Aotearoa Independence Movement National Launch & Waihopai Spy Base Protest, Saturday January 27th, Blenheim


Saturday January 27th

Nativity Centre, 76 Alfred Street, central Blenheim

The launch will be on that afternoon, following on from the Anti-Bases Campaign’s:


10 a.m. Waihopai spy base outer gate, Waihopai Valley Road

(see below for details of that)

Registration slip for either and/or both activities is at end of this message

The Aotearoa Independence Movement is a campaign, not an organisation. Our purpose is to initiate and drive a nationwide dialogue to advance the case for a non-aligned Aotearoa based on policies of economic, military and political independence.


12 – start with catered lunch at venue.

1- 2– speakers: Murray Horton on AIM. Keith Locke: What a truly independent NZ foreign policy would look like. Bill Rosenberg: What a people-friendly globalisation would look like.

2-4 – people to split into regional groups to discuss how to build and implement the AIM campaign in their city or town. Concludes with report back. Emphasis on organising, not information. This is not a conference.

4-6 John Pilger’s excellent 113-minute 2016 documentary “The Coming War On China”.

Aotearoa Independence Movement
Box 2258, Christchurch 8140



January 26-28, 2018

The disastrous Trump Presidency raises the urgent question – why is New Zealand still an active and willing part of the US Empire? The US intelligence and nuclear war machine controls the NZ Government Communications Security Bureau. The GCSB is now legally allowed to systematically spy on New Zealanders; as well as routinely spying on any number of other countries, on behalf of the US National Security Agency (NSA). And the NSA spies on everyone. It is essential that more pressure is put on the Government to put an end to the anti-democratic and destructive activities of this NZ spy agency.

New Zealand’s role as an American ally is being steadily reconstituted. But our most significant contribution to Washington’s global effort to manipulate world business and diplomacy is, and has been for 30 years, the Waihopai electronic intelligence gathering base, located in the Waihopai Valley, near Blenheim. It is controlled by the US, with NZ (including Parliament and the Prime Minister) having little or no idea what goes on there, nor any control.

First announced in 1987, Waihopai is operated by the GCSB in the interests of the foreign Powers grouped together in the super-secret Five Eyes Agreement (which shares global electronic and signals intelligence among the intelligence agencies of the US, UK, Canada, Australia and NZ). Its satellite interception dishes intercept a huge volume of civilian telephone calls, e-mail and computer data communications, including Twitter, Facebook and the like.

Five Eyes is the reason for the existence of both the GCSB and Waihopai. Former PM John Key said that NZ’s ongoing military involvement with the tragic consequences of US policy in the Middle East is “the price of belonging to the club” i.e. Five Eyes, which is accountable only to its own constituent agencies, not governments, and certainly not citizens. Getting out of Five Eyes is vital to NZ becoming a truly independent nation

Join us for the weekend of anti-war protest at this spy base. Come prepared for roughing it and camping out. We provide the food (we cater for vegetarians but vegans will have to bring their own). Bring sleeping bag, groundsheet, a tent, torch, water bottle, eating utensils, clothing for all weather and temperatures, and $40 (or $20 unwaged) to cover costs. No open fires.

How to find our camp at Onamalutu: Take Highway 6 out of Blenheim (the Nelson road); cross the Wairau River bridge, take the first turn left into Northbank Road. Drive approximately 6 kms (15 minutes) to the bridge turn off to DoC’s Onamalutu camp (turn right at sign, into Onalmalutu Road and follow for 7 kms to camp site). It is a public camp with basic facilities. ABC has to pay a fixed charge per head.

Waihopai does not operate in the interests of New Zealanders or our neighbours. It spies on both. It has no proper oversight or control from our Government.

Basically, it is a foreign spy base on NZ soil and directly involves us in America’s wars and America’s cynical manipulation of business and diplomatic affairs.

Waihopai must be closed!

The Waihopai spy base protest is organised by the Anti-Bases Campaign, Box 2258, Christchurch 8140,


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