Save Our Unique Landscape (SOUL) is a community-driven campaign group that is inclusive of diverse tauiwi (non-Māori), Ihumātao residents and is lead by mana whenua Te Wai-ō-Hua whānau members (Māori with traditional custodial authority for Ihumātao). The SOUL whānau is attempting to stop the development of a fast-tracked Special Housing Area (SHA62) on the whenua of Ihumātao, because we are certain that the housing development will destroy highly significant features in the area, including urupā (cemetery), puna (springs) and tūpuna maunga (ancestral mountain). www.facebook.com/protectIhumatao

Ihumātao is the place where the tupuna (ancestor) Hape alighted when he arrived in Aotearoa at the end of his voyage from the ancient homeland of Hawaiki. Hape is a central character in many oral histories for the Tāmaki Makaurau region, for example Karangahape Road memorializes his historical call. SOUL plans to perform a celebratory hīkoi on Karangahape Road so as to connect the two sites and to highlight our conservation kaupapa for a wider Tāmaki Makaurau audience. We anticipate that the hīkoi will unfold along Karangahape Road and that community made flags, banners and costumes will create a celebratory effect.


Date: Sunday December the 10th

Duration: approx. 2 hours

Location: Karangahape Road

Time: 10:00am-12:00pm


  • Symbolically connect Ihumātao with Karangahape Rd, through the shared story of Hape.
  • Advocate for the protection and future management of the Ihumātao whenua by whānau.
  • Promote whānau visibility and connection through a celebratory creative kaupapa.
  • Connect local maunga advocacy with the UN’s International Mountain Day.


Guided by mana whenua whānau members, hosted by SOUL and includes: Pacific Panther Network, K Road Business Association, Studio One, Lifewise, PCNZ, Rainbow Youth, Tāmaki Housing Group, Artspace, RM Gallery, Tautai, St PAUL St Gallery, Art on K Road, Peace Action Auckland, etc.


NFA Radio, Wireless, Spinoff, Paperboy and Pantograph Punch.

TIMETABLE 10/12/17

Time Location Item Details
10:00am Studio One,

1 Ponsonby Rd.

Morning tea SOUL plans to provide kai to share with participants in preparation for the hīkoi.

This will provide time for mana whenua whānau to perform whakatau and karakia.

Studio One will have a selection of instruments, masks, flags, banners and costumes installed in its gallery for participants to select from for use in the hīkoi.

11:00am K Road, at Ponsonby Rd Hīkoi The hīkoi will unfold along Karangahape Road, starting from Ponsonby Road [approx. 11:00am] and end at Symonds Street [approx. 12:00pm].
12:00pm K Road, at Symonds St Karanga Mana whenua whānau plan to perform a short karanga back towards Ihumātao, at the Symonds Street end of the hīkoi, the duration of which will be approx. 10 mins.

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