TIVOLI, PALESTINE FILM FEST, 3 Saturdays at 6pm, from Sat June 17

To mark the 50 years of Israel’s military Occupation of Palestine –

since the Six Day War in June 1967 – TIVOLI is presenting

three recent films on Palestine and the Occupation.

Three weeks, Saturdays at 6pm, starting

Saturday June 17

Picasso in Palestine
dir Rashid Masharawi, producer Khaled Hourani, 2016, 52 mins.

What is involved in transferring a painting by Picasso from a gallery in Amsterdam to
a gallery in Ramallah, for exhibition? And why do it?

Saturday June 24

Decolonising Israel
Ilan Pappe, March 2017, 60 mins

a lecture on settler-colonialism at the U.S. National Press Club, by Israeli historian

Prof Ilan Pappe, dir. European Centre for Palestinian Studies, Exeter University

Saturday July 1

Open Bethlehem
dir. Leila Sansour, 2015

The film-maker returns to her famous hometown as a wall is being built around it…

‘one of the most remarkable and moving documentaries I have seen’, Jon Snow

Koha appreciated. Donations to Medical Aid for Palestinians.

If you wish BYO.


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