Cuban Hurricane Relief Art Auction – December 14-16

In mid-December, the George Fraser Gallery at 25a Princes St, Auckland Central, and the Auckland Cuba Friendship Society present

Cuban Hurricane Relief

a three-day show, from Thursday 14th to Saturday 16th December featuring work by Cuban and New Zealand artists.

Cuba was devastated by force five Hurricane Irma for three days in early September. More than 30,000 houses were completely or partially destroyed and 433,000 hectares of crops damaged.

In Havana the ferocity of the winds sent the sea half a kilometer inland.

Cuba is renowned for its hurricane preparedness, but Irma wreaked so much damage an international call has gone out to its friends to help in the huge reconstruction task.
(Pictures of Irma’s damage are attached.)

Michel Tuffery and John Walsh are among the initial group of New Zealand artists who plan to contribute work.

Twelve Cuban artists, among them Osmeivy Ortega, Darian Rodriguez, Norberto Marrero and Janette Brossard, have already offered to send work over from Cuba.

Elam staff member Josh Lotz-Keegan will help curate the show.

Cuban Hurricane Relief will feature a silent auction. Prospective buyers are given a number then enter the price they are willing to pay on a sheet beside the work they want to buy.

At the close of the show on Saturday 16th December the highest bidder claims the work.

Artists may nominate a reserve price for their work.
They may also choose the percentage of the proceeds from sales of their work, from zero to 60 percent, to be returned to them.

The George Fraser Gallery, which normally features the work of Elam students and staff, has very kindly offered to take no commission from sales and charge no hireage fee.

Work should be couriered to:

Cuban Hurricane Relief
c/- Malcolm McAllister
32 Wellesley Rd
Mangere Bridge
Auckland 2022

before Wednesday December 6th to give us time to publish a catalogue.

Auckland artists may wish to have their work either collected by us, couriered or dropped off.

If you, or other artists you know, wish to contribute work to Cuban Hurricane Relief, please reply to this e-mail so we can send you an entry form.

With many thanks,

Malcolm McAllister, on behalf of the
Auckland Cuba Friendship Society

Donations can be made direct to The New Zealand Cuba Society 02-0159-0200303-00

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