No military deployment in Iraq: nationwide peace vigils


Peace vigils supporting increased humanitarian assistance and diplomatic support for Middle East peace processes, and opposing the military deployment to Iraq, will be held around the country at 5pm on Thursday, 5 March – vigils confirmed so far are in Hokianga, Auckland (city), Hamilton, Wellington, and Takaka, with planning for vigils in other towns and cities underway. The link for updates is

Details are currently being finalised with vigil organisers and will be available later this week at pma

Open letter on military deployment to Iraq: if you would like to add your name to the list of signatories to the Open Letter, please email Peace Movement Aotearoapma with the subject heading ‘Sign open letter on Iraq’, and provide your name (title if relevant), occupation or position and organisation, or your name (title if relevant) and town or city. Names are being added on the Open Letter web page at
Thank you.

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