experienced.

3. To reduce Prejudice and Discrimination projected through various Media platforms

4. Identify and deal with all forms Xenophobia and Racism.

This one-day conference will also focus on raising awareness of the existing socio-political dimensions, the political processes adopted in New Zealand and Australia, and examine what needs to happen to promote active citizenship and healthy integration of immigrant communities within the wider communities. Some of the key topics to be covered in the conference are: Media and its role and responsibilities; My Human Rights; Migrant and Refugee women’s role in Integration; Reducing the gaps; Eradicating Radicalization; and Working Together towards a Trans-Tasman Initiative. These are also important contributory factors for a thriving economy – if immigrant residents are equipped to settle well into their communities they also contribute at a wider collective level.

Given that the conference is centred on encouraging active citizenship within the context of multicultural dialogue, it aligns with our strategic vision of improving harmony, connectivity and social inclusion of diverse groups of people. Lastly, as this conference is also aimed at promoting the self-development of refugee and migrant communities, we believe this project will strongly align with a strategic vision for leadership by the communities.

The conference will also focus on migrant and refugee women’s empowerment and development, an awareness of cultural oppression within, discrimination from the outside, and how to facilitate a safe and secure society for them and their families.

We would like to extend our warm invitation to you to attend this conference.

In solidarity,

On behalf of the Shakti Collective,

Farida Sultana, Shila Nair

Note: For Shakti Trans-Tasman Conference Poster, please open the attachment: ‘Let’s deal with it_final.pdf

For Conference programme, see attachment: Final Agenda_Trans-Tasman Conference_June 14_2019.pdf

Final Agenda_Trans-Tasman Conference_June 14_2019.pdf

Let’s deal with it_final.pdf

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