Join Greenpeace at the Auckland Town Hall tomorrow

We have an amazing opportunity tomorrow to get the Auckland Council on side with our efforts to stop deep sea oil drilling. Already you and about 10,000 people have sent emails to the Councillors – but we also really need you to turn up tomorrow at the Town Hall on Queen St at 9am.

The full Council is meeting at the Auckland Town Hall tomorrow morning – Thurs 5th Feb. One of the top things on the agenda is deciding what their response will be to the Government’s latest deep sea drilling plans – known as Block Offer 2015.

Block Offer 2015 opens up massive new areas of deep ocean west of Auckland and beyond to international oil companies – they’re out there right now with seismic blasting vessels. The risks deep sea drilling presents to our oceans, marine life, beaches and coastlines are far too high.

We will be there at the Town Hall on Queen St to greet them as they arrive and we’ll stick around for about an hour while they discuss deep sea drilling. It’s essential that we show them very clearly that Aucklanders do not want deep sea drilling in our oceans.

The Government has virtually shut down any chance for public consultation on new deep sea drilling so this is one of our best opportunities to have a say – and the Auckland Council could be a great ally over the coming year!

Join us outside the Town Hall on Queen Street tomorrow morning (Thurs 5th Feb) at 9am until about 10am if you can stay that long.

Bring a Stop Deep Sea Oil sign or banner if you can, and invite your friends and family – the more the better! It will be a fun, friendly and peaceful event.

And please join and share the Facebook Event if you can – it’s a really effective way of promoting the event.


Nick and the whole crew at Greenpeace

PS. Something else you can do right now is send a text message (or call) the councillor in your ward – here’s a list of phone numbers. Be friendly and polite – they’re potentially with us on this – but tell them firmly that you want them to protect our beautiful beaches and clean oceans by voting NO to the Government’s risky drilling plans when they meet on Thursday.

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