SOUL update and minutes 23 March

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On Sunday 13 March, over 400 people came out to demonstrate how much the community cares about protecting Ihumātao, forming a human chain. -Jaqui Geux (c)
We are pleased to bring you the news that SOUL has been invited to make a personal presentation to the Social Services Committe at Parliament, supporting Waimarie MacFarland’s petition to Len Brown and Nick Smith, and the accompanying written submission to the SSC.
On Wednesday the 6th of April, Pania Newton, Frances Hancock, and Dave Veart will be making a short presentation and answering questions from the committee. So a huge thank you to the 4000 + people who signed the petition, Len Brown and Nick Smith may have chosen to dismiss the petition, but your support for our cause has been noted! We look forward to bringing you some updates from the presentation.
Also coming up in April 11, Forest and Bird South Auckland are hosting a public SOUL presentation on the ecological, geological, and spiritual significance of this land, and something we are all really looking forward to, the exhibition about Ihumatao, at the St Paul Street Gallery, AUT opening April 21. We will be publicising these events and providing further details in the next week. Watch out on our Facebook and your emails SOULdiers!

Hope to see you this Wednesday, 6pm to 7.30 pm at Ambury. (We have a special guest – see below)
See below for meeting notes from last Wednesday’s meeting

SOUL meeting 23/03/16

Wellington crew Parliamentary submission /Petition follow up :
Frances replied to an urgent request for a meeting and has secured the date 06/04/16 at 11:30 to noon meeting time, with questions included. Pania and David Veart will be acting as the SOUL representatives; Delwyn and Roger will accompany the crew. The chair will be Alfred Ngaro. Are we able to document via someone based in Wellington? (Helen will ask her sister.) Labor Party and Green Party will have their own compms team, Qiane will email Sua a request to film it/get their comms to film it.
How are we funding this?; David Veart has funding and Pania, Roger and Delwyn are self-funding. SOUL may need to contribute some $$ towards costs, we had a small cash collection at the meeting.

Anita Divers:
Glenn touched base with Anita: a cross was unveiled for SOUL member John Divers on the corner of Massey road end of Saville Road, Mangere. Glenn attended on behalf of SOUL

Strategy session results:
Please refer to the diagram that Helen has distributed. (email to be sent a copy!)

Helen: How do we increase our people power?

Delwyn: motto “SOUL Sunday’s” 1:00-3:00 afternoon of free activities: cycle for SOUL, white cross, hands workshop (school children), concert at the marae (engaging our leaders), street party, SOUL picnic, go out to schools to present, kite day, regional program needs to become a national.
Qiane: concerts and food can’t happen on the stonefields. The field across from the marae is an option. Marae whānau day would be great. The Black Power group at the end of Waipare Road, possible rain venue.

Paula: Jessie is a visiting online engagement specialist who wants to do a working group with the media crew on how we can build our campaign online in a targeted way. Paula will provide Jessie the possible topics to address, it may be how to create a national profile.

Frances: “Facilitated resolution” needs to be a high level discussion, dual processes are good but we need to firm up a framework where/how the group formally puts pressure on Council and Fletchers.
Brendan: maybe a weekly newsletter for the groups we want to put pressure on? For example the “Mayor’s Roundtable” and the personal contacts of Frances and Pania with Ken Lotu I’ga..

Newspaper consideration:
Brendan noted that there has been lots of content for a new issue generated through the submission to the hearing, images of the human chain etc.

Helen: we need discussion around the how it is working and the way that we distribute it? Are we targeting the right people? Is it worth the money that it costs?
Roger: Human chain event is where people provided their contact details to volunteer to do distribution. Many people in Mangere do know about SOUL via the newspaper.
Frances: Janine still has approx. 1000 copies still on her doorstep left over from the second edition. One page advert in the Herald instead?
Glenn and Roger F: Intend to draft a letter to the board asking for a contribution.
Nicki: is going to research the facts of the paper, how much money we have, how many we have left and how many volunteers and bring to next week’s meeting
Delwyn: reminding us that we can’t produce a newspaper if we don’t have the funds.
Newspaper Roles:
Brendan: manager.
Belinda ROC: Layout person
Delywn: Help.
Paula B: text editor.
Melissa Macdonald: copy editor and proof-reader
Roger F and SOUL: fact checker

The distribution of the newspapers can happen via the AUT gallery and surrounding areas if the workshop with Jessie says it is a good idea. (Rebecca will ask if they will mail out?) Opening 21st April 5:30 at Saint Paul Street Gallery. 80 t-shirts will be screen printed all money collected will be koha for SOUL, artist Fiona Jack working on banner.

A very reputable journalist will be at this Wednesday’s meeting 30 March to observe and possibly ask questions for a piece being written about the SOUL campaign for a major national print magazine. People have the option of not turning up if they are not comfortable with it, however we’d love to se a strong turnout from the SOUL members for this great coverage opportunity.

General business:
Frances: complaint letter for unprofessional behavior, needs names and if you are named Auckland Council should get in contact with you. Timing should go in once the result is out.

Nana Glenn: stall at the Mangere East Festival? Nicki and Brendan have offered to take care of this.

Roger: Palestinian filmmaker at the Mangere Art Center went well and there is a further conference on 03/04/16 at the Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber.

Qiane: death in the immediate SOUL family, therefore mana whenua may be absent for the next couple of weeks.

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Save Our Unique Landscapes (SOUL) Campaignis led by a group of whanau residents in Ihumātao and is inclusive of residents, ratepayers, community members and interested parties. As whānau members we are also mana whenua whose families have lived here for many generations.

We believe that having a Special Housing Area (SHA) in Ihumātao will not contribute to making Auckland a liveable city, but destroy one of the few significant and unique historical, cultural, spiritual, social and environmental spaces we have left.


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