SHAN National Newsletter – 19 February 2017

State Housing Action Network

Kia ora everyone,

Please circulate this newsletter to anyone who may be interested in receiving it.

  1. “Rally behind Niki and stop this social vandalism!”

Stay in touch with the campaign to stop the eviction of Niki Rauti here:

Here is the media release SHAN put out this weekend:

State Housing Action Network

18 February 2017

Media Release:

A genuine New Zealand hero – Niki Rauti

SHAN is appealing for communities around New Zealand to support Tamaki resident, Niki Rauti, whom Housing New Zealand wants to evict from her state home to make way for sea-view mansions for the wealthy.

Niki is making a stand for state house tenants across the country.

It’s all very well for some in the media to say Niki will be able to move into a new home provided by Housing New Zealand so she should happily move.

Firstly, that’s not her choice. She has lived for many decades in her home and should not be forced to move simply because she’s on a low-income. This is her home – a home she has paid for several times over through her weekly rent over many decades.

Secondly, she would be moving to a new home without the security of tenure she has in her current home.

Thirdly, Niki is making a stand for all state house residents in Tamaki and across the country because in the first stage of the Tamaki re-development the number of state houses is being halved – from 156 to just 78.

It’s also a stand for our children and grandchildren who may need a state house sometime in the future.

We applaud Niki’s courage.

It is incredulous that in the middle of a housing crisis the government is hell-bent on selling thousands of state houses and walking away from low income families.

Only the government has the resources and capacity to build the large number of state houses desperately needed across New Zealand.

We call on our communities across New Zealand to rally behind Niki and fight this social vandalism.

John Minto

SHAN Convenor

Support is needed in the coming week!

We need as many people as possible to rally at 14 Taniwha Street to stop Niki Rauti from being evicted from her home!

On the 21st of February, the Tamaki Redevelopment Company will try to gain a possession order. If they do they will be able to evict elderly tenant, Niki, from her home at any time.

The TRC wants but build expensive houses on the land and force Niki into a future of transiency.

Please assemble from 9am onwards on the 21st of February at 14 Taniwha Street to help stop this injustice.

Other ways you can support:

  • Public support for Niki on your Facebook, through a press release etc.
  • Sending out details about the occupation to your email lists.
  • Donating resources such as tents, full list available on the facebook page.
  • Sending donations to the Tāmaki Housing Group 38-9014-0147012-00

Niki & the Tāmaki Housing Group

Email: nikieviction

Twitter: defend_Niki

Instagram: tamaki_housing

Facebook page:

2017 is going to be a very big year for housing.

  1. Reminder: Petition to stop the sale of state houses in Christchurch

The Bryndwyr community in Christchurch has set up this petition to stop the sale of state houses in Christchurch. Please actively promote this petition on your facebook page and encourage people to sign it and share it.

Attached with this email is a copy of the petition which can be printed and circulated in your local area.

  1. Update: SHA Inc has filed our appeal against the High Court decision re sale of Tauranga state houses

State Housing Action Incorporated has filed an appeal against the Wellington High Court decision on the judicial review proceedings SHA Inc took to fight the sale of state houses in Tauranga.

The case is based on the government failure to meet its own statutory objectives in terms of the sale of state houses.

Before the appeal proceeds however we need to raise funds to lodge with the Appeal Court for the payment of costs if we lose our appeal.

Our appeal to raise fundsfor costs is here:

State Housing Action Incorporated

  • Appealing for an Appeal! –

State Housing Action Incorporated (SHA Inc) has taken the government to court to try and stop the sale of 1127 state houses in Tauranga.

We were not successful in the High Court but on sound legal advice we are appealing that decision in the Court of Appeal.

We have a lawyer who is working “pro bono” – free of charge. However, before the appeal is heard we must deposit $6,700 with the court for payment of costs should we lose.

We need to have this money by 24 February or our appeal will be in jeopardy…

If the appeal is successful, the court will return the money to us and we will refund our donors unless they are happy for it to be used for other campaigns being run around the country to stop state house sales (eg in Christchurch a major campaign is underway to stop the sale of 2,500 state houses)

Can you invest in helping save our state houses?

If you can help please make your contribution to –

Account name: State Housing Action Inc.

Kiwibank account No: 38 9018 0028715 00

with your name in the details of the payment. Then send an email to our treasurer (val.elspbeth.scott) so we can contact you for your refund (when/if) we are successful.

Hope you can help.

John Minto (Convenor)

Vanessa Kururangi (Secretary)

Val Scott (Treasurer)

  1. Housing Action Canterbury campaign to stop sale of state houses in Christchurch

Please help circulate this flyer to family and friends in Christchurch through email and social media.

We have printed 10,000 of the leaflet (attached with this email) and are busy getting organised to letterbox this coming weekend.

Our website is here and will shortly be linked to the address.

  1. Keep us updated

If anything is going on in your area that we should include in this newsletter please let me know – I’m trying to get one out each week from now on.


John Minto

21 York Street


Christchurch 8023

03 5500132



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