Serco Die-In: No more profiting from human misery

Serco Die-In: No more profiting from human misery
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Kia ora Peace friends,

Please join us outside Serco New Zealand’s office for a ‘Die In’ to highlight Serco’s roles in the weapons industry, in the prison industry and the refugee detention business.

Serco Die-In: No more profiting from human misery
Thursday, September 8th @ 4pm
100 Parnell Road Parnell, Auckland

Serco makes huge profits out of the nuclear-weapons industry as a one-third owner in the joint venture AWE-ML, which runs the UK Atomic Weapons Establishment. It is responsible for manufacturing and maintaining the nuclear warheads. Serco profits from misery in imprisoning people for profit. It holds a 25-year contract to run the South Auckland men’s prison and runs prisons across the UK. The more men in the prison, the more profit Serco makes. Serco also runs all the on-shore refugee gulags in Australia and the off-shore centre on Christmas Island.

Auckland Peace Action is holding a die-in to expose the human misery that Serco profits from. We are working to stop their work, and that of any company that profits from war and oppression. Serco is a member of the New Zealand Defence Industry Association, an industry lobby group hosting a massive weapons expo in Auckland in November.

We stand in solidarity with our comrades in No Pride in Prisons who are working to abolish prisons. We stand in solidarity with the Campaign Against the Arms Trade in the UK who are working to shut down the weapons industry.

Please join with us in working for peace and justice.
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Kia ora,

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