Real Climate Action

Peoples Climate March New Zealand
Hi All,
As the Paris climate talks reach their crucial final days, international experts have rated the New Zealand Government’s target as being at the bottom of the pack, and embarrassingly, put us in the “inadequate” category. The New Zealand Government effectively has no policies in place that will reduce emissions, and plenty in place that will make things worse.

Individuals like you, businesses owners, and all types of organisations around the country are taking real climate action and making change, yet our Government is failing us, and failing the world.

Back in June, a diverse bunch of organisations got together and committed to making the People’s Climate March as big as possible in New Zealand. Fast forward five months and you and I were amongst over 32,000 kiwis who took to the streets in events around the country.

These organisations are leading the way with real climate solutions and support for those already impacted by the effects of climate change around the Pacific. You can join them and take real climate action by clicking any of the links below:

350 Aotearoa: Sign a letter to your bank to ask them to go Fossil Free!

ActionStation: Equip yourself with the tools to have effective climate conversations – register your interest and support the training program here

Caritas: Support our El Nino Relief Fund and help us respond to the needs of the thousands of people already being affected by this severe weather pattern

Greenpeace: Send a direct stop deep sea oil message to Statoil

Oxfam: Sign Oxfam’s petition for climate justice for the Pacific

Unions: PSA, TEU, RMTU, Unite. Signup to Climate Justice Aotearoa at the top of their page. Join the grassroots movement of workers and community leaders from the global South

Forest and Bird: Join our campaign to protect nature from climate change

WWF: Join WWF’s 100% possible network and help move NZ to a clean energy future

Coal Action Network Aotearoa: Sign-up to help get Fonterra off coal

Generation Zero: Share a message publicly to show Kiwis want climate action

Avaaz: Join the world’s largest online civic movement. Add your name to the massive global climate petition calling on world leaders meeting in Paris right now to commit to a 100% clean energy future."

We marched, we are making changes in our own lives, and we will get bigger and stronger and make climate action happen here and across the world.

Because where the people lead, the leaders will follow.


Kristin Gillies
Campaign Convenor

For the Organising Group – People’s Climate March NZ 2015

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